The MLB 2019 season has been arrow in strings, to help new and old fans familiar with the status quo of various teams as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, the Milwaukee Wine Scene is introduced.Team: MilwaukeePartition: Guo Sai Central DistrictUnited States champion: 1 timeLast season: 96-67Team Attack Index: 0.747 (Alliance No. 9)Team Score Rate: 3.73 (League 5)Director: Craig ConserReview on the previous quarterFollowing the regret of the 2001 year, the end of the Milwaukee Sprong, the end of the rebuild, a series of recruits, Jorris Sind, Jorge, Christian, Joenzo, Kristian Liechi and other power players join the team. The team also proves that the winemaker has become a strong team with excellent wartering, especially the Hcy-Agarah. In the cowshed, the three columns made up of Jeremy Jeffris and Corre-Knebell three more to make the opponent can’t see the hopes of the end of the game.In the face of the powerful bear team with the same area, the winemaker has been chasing, and the eight-loss excellent record of 19 wins and 7 losses in the regular season in September and October. After 162 games, the winemaker and the bears didn’t divide them. Even need to play a seat to determine the seats of the partition championship, with the Wonderful performance of Orlando – Asia and the six-year rescue, the winemaker defeated the bear in the farm I won the National Union Central Championship in seven years. One drum-girled they sweeping outside the Karaoke team in the National United Kingdom. However, it was unfortunately in the National World Championships, in the face of experience in experience, a rich Los Angeles Dodge, a winemaker, but finally regretted.Alex Claudo Safe Season Add to Wine SceneryRestay period Important transfer and transferTurning: Gio-Gonzalez, Wade Meri, Tiys – Grandon, Qiaojin – Soria, Jordan – Lolls, Jonathan – Sku, Dan – Jennings, Domingo – Santana, Kiro – BrockstonTransfer: Alex Claudio, Ben – Gamel, Cori – Spanheberg, Asman GraniroTop new showKiston, Cori-Ray, Bryce – Turan, Zach – Brown, Jacob – NottinghamStar playerIn the first season of the Springs, Christian, Jereg, has an aerated answer, .326 / .402 / .598 combat 3D and 36-style horn, 110 tablets and 22 The success of the second piracy also made him win the honor of the most valuable players in the country, and we naturally do not have to list more data to prove his success. At the age of 27, in the new season, he will continue to pick up the banner of the wineman team, trying to make this team to further further in the playoffs.The last season is a season for the rescue pitcher’s scenery. In addition to the opening of the pitcher is the rise of fake first, Josh-Black Germany has solved the closing of more than three players or rescue appearance and the fans. I am bright in front of you. 46.7% of the Senui ratio made him a rescue pitcher who won 143 Senuetic Amazing data in the 81.1. 2.43 The self-sharing rate, 0.81 per game is rampted, 6 wins, 12 rescue success, 22 relay successfully reflected in all cases, can be successful in various situations. But due to Jeremy Jeffreis and Corre-Knebell, Due to the injury, the function of Haid in the season may only be limited to the team in the ninth party in the ninth party.The other snippet of the winemaker last season has also harvested a good return. Lorenzo-Kane is in his second winemaker experience a good start, whether it is an offensive or defensive end? He has done a continuous stability of the season, which is why Kane last season’s victory contribution is 6.9, ranked second in all wild hands in the country, only the reason for Jelic (7.6). In this season, we can expect him to continue to hit the hits exceed. 300, the hit hitter is double and the pirate has reached 30 times.For this team that has no real truly fighter, Jorris Xie Xin is the closest to this duty. The last season and the winemaker signed a two-year one thousand and five million contracts, he proved that he had such a price. First, 35 games, the 192.2 bureau, 15 wins and 8 have 3.50 self-blame rate, the opponent’s hits the hits in the opponent are only .220, ranked seventh in all the eligible national union pitks, no year not He is only hitting 18 strokes in the influence of injuries. In the case where the winemaker did not make up in the first pitcher position, Xie Xin will continue to serve as a winemaker’s number one.Team outlookUnder the thousands of contenders, the wineman still does not reinstall their first round value, although there is a characteristic of the pitcher like Freddy-Pellata and Corbin-Barnes, it is worth people Looking forward to, but such a whole is indeed like a round value of a seasons, even the battle teams should have, not to mention the lack of left-vocal first, in the winemaker is more than two years. Jeremy Jeffris and Corre – Knebell were absent from injury to the team’s cowshed strength sharply, and there was no stress in the case before the Kraig-Gold Breil was signed. Josh-Blackde one person.In terms of strike, the team sent away more extra Domingo in the bloated list – Santana and Kiro Broxon, and reinforced the alliance top captoring hands on Ansmani-Grano and the foreign country – Gamel, it can be seen that the team’s focus is still mainly working. The strength of the Sino-Sino-Sino-Diva Zhongzhong District is not obvious. This partition will become more modified. The goal wants to make a further winemaker in the playoffs, if you want to stand out from it, it is destined to rely on a number of stars. The player can maintain a stable play on the offensive end.Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆WARS 评 评: ★★★Expected record: 80 to 90 wins, partition insurance two disputesPreview first1 Sino-foreign wilder: Lorenzo-Kane2 Right Wilder: Christian – Yalege3 left outer wilder: Len-Braun4th base: Travis – Xiao5th base: Hu Hess – Agah6 Catcher: Asmar – Graniro7 second base: Mike Musakas8 guerracom: Orlando – AssiaTeam estimates to open seasonFirst Pointer: Joris – Shelin, Zach – Davis, Brandon – Woodrf, Freddy – Peralta, Corbin – BarnesTerminator: Josh-BlackRescue Pitcher: Chaus Anderson, Junnor – Gla, Jack – Petrics, Alex – Wilson, Taylor – Williams, Matt – Alberes, Alex – Claudio, Ya BarnesCatcher: ASman – Gran Doline, Manny PictureWilder: Hess – Agarah, Mike – Musticas, Orlando – Assia, Travis – Shaw, Eric – Tams, Ernan – PerezOutfielder: Len – Braun, Lorenzo – Kane, Christian – Yaleqi, Ben – Gamel

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