What is the defensive habitual pull, the chief attack also fell to the dust?

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The end of the happens is still happening, and the chief attack is no longer a relaxed blow to the two-way foil, and they finally fall to the level of the Earth.

The rankings of their overall offensive efficiency will fall after a week.

The fall of the chief attack does not blame him. This is a series of questions from the team. From Mahms himself to the offensive tactical call, to the lack of reliable three-year-old pick-up, and then to the front line, and the defensive group of vulnerabilities Which is a problem.

To date, the chief attack EPA is 0.028. If the season is over today, this will be the worst season in the Morhms era, and is the worst score since 2016. Interestingly, although they only row the 11th place this season, the offensive positive score rate is 49.2%. This will lead to our first big question: Where is the number of big content offensive?

The chief is only 10.8% at the 15+ code large number offensive rate, and the league counts fourth. You must know that they ranked second in 2018, ninth, 2019, last season or second.

The fifth week lost to Bill, Mahms said: “I think there is no team to face the anti-transmission strategy we face in the past few.” He said it is very reasonable.

This sequential chief has faced more than 130 double high defense before kicking, leading the entire alliance, and the opponent also uses the same strategy after the kick: the two safety guards are firmly guarded in the far-reaching area.

Before the kicking and the kick, they will see the double high defense. The opponent’s anti-run box is relatively small. According to the reason, the chief should make an article with the pavement attack, but they don’t do it. The chief is in the face of the pavement of the pair of pairs of EPAs in the EPA, and the league countdown eighth.

The intentions of the other party deal with the offensive of the Aigen are clear: reduce the number of large numbers. Even the greatest quadrant will also miss the opportunity to lose the empty space, Mahms is sometimes retreat. The chief of the semi-bodily arrived the Buddha to kill the Buddha in 2018, and rarely saw that Mahms did not have a long connection. In this season, the other party deliberately prevents the long biography of the chief, Mahms wants to find the opportunity to become incapacitated.

The above animation, Titan gave the Emirates you want: five people rushing, at the same time, in the back, this is the defensive strategy of the emiions in the past few years. The close-edge Tel Avis – Kelps alone is listed in the weak side, controlling the weak side guards through a middle distance – Because of the angular attack, Kelps control is the safety guard – the chief will make a speed Termatic take-off is galloped on the court to get space to get opportunities.

How many times I didn’t know in this set of emirates for many years, although Mahmus did not make a correct decision every time, the probability of his mistake was not high. In this competition, Mahmus did not pass the ball to the empty Mickor Hadman, the chief did not use such a cooperation in the remaining game time.

The packageman suddenly turned from the double high before the kicking, but the deep security is reading Mahms’ sight and locks its position in the weak side of the formation. At this time, the opportunity of Tairi Hill’s Post route has appeared, and Magi has not seen it at all.

Since the defensive group tried to use two high-level safety guard against the far-reaching route of the chief, there are a lot of opportunities. This leads to Kelsea to get more opportunities, this Jun is the most horrible mid-range weapon in the alliance.

However, Kelps is in the worst season since 2018.

There are two aspects of Kelps issue, first of all, his performance is poor when the body interference of the starting line opponent. This year, when he faces the opening line interference, each running route only has 1.14 yards, which is the lowest record of his career regular season.

Mahms habitually waited for Kelsea to defeat the interference of the kick-up line, and then waited for the star close-up to do a 90-degree folding chance. Today, Kelps will not beat the opponent’s dead. Even often being drawn by the opponent to the opponent, can referee the defensive group Hu.

This leads to Mahmus for a long time to wait for Kelps, and the Chief offensive frontline can’t take too long.

The three cuts of the axiate – Xiao Orlando – Brown, Lucas – Nign and Mike Rear do not reach their own standards. The PFF pass protection score of this sequential chief is the worst since Mahomus has become the worst since Mahomus.

Solving the chief attack is not only to find a certain weak point is so simple. Everything is integrated, and now the chief is a one-step, step by step. The accuracy of Mahmus is not, the reliable three-year-old pickup has not appeared, and the bad luck in the chief makes them easy. The ball often bounces from the ball and falls into the defender. In addition, the defensive group has never drifted pit, and the pressure on the offensive group is great.

Despite this, this promotion of the competition is only half a winner in the middle of the partition, and now. If the chief can play some similar road attacks, Mahmus can grab some opportunities for vertical bombing, and even the referee is slightly generous, then they are still a compelling of the super bowl this season.