Today’s evening football match analysis: SMG recommendation, score recommendation, steady four strings, first actual list

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The main team is good at confrontation with the weakness. It usually has a lot of money in the post-defense pressure. This is more advantageous in the key competition, and the visiting team is weak and weak, this is in the key group. There is not much advantage, so this wheel is more optimistic about the main team to continue to grab the second round of rookie in the relegation group.

Recommended: Wins; score: 2-1 / 1-1

Blackburn has nearly 8 times with Fulham to win 3 wins and 1 flat 4 negative records, and the main family has a 2 win 2 mcd dog helpline number wins 2 wins. The Black Break Chase took a round of passenger, 2-1, and the League, the league obtained 2 games, and all the two games won. . Fulham’s nearly 4 times against Blackburn was unbeaten by 3 wins and 1 flat. The Fulham League defeated West Brown 3-0, and the league won the 4 games, and all the 4 games won all the best. The Fulham League has achieved 6 wins and 1 flat 3 negative records, and the league has achieved 4 wins and 1 flat and 2 negative records, and the 17 goals are the most played teams in the league. Fulham’s recent ball is large, and there are 5 games in nearly 6 games.

Recommended: Make Negative Ping; Score: 0-2 / 1-3 / 1-2

Ajax status burst, nearly 12 finals have achieved 10 wins and 1 flat and 1 flat, and 3 of them are all win. Ajax European offensive is also stable, and last season has elapsed in the European report today battlefield, and the audience has exceeded 2 goals. Ajax https news yahoo com india is still still available, nearly 18 events have a ball, and 3 Champions League of this season is more than 1.5 goals. Dortmund’s stability is still very poor, in the case of the first round, the passenger is 0-4 defeated Ajax, and it is hitting the army, the confidence is not smashed, and the game Halland may also celebrate the absence.

Recommended: Letter; score: 1-1 / 1-2

Although West Bromvich is defeated to the upgrade competitors Fulham, the strength is not weak. Her City last season 27 wins and 8 flat 11 losses, ranked 1st bit. Take 2 points of excellent forces to press Peltic, directly win the upgrade. Her City ranked 80 balls last season, lost 38 balls. The league is the least. 80 goals used 193 times, and the radioclast conversion rate was as high as 41.5%. Hercheng recent breaking news 9-capped entraining ball this season has 6 grains from cnn after hours the last half an hour of the game, 4 capsules comes from the last 15 minutes, attacking fatigue but likes to kill. The difference between the two teams is obvious, one is ready to rise, one is the team to be downgrade, the strength is here, see Sibromovic wins.

Recommended: wins; score: 1-0 / 2-0