There he was winning 67 percent of the Lakers! James Wong then refresh the NBA record Wo handsome admit him it was in "retaliation"

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25 news, after suspended for one game, LeBron – James beat the Indiana Pacers in the game staged return of the king in the Los Angeles Lakers overtime.

The game, James finished with 39 points, five rebounds and six assists, hit five three-pointers, and the distal extra-time is the key to continuous thrown ball. Also worth mentioning is that the Lakers record to 6-3 in the case have James, the team is much higher than the current 10 wins and 10 losses in the regular-season record, who is the team the key to victory, at a glance.

Meanwhile, after today’s game, James will own an NBA rule first person in history achievement refresh again. After its 35-year-old at the same time get 30 points 5+ 5+ assists and rebounds and hit at least five three-pointers screening has reached seven games, and everyone in NBA history, in addition to James, there were only four games this individual performance.

And after extra time to win today, when the Lakers this season unbeaten record continues to increase, 4-0!

According to the team coach after the game said Vogel, James will indeed be seen as a battle of the game’s vent their anger, “he wanted to win today’s victory, because he was not capable of playing very angry with the New York Knicks . “

In addition Vogel also mentioned fifth place and play today’s attack did James spent a lot of energy, though he was called “a landmark performance.”