What is the operation of the first round show five rounds? Wild Horse No. 3 quarterfield has not been determined

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Denver Mangma was announced on Sunday to withdraw the first round show quarter-off Sparkston-Lynch, and the four-dimensional Kemin-Hoggang San Wei with 2016.

On Saturday, Lin Qiben has entered the list of 53 people, but the team operation President and General Manager John Elvi emphasized that this is the preparation for the third fourth part of the team, located in the first quartz, Swan South and Substitute quadrants after Kelly.

Elwei Saturday, said that the idea of ??doing this is mainly due to the lack of competition experience, as the 7-round show in 2017, Kelly has been fighting with injuries in his rookie season, this is why I choose One of the reasons for Linchi team.

“Every decision we do is to try to bring the best decisions to the team. At this moment, we want to know the roles you play in the team and the person who is familiar with the team system, I I feel that this is the best decision to the team. “Horn said,” Pallston has been progressing, but he is the team’s third fourth partition, from the current situation, due to Kelly Lack of experience and did not have a regular season before, so we feel that there is a three quarter-saving to open a new season, and Lin Qi is our third fourth part of it.

But after a day, things have changed, on Sunday, the team will choose to give up Lynch to make a quota, and sign a contract with the same five-round show.

On Sunday, General Manager Elvi will meet Linqi and tell him about this matter. At the same time, Elvi is also grateful to Linqi’s contribution to the wild horse, and wish Lynch will be smooth in the future.

In 2016, the Wild Horse is selected in the first round of the 26th position, but since then, Lynch lost two times in the training camp for two consecutive times, while This year, in the preseason of the Chicago Xiong team, Linqi has become the third choice of the team, and the situation is difficult to reformed to become the team’s four-point guard, and a game with Arizona’s patriarch this year. Lynch’s last game in the wild horse, the game Lynch 15 passed 128 yards and 2 reached, two days later, the wild horse made a decision of layoffs.

The new third four-point Wei Kevin Hogan also entered the league in 2016, although from Stanford University, but finally did not leave the team, then Hogan signed Cleveland Brown, in the 2017 season, in limited time The 517 yards and 4 times, but there are also 5 copies, quiz of 71.9, this offset period, Hogan is traded by Cleveland to Washington red skin, but finally layoffs in September The next day, Hogan signed with the wild horse.

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