This is just the second largest alliance competition in his career, but the young appeties, Jordan Yamamoto, has created their own history – continuous 14 consecutive board is complete.On June 19, Beijing time, Miami Marenmair took a 6-0 victory in the game of St. Louis Hashque, and their 23-year-old Japanese, the first pitcher Yama Jordan is continuous. The second game handed over the excellent performance of the seven games. He is only playing two anaba today, seven three-vibrate two times, let the red bird look at the ball.According to statistics, Yoshony Jordan is the first two consecutive seven games in the first two games in the past 110 years, and is a pitcher within three consecutive games In addition, his continuous 14-year-old contest has created the history of the Malin fish team to make a pitcher, the long-term record of the longest Jie Deng board for the Malanfish team is the 2001 Josh Beckett (Josh Beckett) 10 games.Marin’s previous performance is also provided to provide fire support for Shaotota today. Despite the rapids of Jack Flaherty, the seven games sent eight three-vibration, but Stalin Cas Starlin Castro hits the home base of the fifth game or to help Marlin fish, but also ended the team of unresolved in the 18th Council.Subsequently, Brian Anderson added a key two-point gun. The final mare is also over 6-0 victory in the country’s strong hand St. Louis Rock.Yamoto Jordan came to Miami in Christian Yelich, who was last year, who had just arrived in a big league in a week ago. Josena (Jose Urena) of the lack of sickness – Jose Urena.Previously, Yoshony, Jordan, once opened out his own shift ball in the spring training.There is no doubt that Yoshony Jordan’s excellent performance has made him stabilize his heel in the Grand League, and he should get more opportunities in the young rebuild team in Marinfish.

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