The MLB playoff team building team is the top three strongest chartered.

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As the playoffs fell into white hot, 10 teams entered the playoffs but 2 teams have declared home. But the results, they can be described as the leadership in the alliance; the construction team thinking, they also deserve other teams of the Alliance.

Detained to each team, due to the difference in external conditions of the team, the construction method can also be described as a five-flowers: some good at the draft, some are good at picking up international players, some good at relying on the farm system to cultivate new people, some good at Through the transaction of the soldiers, it is also good at spending big money from the free player market, and all kinds of tricks can be dazzling, and it is not very enough. With this opportunity, we can explore the team of the team’s team of Junjun throughviews all team players.

There are three ways to absorb players in the team: through the draft or signing international players in their own farm system (Japanese and Korean players in Big Alliance, the Cuban player signed the same amount), this transparent is the ability of the team to cultivate a rookie; Through the trading, the corresponding player is mainly tested is the eye of the team’s scout; there is also the signing of the free player market, which not only tests the eyes of the scout, but also test the financial resources of the team (for the big free player This is especially true). The following is the content of the US Alliance.

Meitudine Champion: Boston Red Sock (record: 108 wins 54 negative, salary: 222,205,000 US dollars, alliance ranking first)

Farm training players: 10 people (Victory Contribution: 22.2)

Dictionary: 8 people (Victory Contribution: 18.4)

International Players: 2 people (Victory Contribution: 3.8)

Free players sign: 4 people (Victory contribution: 13.3)

Transaction: 11 people (Victory Contribution: 19.9)

This year, the red socks won the Meidong District championship in the third season. This year, the staff of the Alex Cora, broke the quotation record of the team. The core of red socks has been formed, and the players are mainly based on their own training (Benz, Ben Ningdi and Bugatz). Martinnes was signed in front of the season. Dave Dombrowski Dave Dombrowski, is called the farm rookie transaction, and the ace is spending Sel. Trading came to the team. At the same time, he found Ples in the free market. Under his operation, the red hose has already formed a class of classes that can be rushing to the crown. Everything is only owed to Dongfeng.

Farm Culture Players: Christian Vazquez, 9th round of 2008 was selected

Matt Barnes 2011, first round of the 19th place was selected

Black Swihart, first round, 26th, was selected by red socks

Xiao Jieki-Bradley (Jackie Bradley Jr.), first round of 2011

Mookie Betts, 5th round, was selected by red socks

Brian Johnson, the first round of the first round of the 2nd round, the 31st position was selected

Andrew Benintendi, the first round of 2015, the seventh time was selected

Bobby Poyner, the 14th round of 2015 was selected

Xander Bogarts Signed a contract with an international free player ($ 410,000)

Rafael DEVERS, Signed an international free player in 2013

Note: The team’s old captain Dastine Pedroa 2nd round of 2004 was selected in the socks, and injured this year this year’s injury, poor performance

Free players sign: David Prace (David Price) Signed 7 years $ 27 million in 2016

JD-Martinez (J. D. Martinez) Signed 5 years of $ 99.5 million contracts in 2018

Mickey – Moot Moreland, 2018, $ 2,3 million contracts under 2018

Ryan Brasier, 2018, a basic salary

Player Trading: July 2012 Red Socks from the Cleveland Indians, Steven Wright, sent Lars Anderson

In December 2012, the red socks were got from the Pittsburgh Pirates and Joel Hanrahan, which sent 4 players such as Mark Melncon.

In July 2014, the red socks have got an Edwardo Rodriguez from Baltimore, Eduardo Rodriguez, which sent Andrew Miller.

In July 2014, Socks were got from St. Louis, Joe Kelly and Allen Craig, and sent 2 players such as John Lackey.

In July 2014, the socks were got from the San Francisco Giants to 2 players such as Heath Hembree, which sent Jack Peavy.

In December 2014, the socks were sent from the Detroit tiger to Rick Posorlo, sent out three players such as Yoenis Cespedes.

November 2015 Red Socks from San Diego priest to Craig Kimbrel, 4 small alliance players

In July 2016, the socks were got from San Diego priest to Drew Pomeranz, sent a new show Anderson (Anderson Espinoza)

In December 2016, the socks were got from Chicago While Chris Sale, sent out 4 players such as Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech.

In July 2017, the socks were given from San Francisco Giants to Edwardo Nunez, and 2 small alliance players.

