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OrthodesSeducemoon31Daily report,30Japanese Chinese women’s football representatives on the Tokyo Olympic Games29: 0Saurus the Japanese team and successfully advanced to the eighth. This is the best grade that the Chinese football team has achieved on the project. It is reported that the Chinese football team will go to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial to worship before the Tokyo Olympics.

Seducemoon30Japan tokyo Olympics womanSeduceHuman football competition, Chinese representative29: 0The big score slaughtered Japanese football pair, created the best results of the Chinese football project. After the completion of the game, the reporter interviewed Chinese female players. Before this game, how many points can you get into eight? A female team member answers, I don’t know if I need it.50Divide60point. When the reporter tells them, the women have entered8Strong, the female team member exposed the expression that I can’t believe, and I asked the reporter, really? It is best to tell them that only need19Many, they can enter8Strong, two women seek excited hugs together, leave excited tears. Even this time, they still can’t believe that they have entered the top eight. The reporter tells them that they have created the best results of the Chinese football project.

Football is a very fierce sport, there is a fierce body conflict in the game, not a very wide audience in China. The football game athlete needs a strong body and needs strong spiritual power support. Before the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese football team’s team members went to the Nanjing Massacre and sacrificed the victims and sacrificed the compatriots and swear in front of the memorial hall. Compared to this memorial event, this festival will have a profound impression on the spirit of the rugby, let them have more powerful spiritual support with the Japanese football team. The Olympic sports competition, its competition is very fierce. In the era of peace, the sports competition is actually the battlefield, and the competitive sports is fighting, the football team’s girls are very good.

During World War II, the Chinese people of the Japanese army have brought serious harm, but the Japanese soldiers did not seriously reflect on the crimes in World War II, but constantly tampering history, trying to shirk responsibility. This kind of practice in Japan hurts the feelings of the Chinese people. This kind of emotional reacts to the sports competition, there will mbm news himachal pradesh be all Chinese people hope that the Chinese athletes encounter Japanese athletes and completely defeat. Football team’s girls29: 0The big ratio defeated the Japanese team, not only they were excited, but all the Chinese people had the feeling of grown. It may be in the peaceful age, there is no more ways to express hate to the history of Japan World War II aggression, and the people will pinned this kind of feelings in the sports competition.

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The Olympic Stadium has never been a simple sports arena, even gains victory on the field, and has a big impact on a country. This Olympic Games held in Tokyo that China athletes were more excellent in the field, and many of them have achieved many proud results. In particular, the game to defeat the Japanese team is even more meaningful. In the women’s football game, the Chinese team members show the spirit of dare to fight, and achieved excellent results. I also america recent news hope that all Chinese athletes can play their own level on the field and show their spiritual features.

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