The sun is 16 consecutive victories! The audience 7 steals more than the shoulder basket, it is no wonder to give him a big contract not to Erton

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Beijing time on November 28th, the NBA regular season continued. Today, the NB is sitting at home to ushered in the challenge of the sun. Although the sun has achieved a 15 winning team’s
state and morale, it is not ideal for their schedules. In addition to facing the basket network, it is also two war warriors, so many fans are not optimistic that they can reach 20 consecutive victories, and today the sun uses their own performance to prove themselves, they first cross the first level, The team defeated the Net Net in 113-107 and won 16 consecutive victories.

The sun has laid a tone, relying on the excellent lineup thickness, they played a basket of caughtors, three festivals, they lead their opponents 18 points, I thought that the Net will be surrendered, but I didn’t expect Durant obviously not want to lose. After the competition, he took 15 minutes and 3 assists in the fourth quarter of the battle. The fourth quarter of the Sun is 21 points, but the brock is too unhappy. In the end, the whole game cuts 39 points 9 rebounds 7 assists. Durant became an empty cut.

Haden This is anti-dead. The audience is only 4 in the audience. Three points and 6. Ade and Ben Bry have taken 18 points today, why replaces it too much, the whole team replaces 5 people to get 11 points, revealed the sun, replacing McGi, 10 points, the sun all team 4 replacement Take 33 points, too much.

On one side of the sun, the highest score of the team is Bak, 19 shots in the audience 8, three points 6 in 4 to win 30 points 1 rebound 4 assists data, Bak’s recent state is very good, last one The 32 points of the game were 32 points. After another 21 shots, 35 points were taken, and the top of the future alliance broke up, and these technologies were implemented in the case of new rules, it is indeed a foul. The star can be faster, I hope Harden will find a way.

Today, Paul created a history of history. He won 22 points and 8 rebounds 5 assists in the audience. He also became the first player who won the 20000 points +10000 assists +5000 rebounds in NBA history. Today, Entton did not get too many opportunities. 8 shots in 5 were taken in 5, and this champion became a tool. .

I think this may be because Enton is insisted on the reasons for the top salary, but the sun will also express the Erton’s top salary, because he is not worth it, is it directly? In the course, the sun 4 years 43 million came down Shame, 4 years and 90 million followed by Bridges. If they give the contract to Entton, I can meet Entton’s top salary, why The sun didn’t do this, but I gave the Bridges’ contract?

Through today’s game, I should understand that Bridge is a top 3D. This is a 13-point 6 rebounding 1 assists in 13 shots, and you may think he is very general. But Bridges sent 7 steals! The full team of the basket is also steals, and he kills Harden today.

Since the season, the Bridges area is 12.9 points 4 rebound 1.9 Assistance 1.4 steals 0.6 block, shooting hits 54.4%, three-point hits 39.1% very efficient, his net efficiency is up to 11.8, he is playing a hundred rounds in the team 11.8, this data can be ranked 18th in the Alliance, too good, everyone said to the Bridges big contract, don’t you give Eaton’s top salary? Welcome to the message discussion.