June 2018 Red Socks were got from Toronto Bluebird to Steve Pearce, 1 small alliance player

In July 2018, the socks were sent from Los Angeles to Ian Kinsler, and 2 players were sent.

July 2018 Red Socks from Tampa Bay to Nathan Eovaldi, send Jaleen Beeks

US Western Champion: Houston Spaceman (record: 103 wins 59 negative, salary: 172,781,200 US dollars, Rank 6)

Farm training player: 10 people (Victory Contribution: 26.0)

Draft: 8 people (Victory Contribution: 18.5)

International Players: 2 people (Victory Contribution: 7.5)

Free players sign: 5 people (Victory Contribution: 7.8)

Transaction: 10 people (Victory Contribution: 21.4)

As a defending champion, Houston Spaceman got 103 winning records this year. The team’s winning hero still retains, and the line is still mainly composed of home farm players (Otti, Spring, Corea and Blesman, basically maintaining the original class horse. In addition to their own cultivated Kaikul, the first round value is successfully digged from the free player market, and then got Virgo and Cole two by the transaction. The ace is strong. This season is a strong catching up this season, and the space man is in time before the transaction period, the two powerful cowshed pitters of Ocuna and Plesley are timely. Luco is not only successful, but also can always be a treasure. Malvin-Gonzalez, who was blown out last year, was his representative. This year’s space person lineup compared to last year, the relevant weaknesses have also been reinforced in the case of retaining the original core members, and they have strength to initiate an impact to the championship again.

The main player source list:

Farm training players: Dallas Keuchel, 2009, 2009, was selected by space candidates

George Springer, first round, first round, first round, was selected by space candidates

Lance McCulles JR. 第 1 补 补 补 第 41st in the space selection

Carlos Correa, the first round of 2012, was selected by space candidates.

Tony Camp (Tony Kemp) 5th round in 2013 is selected by space candidates

Tayler White, 333, was selected by space candidates

Alex Bregman, the first round of the second round of space in the selection

Jose Altuve Signed a contract with an international free player in 2006 ($ 15,000 in signing)

Yuli Gurriel 2016 and Spaceman signed a $ 47.5 million contract for 5 years.

Free players sign: Tony Sipp 2016, 3 years, 18 million US dollars

Josh Reddick, a 4-year 52 million US dollar contract at the end of 2016

Charlie – Charlie Morton Signed 2 Year 14 million USD in 2017

Joe Smith (Joe Smith) signed a $ 15 million contract under 2018

Hertor Rondon’s $ 8.5 million contracts at 2018

Player Trading: December 2011 Spaceman got Malvin Gonzalez from Boston, Gonzalez, sent 1 small alliance player

July 2012 Spaceman got three players such as Chris Devenski from Chris Devenski, sent Brett Myers.

In December 2013, Spaceman got Chris Carter, Brad Peacock and Max Stassi, sent Jed Lori. And Fernando – Fernando Rodriguez Jr.

July 2014 Spaceman got 3 players such as Jake Marisnick from Miami Marion, and delivered Enrique Hernandez, Jarid-Carka 3 players such as Jarred Cosart

January 2015 Spaceman got 2 players such as Evan Gattis from the Atlanta Warri, sent Mike Fortywich, Rio Ru Ruiz, etc. 3 players

November 2016 The spaceman got Brian Mccann from New York, Send 2 small alliance players such as Jorge Guzman (Jorge Guzman)

In August 2017, the spaceman got 2 players such as Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tiger, sent 3 small alliance players such as Franklin Perez.

January 2018 Spaceman got Grrit Cole from Pittsburgh Pirate, four players such as Joe Musgrove

July 2018 Spaceman from Los Angeles angel Martin Maldonado, 1 small alliance player

In July 2018, the spaceman got Ryan Pressly from Minnesota, and sent 2 small alliance players.

In July 2018, the spaceman got Robert, Otan, and sent 3 players such as Ken Giles.

