What did Zhongchao Renaissance to La Liga to train coach?

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Selgi Baljan is serviced by Barcelona.

  After C Luo is separated from Messi, how much attention is left in La Liga? At least for the Chinese super fans, it can be occasionally witnessed “old friend”.

  Along with Sergei Balhu, the third day of the morning led Barcelona, ??and there have been a resolution of China’s coaching resume, suddenly rose to 5 people.

  Zhongchao coach Si Liga Re-employment list:

  Pelegrini (Betis) (former Hebei Huaxia Happiness Coach)

  Louis (Mallorca) (former Beijing people and head coach)

  Florez (Head) (former Shanghai Shenhua main coach)

  Havel (Le Wante) (former Chongqing contemporary assistant coach, former Henan Lushan Longmen main coach)

  Serger (Barcelona) (Qian Na Hangzhou Green City Director)

  Xiaokru Iv (Barcelona Technical Director) (formerly Super Chongqing, Shenzhen Team Director)

  5 people have both Pelegrini, Florez like the four seas, and there are also Sergeant, Louis, etc., the “small people”, etc., don’t mention the summer in Henan, Lushan Longmen. Nowadays, Haville has been laid in Levante.

  Coupled with Zengguan Chongqing and Shenzhen, the small Carkujv, China football “support” the main coaches “of La Liga, is rich in a table.

  Water retreats who is in naked swims, when Super Jinyuan is hot, those who have opened Herge, a resurgent, and returning to the old family and returning to the home, and it has become a helplessness.

  Serger led the Barcelono championship 1-0 wins.

  Baluan? Isn’t this “old plug”?

  As the main left defender of Barcelona “Dream Team”, the peak period is basically in the last century. Balhua, for young fans too strange name, and after retiring Mallorca online in hindi and Well The resume of the wattage, in the year of half a hundred Baruan, nor does it work.

  If the non-Pasa fireline is dismissed Caman, he successively took the Pimethers in Burns Tower as the Barcelona’s two team coach, and there was no possibility of temporarily holding a team.

  Nowadays, Barcelona agent is a Chinese translation of the coach’s name. Most of the surname “Balhu An”, but for the Hangzhou Green City fans, the former coach has an extraordinary Chinese nickname – “old plug”.

  Serger has coached the Green City.

  After all, whether it is “Sergeant”, or “Balhu An”, Chinese thinking is slightly smashed. The “old plug” is less than two seasons in the Greentown, with a total of 48 games, the record is 21 wins and 15 flat.

  The best stage is the 2018 season. At that time, Greentown was unique in China, www economictimes and finally got a third, only one game was exceeded.

  In the relatively loose atmosphere in China, “old plug” may still be a hand, but in Barcelona, ??once the old teammate Havi returned, Serger returned to the B team, which is a big probability event.

  Compared to the newcomer, Selgh, it has returned to La Liga for nearly a year and a half, and the second-time entrepreneurial in Betis is so discouraged.

  Pelegrini once coached Hebei Huaxia Happiness.

  Last season, the green white army ranked 6th, directly entering the European Union Cup, which is still stabilized in the European Battle. For a high-rise team of the mountain cars in the past few years, the “Piercing” brought about long-lost stability.

  After the end of Betis, Chileo Handsome took the lead to start the knife bad defense, and the first half of to day india news Betis in the last season was 1.87, which was completely downgrade, but Pelegrini came before. 8 games, this data drops to 0.88.

  Although the team’s defensive again starts to laverse, Pellegrini stimulates the disciples of the disciples, 19 La Liga, only 26 of Real Madrid, and 3 more than Barcelona.

  Quite ironic is that when teaching Hebei Huaxia happiness, Pelegrini has never found a feeling, sitting in the most luxurious foreign aid lineup, but once is a result – and replacing the handsome, it is now questioning The national football coach Li Tie.

  Huaxia fans send not Pelegrini.

  Priority Liu Lang is coming again

  Huainan is tangerine, Huaibei is 枳, in Spain and China, the same coaches, there are always different fate scripts.

  In the early morning of Tuesday, La Liga has played another class of “Chinese VS-Prosthetic Coach”, which is in Granada, who is invested in the vocality, defeating Levante in the Dwelling area at 3 to 0.

  La Wante coach Havel, still failed to usher in the first victory of returning to La Liga.

  In fact, Haville’s Chinese bodies in Granada are not strange. After all, contemporary styles (previously known as “contemporary”) or Zhongchao Chongqing two rivers and competitions – Havel is serving as the leader of Henan Lushan Longmen The assistant of the coach of the coach in Chongqing.

