The outer card is out of the game! The sea eagle speculates off the attack coordinator Schottheimer

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January 13th (Wen / ESPN BRADY Henderson Compile / Love) Although the Seattle Hawks burst out in the outer card, they are not bad for this season; however, the team is obviously not satisfied after the season In the performance of the game, decided to make some changes. Surprisingly, they cut off the over-the-year offensive coordinator Brian Schotangheimer in the past three.

The Hawks announced this decision on Tuesday, saying that this cutting Schutheimer is not questioning his ability, but due to some “the difference in ideas”; the team said that the team said that Schotthamo is an amazing coach.

Indeed, the Hawks refreshed the history of the team history this season, so the performance is not allowed to let the offensive coordinator under get out of class; but their offensive groups show serious landslides in the next half. The 9 weeks of the team scored 34.3 Split Run All League, but at the last 8 weeks, their scored 22.6 points. In addition, the number of invested codes is also reduced from 415 yards in the last half season to 324 yards, and the quarterfielding (QBR) has also dropped from 81.5 points to 62.5 points; so that the performance of the high-opening is to let the team Reason for dissatisfaction.

It is far-reaching long-distance pass to one of the reasons for the Eagle Eagle. Sithed Swan Wils Wilson performs at least 1 passed more than 30 yards per game in each 8 games, but 8 games behind In the regular season + 1 game, he only completed three passing three times.

Of course, leading to the guides under the get out of class of Schutheima or the explosion of the outer cassette, facing the No. 6 seedlings of the same district, the Eagle Eagle is very struggling in the outer cassette, with 20-30 to the opponent The season ends. According to data statistics, Wilson 27 passed 11, the success rate of passing the ball was only the second low; his quarter-branch score 17.6 is the lowest in 16 games in his post-career season!

“Schutheimo, in the past three years, you are so important to me, this makes me very grateful.” Wilson wrote in social media, “God bless us with you, which makes us win a lot of games, complete many times Dan; in training and learning, we have been very happy, and now the best life is waiting for you in front, go to him, God bless you, love you. “

In the press conference after the end of the season, when asked if the Coordinator was asked, the Haiying coach Pitt-Carrol refused to talk about this. Then there is such a so-called “difference”, and finally Carol and Schutheimer feel that after talking, it is beneficial to the team and the Schutthamimer, perhaps he can compete for the work of a head coach. .