The Seattle Sailor Reconstruction of the Houjuki Times is still hoped in the season.

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Written / Zhang Zihan

On March 21st, Beijing time, a generation of hit Kabenmoo announced his retirement after the sailor team, and he disclosed himself and the future concept.It has always been, as Seattle Sports Tu Tengji, I have always hope that my big league career can continue to be the same 51 year with the back.However, professional sports are too cruel, even if they are self-discipline, the gradual growth of age has also given him to retreat.

Suzuki’s retirement also marked an end of an era, and the sailor 116 victorious 2001 players were retired. The Seattle Sailor in the Reconstruction period has played an amazing results at the beginning of this season: they temporarily become the best team in the baseball team. They first rushed out of a wave of 6 consecutive victories, got the best of the big alliance 13 wins and 2 losses, even in the United States of America’s leadership, strong Houston Sales. Not only that, the Seattle sailor also has the most powerful firepower of the league: In the 15 games in the opening season, they slammed the 36th era, and the net wins were divided into +42. The result is completely the opening season of the defending champion red socks last year.

Nowadays, nearly two months, the Seattle sailor results slowly decline in the Jackets season. Soldier Qiang Ma Zhuang’s Houston Spaceman rushed to the throne of the Melase West, but the sailor was not so bad, 22 wins and 23-linked results were ranked second in the partition, although there were 7.5 winning spaces with eight-winning space, but still Very opportunistic to compete for the United States and Era Card at the end of the season.

Sailor before the king of Parxton now

Sailor before the king of Parxton now

The sailor is reconstruction to the 6-bit medium

After getting 89 wins last season, General Manager Jerry Dipo decided to open rebuild, which made the sailor equivalent to giving up this year’s playoffs. “Dafeng Leaf” James – Parxon, Famous Hall-of-Thai Robbleon-Kano, the ultimate Edwen Diaz, Joan Segula and Mike Zunno were in the offset period The transaction, the team also chooses heavy guns who do not continue to freely, Nelson-Cruz. All this is to make a salary space to sign a rookie.

But unexpectedly, the sailor’s abacus seems to be worthy. In Diaz and Kano trading, New York will send a small union a new show and Jie-Bruce. Parkston went to Yangji to exchange the top of the new show left to the Zevus Sheffield, after the called the big alliance, his performance was fascinated, and the speed and pressure of the ball could not compare with Parxon. . Sekola went to Philostel, and the last series of transactions were exchanged to the Heavy Polin Edwin – Nakanso and the first potential of the first potential of the Farm farm. The result is that the mobility rate of the two is 2%. Although Enkaisi is currently 12 bombs, the point of mind is far from the peak period three years ago.

In addition to recruiting Japanese rigid to Zuo Chiki, the Seattle Sailor has no sound on the free player market last year. Their two biggest signs were latency without fulfilling talented 2008 Yuan Langtim-Beckham and Harpes, Harper, Hunter, Hunter Stri, Streickland. The sailor in the next bell, the sailor is frustrated, and there is no key to reinforce but there is a good hand.

It’s hard to imagine that this Seattle sailor is currently a winning rate of 50%. Before the start of the season, there was a baseball analysis website to predict that they will end the 2019 season and the probability of the season is only 2.3%. However, the sailor now is not bad, although the season is only less than two months, they still show the strength of the United States.

Why is the strength? Soft rebuilding reserved strength

Seattle Sailor Rebuild Different Direction of Other Teams, although a lot of excellent players, but the team still retains an important part, such as the old Lev Wade Le Brando and Marco-Gama Rez. Leave Mickey – Hanger and Di-Gordon and Leon-Hili make the team to find balance in age and experience. As for the big alliance player, Dido, Bruce player, Encanie, Bruce, and Catcher Omar-Navyz, although not a super superstar but their strength is at least average.

The sailor is soft reconstruction, and the result is that although they are not a strong competitor of the partition champion, they will not be like a single season 100-longned fishkun team like Miami marti or Baltimore.

The reconstruction of the general manager of the sailor is a rebirth like New York Yangji in 1927. Yonglang Tim-Beckham currently hits three-dimensional. 260 / .316 / .823 knocked out 8th era, olderje – Bruce, Nkanasie has accumulated 24 bombings, but these people are not a sailor The players who should be expected, the team wants the young player to come forward.

After 90, the heavy gun hand string, and the sailor should improve the defense short board.

Before this season, Dan Walbak is only a temporary man who hits the big man. The height of 183cm weight is nearly 120kg Wogerbucks slightly, but his burly body is a fierce fire, although it is very ordinary. And the speed is slightly slow, but his amazing 6 growth probability means that the above two weaknesses can be ignored. More importantly, Vagerbak is only 26 years old, and the sailor has made him and Hanig’s Santana composed of future center great times.

But can the sailor find the status at the beginning of the season?

Gonzalez is still steady in the pitcher

Gonzalez is still steady in the pitcher

The answer is impossible. Obviously, any team cannot maintain nearly 90% of the winning rate for a long time, especially for Seattle sailors in the reconstruction period, and returning to normal status seems to be inevitable. Although the sailor’s offense is really bad, the pitcher has been working hard. Old will be very good, Mike Leak also glows the second spring of career, “King” Philliand-Ernandez is also working to adjust the ball strategy to deal with gradually decline. The only bad news comes from the cowshed, the fireball in the snapped season, Stroller is not fixed during the fourth game of this season.

However, the most problematic or saucer defensive, Santana, Bruce and Enkanso also have Wallebac’s gaze, and the murder rate of Navyz is also ranked in the NAP. The offensive brings victory, defensive brings the championship, for the Seattle Sailor, if you really want to rush into the playoffs this season, you must focus on the preparation of offshifts this season.