Xi Jinping: With a broad masses, football level will be improved

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On current new the morning of the 21st, General aaj tak live news lucknow Secretary Xi Jinping came to the investigation of the Fuwin New Village of Huanghuach Ecological Immigration Zone in Gansu Province.On the primary school playground, the children are practicing playing football under the guidance of the teacher. When I saw the general secretary, I was happy to surround the “grandfather”.Everyone told General Secretary, the school opened a sports course such as football, basketball, table tennis, and students like it.Looking at the children, a little-sly face, Xi Jinping said happily, sports should be grained from the doll, and morality hindi news dainik should be fully developed.If children in remote areas are often playing football, football has a broad masses, and Chinese football will be able to rush out of Asia and go to the world.(Text reporter: Zhang Xiaosong, Zhu Jiyi nd photography reporter: Yan Peng)