US Central Champion: Cleveland Indians (records: 91 wins 71 negative, salary: 143,375,233 US dollars, alliance ranking 13)

Farm training players: 7 people (Victory Contribution: 19.8)

Dictionary: 5 people (Victory Contribution: 15.6)

International Players: 2 people (Victory Contribution: 12.1)

Free players sign up: 5 people (Victory Contribution: 11.0)

Transaction: 13 people (Victory Contribution: 12.5)

The Indians won the champion of the Third Aflian Central District. After experiencing the experience of the Yangji, this year, they retained the original 22-winning core claws this year. The team is still composed of Lin Wei and Ramirez, the old manus the structure of Brande, Ch Psens and Enkanau, supplemented by newcomers cultivated by their own farms. In terms of pitcher, this season, this season, the three-oscillated spendlers are passed through the deal to the team (Calasco, Klewen, Cruiber, Bauer), the end of the cows, Kodi-A This season is poor, in the case of Miller injury, the team baseball operation, Chris Antonetti, decisively, with his own head, the priest, two outstanding cowshed pitcher, Hand has a position of the terminator in time. At the end of August, the team traded former Dianhan, the most valuable player Donaldson from the Blue Bird trading in controversial form. For the Indians, the championship won is becoming smaller. This year may be the final championship of the team. At this time, it is better.

The main player source list:

Farm Culture Players: Roberto Perez 2008 33rd rounds were selected by Indians

Jason Kipnis, 2nd round of the Indians, 2009

Francisco Lindor, the first round of 2011, was selected by the Indian

Cody Allen, 21st, 2011, was selected by the Indian

Adam Plutko, the 11th round of 2013 was selected by the Indian

Greg Allen, 2014, 4th round by Indians

Shane Bieber’s 4th round was selected by the Indian

Jose Ramirez Signed a contract with an international free player in 2009 ($ 50,000)

Eric Gonzalez signed an international free player in 2008

Note: Bradley Zimmer, the first round of 2014, was selected by the Indian candidate, Taylor Naquin, the first round of 2012, was selected by Indians, Luo Lonnie chinsenhall, 2008, first round, No. 29, was selected by the Indian candidate, and the three were reimbursed by injury.

Free players sign: Edwin Encarnacion, 2017, 60 million USD 3 years

Yonder Alonso (Yonder Alonso) Signed a $ 2 million contract under 2018

Oliver Perez signed a $ 1.75 million contract in 2018

Melky Cabrera, 2018, 1 year of $ 1 million contract

Player Trading: In August 2008, the Indians got 4 players such as Michael Brantley from Milwaukee, and sent CC-Sabazia (CC Sabathia).

In July 2009, the Indians got 4 players such as Carlos Carrasco from Philadelphia, which sent CLIFF LEE and Ben Francisco.

In July 2010, the Indians were got from San Dieo priests from San Diego priests, and Jake Westbrook was sent to St. Louis.

In November 2012, the Indians were got from Toronto Bluebird – Yan Gomes and Mike Aviles, sent Esmil Rodgers.

In December 2012, the Indians were in the triple trading of the Arizona Rattles and Cincinnatin, from the Snake, Matt Albers, Trevor Bauer and Brian – Shaw ( Bryan Shaw); from the Red Man got Drew Stubbs. The red man sent Didi Gregorius to the snake, and the Indian people took Tony Sipp and Las Anderson to the lunar snake, and sent autumn and another player to red. people

In August 2014, the Indians came to Mike Clevinger from Los Angeles, and sent 1 player.

In July 2016, the Indians received 4 players from Andru Miller from New York, Glint Frazier, Justus Sheffield.

In July 2018, the Indians got Brad Hand and Adam Cimber from San Diego priests and sent Francisco Mejia.

In August 2018, the Indians got Josh Donaldson from Toronto Bluebird, and the player sent to be designated.

United States of America outside the card 1: New York Yangji (record: 100 wins 62 negative, salary: 160,743,032 US dollars, the union ranked No. 10)

Farm training players: 8 people (Victory Contribution: 22.8)

Dictionary: 4 people (Victory Contribution: 11.7)

International Players: 4 people (Victory Contribution: 11.1)

Free players sign: 3 people (Victory Contribution: 4.0)

Transaction: 14 people (Victory Contribution: 24.2)

