Welcome home! Anthony came to get the audience, can he retired in Knicks?

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Anthony followed the Lakers to the Madison Garden Gardens challenge the Knicks. He was on the first game for 4 minutes, and he got the cheers and applause of the audience. This is a fans over the past https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comfew years. The recognition of the contribution made by Knicks, Anthony has a good mood, and this game contributed a long-lost hands-free buck.

However, he in this game is not good, 27 minutes, shot 14 shots 3, three points 8 in 8, free throw 5 in 4, only 12 points and 3 rebounds, 5 fouls, positive and negative For -9, it is a player who is a second low-negative value of the Lakers. It is second only to 8 shots to score the hung small head.

As a 37-year-old, Anthony Ben this season is still excellent in the performance of the offensive, but his recent state is not good, with the deepening season, his offensive efficiency may decline, and his performance in the defensive end As always, with age, his state will https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com only get worse and worse, he will finally arrive at the day, then can he retired jersey in Knicks?

Grungle retirement means that a number will not be used by other team members of the team to commemorate the great players (or members of the coach group and management), and also a show that excellent players express past achievements, and here To commemorate their outstanding performance on the court, and the biggest affirmation of this team’s contribution to the team.

In the 2010-2011 season, Anthony has been plagued by trading rumors. Personal data has declined, but he is also selected in the western all-star starting lineup. This is his career fourth time to choose a full star lineup. After the full star game, he was officially traded to the Knicks team and became a part of Knicks.

The second season (2011-2012 season), Anthony has taken 22.6 points, 3.64 assists and 6.25 rebounds, and the Eastern All-Star started lineup, he led Knicks to get 36 wins and 30 losses. The record (the shrink season only 66 games), killing the seventh place in the eastern seventh place, and eliminated the first round of the first round by the hot team at the first round.

The third season of Nicks (2012-2013 season), the Dongni has received 28.66 points 2.55 assists and 6.87 rebounds, once again selected all-star startle lineup, he pressure Durant won the king, becoming After Nad Gold, the second NBA season scored a second NBA season. He led Knicks to get 54 wins and 28-linked records in the eastern semi-finals in the eastern semi-finals.

Come to the fourth season of Knicks (2013-2014 season), Anthony has cut 27.43 points, 3.14 assists and 8.08 rebounds, and he also cut 62 points and 13 rebounds. Data, 62 points are the highest score of his career single field, and he once again selected the first lineup of the Eastern All-Star. He led the record of 37 wins and 45, only the ninth and no playoffs in the East, but he won a 5-year $ 129 million in a top-saved contract contract during the offset period.

In the fifth season of Knicks (2014-2015 season), Anthony has fallen by 24.15 points, 3.05 assists and 6.06 rebounds because of the injury state, but it is also selected for the Eastern All-Star starting lineup. I only hit a 40 game, Knicks only achieved 17 wins and 65 negative records, ranking first in the eastern part, and the total alliance is second.

In the sixth season of Knicks (2015-2016 season), the returned Antoni is not good, and the field has been 21.85 points, 4.15 assists and 7.72 rebounds, and the field score has fallen over the previous season. However, it is still available to the Eastern All-Star Shift lineup. This season Nicks only achieved 32 wins and 50 negative records, and the ranks of the eastern part of the East.

In the seventh season of Knicks (2016-2017 season), this is also Anthony in the last season of Knicks, and his field has been 22.4 points 5.9 rebounds 2.9 assists, and the shooting rate is only 43.3%, only all stars Substitute lineup. Knicks only achieved 31 win 51 negative records, ranking fourth in the east.

In the 6 years of Nicks, Anthony has been selected for all stars in 6 times, 5 of which is selected for the first lineup. Over the best two, 1 time, 1 score, 6 weeks, 3 times, 3 months, the best player, lead Knick 3 times in the playoffs, the best in the regular season The achievements are the second,https://www.nbatrikots4.com and the best results in the eastern part of the East are the eastern semi-finals.

However, there were four seasons who did not lead Knicks to entered the playoffs, and 3 of them were very bad, they were in the top five in the eastern countdown, such a team performance is not good.

In summary, Anthony has made a lot of personal achievements in Knicks, but the contribution to Knicks is very limited, I personally feel that his jersey is difficult to hang in the Madison garden player, the Nuggets retired The possibility of his jersey is big in Knicks, what do you think?