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Talk to you before going to bed, there is a world in the dream. Listening to friends, hello.

Beijing time is early morning, with the Football Shirts Wholesale Italian door to the flying Donar Ramama, England’s last point is rejected, and the passion burned for more than a month, the football bonfire finally gradually extinguished.Following the first day of the American Cup final, another major international football event draws the end of this summer. Through the enthusiasm of the fans, we will talk about football today.

The European Cup ends, the inside and outside the camera is the ecstasy of Italians, with the English desolate – before the final, thousands of England fans gathered outside the Wemblestone court, shouting“Football Is Coming Home” Football is going home) “. But the “Blue Leader” laughed at the end, the Italian player shouted for the lens after victory.“IT’s COMING TO ROME”. Not unexpected, this will become a dead infarction Soccer Jersey Discount in the mouth of the world in the middle of the world.

This seems to be the scene of the contest of the American Cup final – the same is the main battle, “Football Kingdom” Brazil is also ambiguous. However, even if the offensive situation is good, Argentina has taken the victory from the Malacan Stadium with a letter from Di Maria. Disappointed Brazilian fans can only sit on the opponent to celebrate in their home court.

Why can the European Cup, the Americas Cup,

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In some people, these two games have some tastes with weakness. Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey Argentina is reluctant, and it will be a boy in the Americas. Focus on the two teams, we seem to find that many years of “Star Decision” on the football field. Instead, people will again invest in the “team” two words again. Some netizens pay attention to: Italy team players are far below the England team, but it is precisely “civilians Italy” bring football back home.Regardless of whether there is a super superstar in the team, how high does not watch the player’s price, this 11 people’s motion is inevitably a team of collapsed teams, and each player may become a flash point in the team.

Take Italy as an example, 3 years ago, “Four Stars Italy” failed to enter the World Cup final, encountered a historic trough, although the state rebounded, but it did not show the posture of the champion impact. In addition to the individual players, most of the main strength can only be in the club strong team in the main force and replacement. In a cup typically relying on the super-star personal flash, “Star” is insufficient, not optimistic is natural. It is also no wonder that before this European Cup, people unconsciously exclude Italy outside the champion candidate. However, it is this flat-flavored Italian team, and the group is 3 consecutive victories, and the quarter finals knocked down the top Belgian, the semi-finals of the final winning state of Spain. During the tactics, the advantage of cooperation with uninterrupted teams will become a darling of the process of winning.

Similarly, reviewing Argentina’s winning experience, Messi is the super star on the green field, but why can Argentina come out from the haze of the competition “runner-up three”? Teamman Deserve said the truth: Messi needs us, and we also need him. In the face of the opponent’s wonderful disk, impact your own latter line, Messi reduced the drama, integrating team, stimulating team, when he frequently turned, he was not alone.This time, he has a long skewers such as Di Maria, Laotaro, Martinens, so that the opponent’s wonderful personal ability is not displayed.

Why can the European Cup, the Americas Cup,

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There is a fan sigh. Today’s football is getting more and more “utilitarian”, the player is like a toolman, mechanically performs each deployment of the coach arrangement, less than the sky, there is a little light, less than the fans Cheers and make the wonderful moments stunned. In turn, what is the inevitable thing that is not the development of competitive sports?When the value of tactics is amplified, the role of the stars is naturally limited. The aftertaste, even some super star’s personal lenses, but in the player’s spiritual state, competitive psychology, winning beliefs and technical punch games, can still touch all the mental kernels that have been carried by the football.

It is true that the “civilian team” may not be normal, the star will continue to appear, the “Samba” “Samba” “Samba” “Marseille” “” Marseille “” Marseille Steps “will still be intoxicated. But in the football match, we saw too much loneliness, desperate eyes.In the face of defensive attacks, the competition and winning competition, the force of the team collaborate, the effect of tactical cooperation can never be ignored, then the same is the beautiful sense of football.

This is exactly: technology is watching on the plate, tactics. Galloping the green field, attacked each other.

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Why can the European Cup, the Americas Cup,

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