After a few years of crouch, Yangli officially blows the angle of the return playoffs last year. Under the dazzling manager of the team general manager, BRIAN CASHMAN was dazzled, and the Yangji gradually formed a core of the rushing crown based on his own farm players. The strongest bearer Jaqi and the strongest pitcher Sevilino came from their own farm. Although the team’s selection has not been harvested outside Jaichi in the past 10 years, Yanji rely on its scouting network to the International Players to Sanchez, Sevilino and Anduhar Excellent young players. Since the boss repeatedly put the team salary below the luxury line, the Yanji has not been too big in the free market in recent years. In contrast, Cargsman fully played his excellent trading means, with his keen sense of smell, with a very low price, dug in Star players like Stanton. His two transactions to Chapman are God, explain what is the precise operation of buying the highest point selling. He and his advisory group gods, excavated the jade of Green, Hicks, Graygus; this July team is slightly tired in the regular season, Kashman decisively traded in Bryi Don, Hap, Lynn and McCachen reinforce the team to help the team hit the season. For Yangji, although the existing lineup of Yangji is simply tailored to the season, it is objective for the best time this year. When the tacus curse on the Kashman’s head, Yangji is a moment when it is sufficient to make the whole alliance tremble when it reproduces the true color of the evil empire in the free player market.

Farm Culture Players: Brett Gardner, 3rd rounds of 2005

Delin – Dellin Betances 2006 8th round was selected

David Robertson, No. 17, 2006, was selected

Austin Romine 2007 2nd round

Aaron Judge, the first round of 2013

Jonathan Holder, the sixth round of 2014

Gary Sanchez Signed a contract with an international free player in 2009 ($ 3,000,000)

LUIS Severino Signed a contract with an international free player ($ 225,000)

Miguel Andujar Signed a contract with an international free player in 2011 ($ 750,000)

Tanaka will be a contract of $ 155 million under the 7 years of 2014 and Yangji.

Note: Tommy Kahnle, the fifth round of 2010, was selected, and Greg Bird, 2011, the fifth round of 2011 was picked up. Due to poor performance, it is difficult to refine the list of seasons in this season. In addition, Kunli and Robertson returned from the white socks from the white sock in 2016.

Free players sign: Jonathan Loaisiga 2016 signed a fundamental

CC-Sabasia 2018 signing 1 year 10 million US dollars contract

NEIL Walker’s $ 4 million contracts under 2018

Jacoby Ellsbury signed a $ 53 million contract under 2014, which was not debuted this year because of the injuries.

Player Trading: December 2014 Yangji got 3 players such as Domingo German, Najuser Domingo German, Najuser Doming, Martin Prado, etc. Player

In December 2014, Yangji is from the Three-party trading of the Arizona Snake and the Detroit Tiger, from the snake to Didi Grene, while sending Shane Greene to Tiger

November 2015 Yangji got Aaron Hicks from Minnesota, sent John Ryan Murphy

In December 2015, Yangji received Justin Wilson, from Detroit Tiger, and Luis Cessa, delivered Justin Wilson.

In December 2015 Yangji got Aroldis Chapman, sent four players from Cincinnati

In December 2015 Yangji got Starlin Castro from Chicago Castro, ADAM WARREN and Brendan Ryan

July 2016 Yangji got 4 players such as Gleyber Torres, Adam Warren, Billy McKini, sent Aroad, Chapman

July 2016 Yangji obtained 4 players such as Clinkland, Justis-Shefield, sent Andrew Miller

In November 2016 Yangji got 2 small alliance players such as Haolcher – Gusman, sent Bryan-McCan.

In December 2017 Yangji got Giancarlo Stanton, Giancarlo Stanton, delivered 3 players including Stallin-Castro, Haolcher-Gazman

In February 2018, Yangji is from the Three-party transactions with the Arizona Snake and Tampa Bay, from the Rhoton Drury, send 1 small alliance player to the snake, another small alliance Player sent to the rays

July 2018 Yangji gets Luke Voit, send CHASEN SHREVE and Giovanni Gallegos (Giovanni Gallegos)

July 2018 Yangji got Zach Britton from Baltimo, sent 3 players

July 2018 Yangji got Ja-Hap (j. happ) from Toronto Bluebird, delivered Brandon Derroli and Billy Mikini

July 2018 Yangji got Lance Lynn from Minnesota, sending Taylor Austin and 1 small alliance player

In August 2018 Yangji got Andrew McCutchen
from San Francisco, 2 small alliance players

In addition, July 2017 Yangji got Sonny Gray from the Auckland Sports, and sent three players such as Dustin Fowler. Because Gray came to Yangji, it was poor. It did not enter the list of seasons; Atrodian became a free player after the 2016 season, and he and Yangji signed a $ 86 million contract in front of the 2017 season. He also became the most expensive rescue pitcher in the history of the league.

