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  This is a group of children in the mountains, and there is no formal training, but it is obsessed with football. There is no standard site, just play on the cement floor of the playground; there is no football shoes, wearing slippers, sandals, and even running with foot. Despite the conditional restrictions, play with football match, the children put them wholeheartedly, and people have seen the hope of Chinese football. This group of children is the students of Le’an Primary School, Shuangjie Town, Jiangcheng District.

  Le’an Primary School is next to Shuangjie Town, located cnn new 18 at Rotin Mountain, there is a piece of cuisine, residential, dense bamboo forest and clear water, as if one will be used. This primary school is a missionary point in the central elementary school in Shuangjie Town.
Little Village Li Xiangdong
  Small football fans Yang Youfu, is the third grade of Le’an Primary School. Yang Youfu home in Guangnan County, Wenshan Zhuang Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, and his parents moved to Shuangjie Town Lean Village settlement, Yangjiang became their second home.

  About two years ago, the school opened a football class, and the principal of the president, served as a physical teacher. He learned some basic knowledge and motion principle of playing football online, giving you a speech. Since then Yang Youfu is fascinated by football, resting in less than 10 minutes, he will hindi mein samachar take a football in the corridor.

  Recently, when we first saw Yang Youfu, he was fighting football – more than a dozen children on the cement floor of the twenty or 30 square meters, but the cement is actually a large half of the basketball court. Yang Youfu kicked his head and he hired: “Playing football is very cool.” But for playing football, he loves again. Once he played a football on the school cement and fell, the knee wiped a lot of blood, and the two weeks were healed. There is another time, Yang Youfu kicked the ball to raised the random of the cement floor, hurting for many days.

  President Lao Liu said that the mountain children can work hard, dare to fight on the court, and the school participated in the Shuangjie Town Primary School Football League for three consecutive years, and the men and women team received the first place.

  In fact, Le’an Primary School students play football for 10 years. At the earliest time, there was an air area in front of the two teaching buildings, weeds, and students kicked up their own football. The school feels that this is good, so I put the weeds and become a basketball court. The basketball court is multi-function, with two old basketball boxes, and there are two simple football goals. Even if this is the condition, the students are also kicked every day, and practice every day. The principal of the old Liu said a standard football. It is not a bit bad in the half school.

  This year, Yang Youfu as a team player attended the town. Before the game, the sports teacher asked: “The game has a good grade, what is the wish?” “Want a football field!” Yang Youfu out, because the teacher took him to the city gym, and saw a standard football field inside. Many people play on the grass, and they will become his dreams from the green field.

  There is a football field, which is not a dream of Yang Youfu.

  Le An Primary School has 78 students, including 36 girls. There is a regular football field, and it can reduce the incidence of injury and is the common wish of the teachers and students of the whole school. To this end, the school has written a “help letter” together, hoping to achieve this wish.

  Teenage football dreams need you and my support

  If you are willing to claim this first “mentally”

  Please contact us

  Let us give the children a football field together

  Circle their green dream

  Light illuminate, aggregate positive energy.

  Yangjiang Daily, Yangjiang Municipal Education Bureau and Yangjiang Red Cross jointly launched the “100 children’s mental wish” activities, “dreams with me” public welfare volunteers.

  At present, “Dream has me” public welfare volunteer service team has collected 153 difficult children’s parents. Next, we will send a “mental wish” for some children, look forward to the participation of social lovers and love companies, together with the children. (Contact: 许楹? Tel: 0662-3308829)

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