Want to reduce Caman to reduce the money! Do you want Harvey self-pay? Barcelona’s wave operation lead fans questioned

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Barcelona’s world health organization latest news economy is indeed difficult. Nowadays, the liabilities are tired, but in recent years, the high-rise operation of Barcelona has been refreshed in the three views of the fans. The club is built, and the employee is not saying. On the two things that are engaged in sauté, the high level of the Barcelona will be exhausted.

I haven’t paid it now until Sethion is now. Now, I will fight Kumman, Barcelona is also committed to the understanding of the money. According to the report of the Western Media, after Camoman is dismissed, Barcelona is unable to pay the contract of 12 million euros. It is said that both parties are negotiating, the team hopes that Camman hopes that Camman hopes that Camman hopes that Camman current business news hopes that Cofman wants Camman to reduce the requirements.

In the case of Cocanda’s tank, it is a fan that is dissatisfied channels news headlines today with the Dutch coach, and also firmly supports him to claim compensation. reason? When Kumman was mission to the Dutch national team, the Barcelona was invited by the high-rise of Barcelona, ??and Caman responded to the inner voice, and she fell to the European Cup before the European Cup was opened. In order to enable the dream of coaching Barcelona, ??Caman even pays 5 million euros in the petty package. In general, this money should be paid by the following, and is the mentality of Barcelona, ??and Caman’s plan is completely disrupted.

Now that 2 years is not, Cumman is dismissed in the middle. This 12 million euros will be the contract. But now Cumman is willing to talk, it is really righteous.