Where is Dad! Murreth Kinshan Fulum Maria Connection Help Red Skin Killing Bill

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November 15th (Wen / ESPN JOSH Weinfuss Compile / Love Bao) Dean Dean – Why is Hopkins who have “Huo Dad”, believe that Texas people have learned again; however, left Houston After coming to Arizona, Hopkins use their own strength to prove that, no matter where, “Dad” is still the “Dad” that saves the danger! In the end of the colored rock against the Bill, he received a 43-yard “Wanfu Maria” passed by the four-point Wei Keller-Murray, helping the team to win Bill.

This game is not smooth in the end of the ball, and Murray rolled out 2 rendered by his own legs, but the team was still in a disadvantage in most of the time. When the game has 2 seconds left, the red scitch needs to face the last 43-yard attack, and they still fall behind, and the shot is useless, and if you want to win, you must get the arrival.

There is no choice but to rely on “Wanfu Maria”. The so-called “Wanfu Maria” passed the ball, in fact, the battle is long, the success rate is extremely low; Murray get rid of the chasing of Bill’s hands on the left side, and the side line has taken this to Long pass in the district. And waiting there is his most trusted external hand Hopkins – and his guardian.

Hopkins completed this decision-winning team in the case of the triple clad handset of Bill Defense Group, let Jordan Boir, Mika Hyde and Tridadvio-White three afterwards The background emperor. This also makes Murray’s pass data into 32 pass 22, passing 245 yards, 1 time to send a copy, complete the reaches of the reachable – is the lead the team to win the victory.

Previously, Murray pushed 61 yards, contributing 2 to the ball to reach the battle, which made him a number of times this season came to 16 times; and 2 shocks reached the number of times When I was 10 times, this is the first time after 2011 Kam – Newton, I have to do this. At the same time, he also became the fourth quarter of the fourth place in the history of NFL, there were at least five consecutive games, and in 9 games this season, Murray had 8 games in 8 games.

Of course, the special book is still in Hopkins, and he seven the ball in this game to advance 127 yards to get 1 time. But this time in the three-person defense situation, the social media is detonated, including the chief quarter guards Patrick – Majaphankus, safety Wei Tayun – Matthew, and even NBA Juda Brand James is in social media Screaming this ball’s incredible. Hopkins’ role is precisely the data can be fully characterized, and the value of this value is also helping the Red Shot to achieve 6 wins and 3 negative records, pay the country Lianxi District.