Tonight the Champions League focus, Liverpool 3 games, can Klop kill merchandise? Sarah Chong record

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At 4:00 am tonight, the Champion League of the Champions League new news today game, Liverpool hosted the horse, Liverpool Champions League 3 games, 1 victory ensured aaj today that they advanced to the European Top 16, while killing the horse, if they won the game, and The AC Milan defeated Porto, then they can hold the list. In the nearest four controversy history, the divorce of 4 games is within 1 goal. Although Liverpool has a slight advantage of 1 win and 2 flat and 1 loss, the two teams have not been able to win.

Liverpool has started this season in an excellent state, and they entered the Champions League 4th game with the record of the 11-ball lost 5 ball. In the nearest four games, the Red Army twice in Madrid in Madrid, and there is no such thing as a recognition. In the history of the Champions League, Liverpool only won two games, but one of them Victory is taken under the leadership of Klop. Under the leadership of Klop, Liverpool lost 2 games in 22 home games in the Champion Cup, but one of them hindu express newspaper today was the 16th game of Western Monny, Klop on the 16th game of the 2019/20 season. The scores of 2-3 were defeated, causing defending champion to be eliminated.

For the former Red Army Sato, Sudus, his recent Champions League is worrying. Deadly Uruguay forwards I have entered a ball in the 9th game of the Maya before, which means that he has an average of 650 minutes, but Simoni does not show any worries. First, they stayed unbeaten in the two Champions League competitions in Afield, and only lost a game in the last six games. 0-2 is not enemy. At the same time, the horse is expected to win the passenger wins in ndtv hindi live news todaythe third consecutive, which will be the second victory under Simoni.

But there is no doubt that Sarah is currently an unstoppable player in Premier League. He attacked 10 goals in the Premier League, and created 5 goals in 3ww hindi video Champions League game. He shocked the entire football in Manchester United. The 29-year-old Egyptian striker is equally rich in the Champions League. Effective, he is 5 goals of the Champions League this season, only Leavers 3 goals, C Roz 1 goon, he has before the 20 European championships in Anfield, which means that if Sarah is tonight When the horse fought, then he will chase Jerald and become the best shooter at the championship in the history of the club.