Unveiling of the battle 5 days: the league 5 larger ranking giant baby fell out of the top three

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Yesterday, I said that the six four-point guard today, and the external connections that have given the sputum will naturally become today’s topics. In the distance of the NFL2018-19 season – Philadelphia Eagle, the game is still 5 days, let us take stock of the best 5 taken.

5th Larry Fitzgelad Arizona

2017 season, 16 games, 109 games, 1156 yards, 6 Daliang. Career is 1234 times, and the 15545 yards are promoted, all of which are history third.

Don’t see that Fitzgerald has never been taken to the top five in the past three seasons, but he has been ranaming before the number of balls, and the 2016 season is even the first. And the 35-year-old Fitzgerade stability is amazing, this feature is not only reflected in the skill of the ball, but also in his career in his career. In the past 14 seasons, he lacks 6 games in the past 14 seasons. Although he has also had a long-awaited thought, he will still stand on the ground, impact NFL history, the second chair of the number of pounds and pick-up code, currently from these two goals. It is still 91 times and 389 yards. Despite the increase of age, Fitzgerar gradually became an external slot, and it was no longer like a young people to get rid of the ball space, but the experience of the game has made him On the running route, the opponent’s corner must be used to use the fake action to keep the player to get the ball. Unfortunately, the 2018 season’s sagar is hard to give him a chance to fight. I don’t know if Fitzgerald, who is a dream, I can insist on for a few years, we can only look and cherish it as a fan.

4th small Odel-Beckham New York Giants

2017 season, 4 games, 25th ball, 302 yards, 3 reached

Beckham’s talent is very suspicious, he is constantly creating history in the first three years of career. For example, the fastest number 100, 150, 250 times a player, the fastest completed the 3000, 3500, 4000 yards, the number of players (2744 yards) in the first two seasons before the career (2744 yards), the only one There are 12 games before the season but receive the 1300 yards of the game. The records of all models are also firmly in his hands. His rookie season, a single-handed game, also became a handed down, and he also led a wave of single-handed ball, so that one-handed ball became a skill that must be equipped with each top. However, in 2017, the injury and sick were invading the giant team. Xiaobei also made his way of breaking the record, letting a weekly five kinds of balls have many wonderful. However, the sniper is active and rehabilled, and he constantly flows out of the amazing training video, let people believe that in the 2018 season, the Belle will come back. The Giant team also took out the sincerity of $ 95 million in the season before the start of the season, leaving the baby in the city of Apple. New season, Xiaomanning + Beckham + Barkley’s trident does not know how many new giant fans will be attracted.

3rd Dudu-Hopkins Houston Texas

2017 season, 15 games, 96th ball, 1378 yards, 13 more

If the lion team quad-saving Matthew – Stafford is a four-defense that can take over the outer hand of the league, then Hopkins is the one who can make any quartz. Also like qualified first quadrant interface. Number of numbers since Hypj Gets Texas have come to the quarter: Matt-Shab (2013), Case-Kanam (2013-14), Ryan-Fitz Patrick (2014), Len – Malet (2014-15), Brian Hoyle (2015), TJ-Yats (2015, 2017), Brandon – Vuitton (2015), Brock – Osville (2016), Tom – Savich (2016-17), Dethene Watson (2017). 5 years, 10 first quarter-free, Hopkins still can take the next season, 1173 yards 7.2 achievements, don’t forget, Hopkins still have no one can help him to share enough to defensive stress. . I really don’t know if this is the lucky or Hopkins’ luck. Ok, Det Shan Watson’s performance is very amazing in 7 games last season, and if you can maintain health, Hopkins are only ushered in this season.

2nd Hario Jones Atlantan Falcon

2017 season, 16 games, 88 battles, 1444 yards, 3 to more

Compared with Hopkins, Hurio Jones is too happy. Assembly, the elite of the rising, the four points of the Swan, Ryan, except for the opening of the new show, and the 13th season due to the feet of the feet, Hilio got at least 1198 yards in other five seasons. It has never been less than 1400 yards in the past 4 seasons. In the 2016 season, the black panther team, Hurio took the 300 yards in 12 times, became the sixth place in history, and the only one-single player got 300 yards. But there is a problem that has always been put by Hu Rio to become the first outer hand of the league, that is, the number of times. His career single season has been 10, and less than 7 are in the year. Hurio seems to be more accustomed to use the physical quality advantage, the route running advantage, and the ball will get a lot of codes, but when he is compressed in the end area, you need to go to the corner to compete 55 The absolute advantage is walked in the case of the reachable ball. After the last season, I didn’t know if the new season Hario found a way to reach the way, and let’s take a look along with the season.

1st Antonio – Brown Pittsburgh Steel Man

2017 season, 14 games, 101 times, 1533 yards, 9 reached

The AB84 can stand in the position of the first outer hand of this alliance, it can be said to be true. In the first, Brown, according to the current efficiency, only a four seasons can reach the current achievements of Fitzgerad, Buffits less than three seasons, which also includes the first season of the bench season. 2nd, Brown’s classic ball picture is less than small shell, single season 1834 yards is also the height of Beckham. Third, Beckham does not maintain high efficiency in the cooperation of the Subtock 4-point Guandri-Jones, which is not less than the number of codes. Fourth, in the case of the average number of balls, the number of Nario-Jones is different in the past four seasons reached 11, far exceeding Hurio. Just look at Brown this season, Brown can join hands, Bell takes the super bowl to walk on the peak of life.

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