Yang Air cut 33 + 7 team two people retired! Eagle is not enemy Naxi 7 consecutive victory was ended in Burks 23

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Beijing time November 28th, NBA regular season, the old eagle met the Nix. This game of Knicks players Rose and Komba-Walker injured. The two teams played more glue in the first half. Knicks once played the attack climax to pull the double https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com digits, Tre Yang continued three-pointed three-point hit, helping the team broke the difference, only 1 point in the first half of the two teams Points difference. Knicks once again played an offensive climax in the second half of the third section, expanding the leading advantage to a double digit.

Nicks always maintains a leading advantage at the end of the Earchestra, and the eagle failed to further narrow the difference, so that the game has a suspense. In the end, Knicks defeated the eagle 99 to 90, and finally the 7-game winner of the opponent. After this game, the Nicks recorded the old eagle rose to the eastern part 7.

Data statistics

Nicks: The whole team 4 people, Berke 23 points 7 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals, Fu Ni 20 points, Barret 15 points 7 rebounds, Randal 8 points 11 rebounds 4 assists, Robinson https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
2 points 11 Refurbials, replacement, Ping 13 points, Quickli 9 points 3 rebound 7 assists

Eagle: The whole team 3 people on the double, Tre Yang 33 points 4 rebounds 7 assists, Capela 16 points 21 rebounds 2 cap, Collins 12 points 9 rebounds 3 assists 2 caps, Helt 8 points, tonic Garitari 5 points, Luwei 5 points 6 rebounds 3 assists

At this star

Because Kent Walker is missing, Burke is arranged in the first lineup by the bishop. He didn’t live up to the main coach’s expectations, and the audience is 4th three-pointers to get 23 points and 7 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals. It is the team’s best player. When the team’s third quarter and the eagle fall into the stage, it is a 3rd basis of Berkes, helping the team to pull the parties to ensure absolute leading advantages.


Tre-Yanghe Collin completed https://www.maillotbasket6.com dunk lines

Tre-Yang Duang, a shot, throwing

Top flat air-flat basket buckle

Tre-Yang Chaoyuan three-pointer

Tre-Yanghe Cartelle completes the air connection


Eagle player Redish in the second sprained wrist, retired

Eagle player Bogdad Novich sprained ankle in the third festival, retired

Game review

The first competition started, and the Carpera rebellled the basket, and took the lead to get the sports battle score. Helt jumped into a score, and Fu Kiya three responsed. Bogda Novich jumper, Robinson retransmond, Collins vacuum-cut basket score, Baret three-pointed hit score. Yang Lie 5 points, Bercy and Baret continuous jumper score, Yang Baoyeded 9 points in the past. Fu Ni is successively scored, and the Carpera rebounded, Baret jumped score. The Hims dunk, Dadith https://www.nbatrikots4.com three points, Burks broke the lay shop, Gremus three-pointed, Corinth. The first quarter ended, the Knicks 28-127 leading eagle.

At the beginning of the second-day competition, Garyali’s three hit help the eagle anti-ultra-score, and the flat middle distance. Baret broke through, TOP scaled 2 + 1, Knicks played a wave of 9 to 0 offensive climax, and achieved 7 points leaders. Garyali turned back and pocked, Kuiry was in a hurry, and the Ping Pingbun is inserted. Yang San line has caused the foul 3 free throw 3, TOP and Bercy continuous jumper score, Knicks will divide Pull open to double digits. After Helt, Yang jumped, Topping, Corinth, the basket, Berkes punish the ball score. Knicks fell into the last 2 minutes, and the eagle played a wave of 9 to 0 under the leading half of the leader in Yang’s lead. At the end of the half, the Knicks 51 is more than 50 leading eagle.

Easy fight again. The old eagle started a wave of 7 to 0 offensive climax, and the anti-Character acquisition of 6 points. Fu Kie is a team to stop the team, and then the personal is on the basket. Collins and Capera continuous score, Barrett 2 penalty 2, Knicks played a wave of 8 to 0 offensive climax and higher ratios. Yang penalty 2 penalty 1, Burks three-pointed, Xims jumped into, Capera buckle basket, Fu Nier jumped into place, Yang personally won 5 points. Burkes three-pointed, Helt quickly stopped score. Knicks played a wave of 15 to 5 at the last three more time, relying on the Randel’s rocking basket, Knicks leads to the fourth quarter. At the end of the three games, Knicks 85 is leading the eagle.

At the end of the last season, the Louvi hit, Kuiji three-pointed, White is empty, Baret throws score. Topping punishment score, Capera dunk. In Fulie, the three points of the Sinya are also in color, Capera dunk, and the two teams are reduced to 10 points. Landel caused a penalty after foul 2, Knicks always maintained a leading advantage. The eagle did not get any score in four minutes, completely fell into the scorpion, and failed to further reduce the difference. Fu Nier 31.8 seconds free throw 2 penalty 2 is the team’s lock win, the Knicks successfully ended the end of the final victory.

Both parties

Knicks: Bercy, Barrett, Fu Nier, Landel, Mitchell Robinson

Eagle: Tre Yang, Bogdan – Bogdad Novich, Helt, John Collin, Capela