US track and field legend says could run four seconds 40 yards Bolt substantial increase in performance

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US track and field legend Carl – Lewis was the fastest man in the world to run, but since Usher because – Bolt successfully born and broke his record since, Lewis will continue to challenge Bolt. Recently, Lewis turn sights on one of the NFL’s most traditional test project –40 yard run. Lewis told TMZ reporter, if he ran, then the time can be controlled within 4 seconds.

“I can go four seconds or less, it is less than four seconds, that’s right.” Lewis said. The 58-year-old Carl Lewis won nine Olympic gold medals, is renowned sprint hero of the 1980’s. He is said to be able to skip 12 lying side by side, personal, close to the world record score. The last time Texas Reign amazing exhibition field, Lewis in the 100 meters race, than galloping Arabian horses reach the finish line early for several seconds ……

NFL sometimes faith is supreme speed, high-profile test it 40 yards, is one of the most important test project recently concluded a comprehensive study camp in. However, this year’s rookie who looks as good as that stubble of last year, only 40 yards testing of six people ran 4.40 seconds. In fact, the entire test run the fastest player from the University of Mississippi Rick security guard Zadeh – Woods, the official score of 4.29 seconds.

Lewis said he never even ran 40 yards, but he was certainly ran within four seconds, because elite athletes are doing. Some may think that Lewis was bragging in the sky, but from human beings will become more than four seconds more than three seconds is very close. 2017, the US sprint star Christian – Coleman conducted a test 40 yards, his score of 4.12 seconds. NFL record of 40 yards in vivo measurement of the project took John from the outside Cincinnati Bengals – Ross kept, he ran 4.22 seconds in the 2018 tests.

We all know that the world’s fastest man is due to Usher – Bolt, though he has retired, but still in the Super Bowl Bolt 40-yard field test experience zone in four seconds ran out of the 22, which Rose’s record unchanged – with John. It is noteworthy that, when Bolt has retired the last two years, there was a time no systematic training, and wearing ordinary street clothes.

Lewis wanted to conduct a peak period is impossible sprint 40 yards, ran four seconds he was able to do? Who knows, at least now fans have been discussed up.