Tortorless PK stashed! Ibrah is so domineering, but I have never had contradiction with him. Why?

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Ib and Mourinho are stashed, why didn’t the two do not have a stunning? ?

Because Ib was rarely with the palm of the coach, and Mourinho was the teacher of Ibra, the two were clear, and the goals were clear, of course, google headlines a happy cooperation.

01 In addition to Guadiola, Ibrah is not contradictory with other coach!

Although Ibrah is not a good temper, news page but in addition to the performance of Tie Dila during Barcelona, ??other times, Ibi Capello, Mancini, Mourinio, Alegi also has Anceloti, etc. During the coach, there is no contradiction.

In other words, Ibi has no contradiction with the coach, is normal, not a special case.

02 Mourinho developed Ibi’s potential

Murinio is the Bole of Ibra, although Ibrah is already famous during the effectiveness of Ajax and Juventus, however, during the International Milan, Mourinio activates Ibi in various ways. Ibi brought to the status of the top football superstar, Ibi also used excellent performance, returned Mourinho’s trust (unfortunately because of the transfer of Barcelona, ??missed the Champions League business news paper today champion).

Since the two cooperate happily, why do you make a spearched?

03 Murinio and Ibi goals are clear,

Football project, india today online feeling, there is interest, both are not contradictory.

Because Guadiola let Messi transformed as a “pseudo nine center”, it makes Ibrah the hindu todays newspaper to become a chicken rib in the frontcourt, and Ibi wanted to play meli.

Murinio has no idea in the international Milan and Manchester United.

For the first time, Mourinho took higher levels on the Ibi, and Mourinho made Ibi to play the fever and extend their career life.

My summary is that the above three reasons decided, even if Ib and Murinio are very domineering, they belong to a stagger coach PK stagnant star, but the two will not have a conflict, in this, what do you see?