The mineral water on the NBA giant hand, see the photo big hand size exaggerated! Aoyi to drink water, such as drinking oral liquid

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How to prove that a person is very big? Look at him, you can do a few bottles of mineral water! As we all know, NBA players are generally high, so most players have a big hand, especially those in NBA, and the size of the palms make people dare to imagine. Today, we will use pictures. How big is these giant’s palms and mineral water bottles.

How big is the palm of Lenard, I want to know that NBA’s friends naturally understand, after all, I can design my personal logo into a big hand, you know how his palm is exaggerated. During the previous game, there is a picture of the camera to capture Lennad to grab the picture of the two bottles of mineral water! If you can try it, you know how big it is difficult.

I have also went to the way to play the game, some people caught the instant of the two bottles of mineral water with three fingers, and looked else. Some people have tried this operation that can be reissued. Naturally, it’s a defeat, you can try it, can you really clip two bottles of water?

No matter what others try, O’Neill will challenge everyone. In the show, O’Neill saw that Lennad took 2 bottles of water, he would try to see a few bottles of water. As a result, people were shocked, O’Neill can take 4 bottles of water! Although it is obviously a bit of hard, but one hand can hold four bottles of water, this palm is also no.

Of course, what is going to say that O’Neill is, which is doubtful when challenging the world’s most hot potato chips, and puts the mineral water into an oral liquid. In the picture, O’Neill took five fingers to pinch the mineral water bottle, and it looked like a drinking liquid, and he had to sigh. O’Neill’s hands and big heads are really big!

Of course, the first giant of the actual work, the Bandan of the height of 2 meters 24 is naturally not more, during the 19-year men’s basketball team’s rest, there is a picture of the blog of Boan, we can find that a bottle of normal packaging Bai-year-old mountain, like almost almost almost oral liquids in the hands of Boban, and teammates next to this scene are also unwilling.

Also in the 19-year World Cup, Yao Chairman, who is sitting on the court, also being taken from the water, we can also find a bottle of 600 ml of mineral water, in Yao Ming’s hand is like a mini, with your fingers It will be lightly pinched and looked at it.

And the photographer took Yao Ming’s picture of the bottle of Jiaojiao, and we can’t find it. A ordinary bottle of Jia Ze, in the hands of Yao Ming, is as small as the baby’s bottle with the baby, you know NBA The giants are more exaggerated. (Ikuet)