The number of all teams in the new season is predicting: Brown rankings greatly enhance patriots

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Since Beckham, Cleveland has become the darling of gaming and experts. After the Las Vegas’s gaming company, Branda was launched by the new season of the new season, Beijing time on April 1, in the prediction of the number of team winners announced by the Sports Gaming Company CG Techonology, Brown The winning scene was 9 games, which increased by three more than six predicted last year.

It is the new England Patriot (11 games) that will win the most competition. This is the same list in the fourth consecutive year. 11 will be the same as the record of the regular season last season (11 wins and 5 . Kansas Chief, Los Angeles ram, and New Orleans saints in parallel with 10.5 winners. The four teams are also the team of the United States and the National Union finals. Arizona’s saga with the Holding Yuan Dynasty with Miami dolphins, the number of winning the winning scene is only 5 games.

As for other teams ranking on this list, lightning is followed last season, ranked fifth, bear, pony, and Eagle in 10 games, sixth, packaged workers, steel people, and Viking People with Brown take a 9th, Cowbi, Falcon, Crow, Sea Eagle, Texas, and Titan, take the 13th, 8.5. Subsequent ranking is 49 people, Jaguar, Black Leopard (8), Wild Horse, Jet, Lion (7), Tiger, Bill, Pirates, Giants, Trajectors, Red Leather (6).

It is worth mentioning that Brown has a large increase in the winning odds of the superblow, from the original 1 loss 30 to 1 pay 20, and rank first in all the teams.

The new season regular season will start at 8:20 in Beijing time on September 6th, and the two sides are Chicago Bear and Green Bay Packing Workers. The accuracy of this list is how high, and the performance of Brown is in line with everyone’s expectations, let us see after the start of September.

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