  Haville and Henan team broke up.

  Later, “Xiaoke” is high in the south, Haville went to the Henan team to bring teams alone. Last season, the first half of the battle of the Henan team, in Haville entered a salted fish, and fled the tragic preservation war in advance.

  This season, the Henan team has a steady performance. Although it is not possible to enter the crown group, the performance of the 5th in the Division is still exceeding its real strength expectation.

  However, there have never had a team experienced Havel alone, and faced the invitation of Levante, the first 8 rounds of the new season, and suddenly taught the same team.

  Compared to the slightly larger, Havel, the current Mallorca coach Louis, is no longer the first time to achieve “reflow” for the springboard.

  Coating Beijing people and the first year, Louis performance and reputation are quite considerable, and they will go back to Spain. The second year of Beijinger and the second grade syndrome of Beijing people and the promotion, Louis once again fired, but the end of the season.

  Louis coached Beijing people and.

  However, this does not hinder Mallorca to have a glacial eye – after all, all the year of the island team of “lift” in Lifay, Ban, in the Spanish League system, which is not much higher than Beijing people.

  However, the truly fans are slightly violated, I am afraid it is the “Sanjin Palace”, “Sanjin Palace”.

  It was the “Hua Shuai” of La Liga, and 40 years old. The starting point of the coaching Valencia is not high, but since then the hopping is too frequent, the portal is over, the Premier League, the supercharrrhea has left the Spanish footprint.

  During the death of Shenhua, Florez and Cao Wei did not have a tense.

  However, Shanghai Shenhua, which is not clear in 2019, Florez, “Soil and Water Reflections”, whether it is for the treatment of Cao Yuki and other peers, or for foreign aid too trust and indulgence, only in the middle of the get out of class 12 Shenhua, the inner field is troublesome. The high-profile Spanish is defeated and is reasonable.

  Despite the superchard just “soy sauce”, but in La Liga, Florez is dangerous to become Wu Lei’s head boss.

  In the 2019 Winter Window, Wu Lei quara, Florez just was fired by the team due to poor record, if the high-rise of the Spanish, I am afraid that “Hua Shuai” will not be east, and Wu Lei’s La Liga Tracks, it is also possible to completely rewrite.

  Historic coincidence with mysterious, sometimes just between the line.

  The small Crove Yiv this season has just coached the Shenzhen team.

  10 million euros and great electricity bills

  Despite the inner seasons in the former Sika, the prospective, the squad, but the Spanish player and the main coach were the extremely rare species of the Chinese league before the 2011 Wanda and the Chinese Football Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

  Even if I returned to the A A Age, the most famous Spanish, but the high-middle front And Leis, one of the Beijing Guoan three-razor guns, never kicked.

  However, when the golden yuan football became the main melody of the superior, La Liga was low in front of the silver bullet. After all, I came to the revenue of Zhongchao, and I didn’t want to think about the Sina SMG team.

  Pelegrini came to Zhongchao, is the Hall of the Premier League Championship + Champions League, but in Manchester City, Qatar, the annual salary of Qatar, but only 4.5 million euros.

  But in Huaxia, Hebei? Pelegrini and its coach team, take 10 million euros each year! With this number, Pelegrini is tied to Diola, once the top three in the coaches.

  But now, “Piercing” in Betis’s income, only less than 1/5 of the superchard. After all, the green white legion can only count the middle school, absolutely and inexplicab.

  And what is happiness in Huaxia, Hebei? Now I can’t afford the electricity bill of the club base …

  After Pei Legelini, Li Tie took over his handsome.

  Of course, the top of “La Liga” is super-haired, and it is also unclear with the “deep cooperation” of the two national football associations that are particularly red in the same year.

  In those years, Wang Jianlin is the small shareholder of Ma Jing, and the new home of the bed is still called Wanda Metropolis; Jiang Lizhang, Chen Yansheng successively acquires the La Liga team; Wu Lei has become the first person in the Leaves, and the national character is pulled by the Seminar. .

  It is the “excellent” opportunity to be “excellent” “” excellent students “in Spain, which is the” excellent “” “excellent” “” excellent “” “excellent” “” excellent students “established in Spain.

  But now, the collective winter superior, not, but it is not possible to open a high-paying invitation of the Western Saiga, and even the Spanish coaches raised on the soil of their own league have already stayed.

  The so-called “reverse support” is true that after retreating the false foam, the world’s most authentic appearance of the football world.

  Yang Jian / Surpusted football