United States of America, 2: Auckland Sports Home (record: 97 wins 65 negative, salary: 69,883,333 US dollars, alliance ranking second)

Farm training players: 4 people (Victory contribution: 16.5)

Draft: 4 people (Victory Contribution: 16.5)

Free players sign up: 7 people (Victory contribution: 5.6)

Transaction: 14 people (Victory Contribution: 25.3)

Although the salary of the sportsist this year is only the second countdown, at the operation of “Beans” Billy Beane, the sports home has entered the playoffs since 2014. There are only 4 players cultivated by their farms in the sportsist lineup, respectfully accompanied by the game team. However, in these four players, Chapman has become a three-legged three-level attack and defense, and Olsen also provides the team with the necessary left-handed fire support. This season, they played a total of 53 strikes and 75 second bases. Although the team signed up to 7 free players, the price of these players is not high, and there are also many short bosses in the team lineup (mainly the first round value). However, the team’s backbone is mainly players who come to the team through trading. This season’s home running Wang Chris Davis, the hot Piscoti in the next half of the season, and the continuous stable Rolley will provide adequate firepower for the team. As the team entered the June results, the Bien decided to trade a number of outstanding pitks, including Rodney, Farmere and Fyers. Because the team itself has limited financial resources, once these players enter the free player market, the sportsist can’t leave the star players in the team. Therefore, this year is the best opportunity to achieve good results.

The main player source list:

Farm Culture Players: Matt Olson, first round of the first round of 2012, the second round is selected by the sports home

Chad Pinder, 2nd round of 2013

Lu Trivino (Lou Trivino), 11th round of 2013

Matt Chapman (Matt Chapman), first round of the first round, the second round

Free player signing: Matt Joyce, 2017, $ 21 million contracts at 2 years

Trevor Cahill signed a 1 year of $ 1.5 million in 2018

Brett Anderson Signed a $ 1.5 million contract under 2018

Edwin Jackson Signed a 1 year of $ 1.5 million in 2018

Jonathan Lukroy (Jonathan Lucroy) Signed a $ 6.5 million contract in 2018

Yusmelo Petit, 2018, 2018, 2 years, $ 10 million contract

Nick Martini Nick Martini 2018 signed a fundamental

In addition, Trevo-Kashore 2006, 2nd round was selected by a sportsman.

Player Trading: December 2014 Sports home from Chicago White Sox, Josh Phegley, etc., sent a Jeff Samar Jeff Samardzija and Michael Ynoa

In December 2014, the attendant got Mark Cana from Colorado, and sent 1 small alliance player.

June 2015 Sports attendant got Daniel Mengden and Jacob Nottingham, Schkot Kazmir

In November 2015, the sightman got Jed Lowrie from Houston Space, and sent 1 small alliance player.

In November 2015, the attendant got Liam Hendriks from Toronto Bluebird and sent Jesse Chavez.

In December 2015, the attendant got 2 players such as JB-Winndelken (J.B. Wendelken) from Chicago, and sent Brett Lawrie.

In February 2016, the atmosphere got Chris Davis from the Milwaukee winemaker, sent Jacques – Nottingham and 1 small alliance player.

In July 2017, the attendant got three players such as Dustin Fowler from New York, and sent Sonny Gray.

In July 2017, the attendant got 3 players such as Blake Treinen, sent Ryan Madeson and Shaan Doolittle.

In November 2017, the attendant got Ramon Laureano from Houston, and sent 1 small alliance player.

In December 2017, the athletic home from St. Luiscoti, STEPHEN PISCOTT, sent 2 players such as Yairo Munoz.

In July 2018, the attendant will get Jeurys Familia, Jeurys Familia, sent two players.

August 2018, the sightman got Mike Fiers from the Detroit Tiger, and sent two small alliance players.

In August 2018, the attendant got Shawn Kelley from Washington, and sent a fund space for international players.

August 2018 attendant got Fernando Rodney, Fernando Rodney from Minnesota, sent 1 small alliance player

Note: 2 players such as Rolley and Fernando – Rodrigueas, Rarley, December 2013, and then Anderson also turned into a multi-team. This season returned to the sportsman.

Note: This article quoted the victory contribution, the team salary and the draft, the contract, the transaction record references the contents of