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Yesterday afternoon, the T98 oasis football base was hot, and 2021 36th “Harbor-Safety” Cup New People’s Evening News Summer Middle School Student Football Finals decided here. The child cheered on the court is a lucky person in the city’s more than 10,000 participating students, and the venue, their parents and teachers are also immersed in the happiness brought by football. After “double reduction”, this brand event with a few generations of young people in Shanghai can play a greater role in educating morality and comprehensive development? Listen to their voice.

The picture said: 2021 New People’s Evening News Summer Middle School Football Competition ended yesterday

Parents: children absorb positive energy

Chen Yangyuan, the second team of the ECO, got the Jubi Award, and the rehearsal awards, his father stood behind, and he did not leave the son at all. Chen Dad is in Hubei, saying that his son is now playing football. He first is envious. “How many opportunities I am a child?” But the child can kick the ball, “he specially supports,” The first is good, the cold, the fever, we have nothing to do More important is that the will offered is strong, and it is not something wrong with difficulties. “

In the past, Chen Dad had to take a lot of time to care for children’s homework. He said: “Sometimes the work is busy for a day, and then take the child’s homework, I have an effort.” After the “double reduction”, he strongly felt the changes in children to learn life. “Now I am late, there is a teacher’s guidance in the school children, and the 70% of the homework is done, and it will be relaxed at home. No longer ‘Chicken Flying dog jump’.”

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The figure said: the football teenager in the game, the new People’s Eve reporter Zhang Long photo

Yesterday’s finals, Chen Yanyuan’s father and mother, younger brother, there is a little, a family is coming to refuel for him. He is also particularly struggling, leading the text to the second team to pass the crown of the first China group. Looking at the source and teammates embracing together, Chen Dad is particularlving,: “Playing the ball, let them have a window, know how to communicate in the etiquette society; a small partner of the like, there Chelsea Jersey is also a channel of communication, this way Children grow healthy. “

Teacher: Playing two hands

The student group of this evening newspaper and Wen Si Middle School had a three teams, a team of children in sixth grades, slightly small age, Big brother who was eight, the second team and the Third team, were in the first and middle-age group finals. The skills in the competition and the precise shot are frequently staged. The high school group team at home is also attracted, it is very investment, to the wonderful place, and some people suggest: “I can find them later (Wen Jing team) Kick a Football Shirts Wholesale game? “

The picture said: Yesterday’s contestants took a group photo

In recent years, Wen Si Middle School is a general winner of the Evening News Cup, which is benefited from the vigorous investment in the school’s popular football project. The school team accepts training every Machi, never affects other subject learning. Teacher Xu Jun, who was a school team coach, said: “In Wen, will play the ball, play Manchester United Jersey the students, and the learning is not bad.” The school organizes football summer camps every year, recruiting the team members of the fourth grade for free, but enrollment is not light Look at football level, also look at the cultural courses, three main classes outside the speech should reach “2A1B”, very unique to “2B1A”, and a team member decline will suspend training.

Parents found that children’s time concepts have improved significantly, and there are days of football training and competitions, they can use self-study and get out of class time to finish their homework. In recent times, Xu Jun, a number of team members, have been admitted to the city experimental demonstration high school and upgrade to the first-class university.

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The figure said: the football teenager in the game, the new People’s Eve reporter Zhang Long photo

In this regard, the Harbor Club Director, the famous coach became the same as the same person. There is a talented player in football. “

Player: Love to accompany me

Gao Ling, participated in this year’s evening newspaper, and sorry failed to advance the finals. Although the game lost, he didn’t leave, but put more time on the side of the court, observed and recorded a small partner of the same channel. He wrote “Li Junjie’s last new people” published in the Professional Sports Media “Oriental Sports Daily”, the high school students of Nanyang Middle School have yield the title of “Excellent Student Reporter” in this late report.

Figure: Gao Linghao performs violin solo

At the award ceremony yesterday afternoon, Gao Lingzhen as a representative of the outstanding student reporter, playing a small violin solo, won the applause. “I like to play, the violin has also practiced for many years, and also serves as the vice chairman of the school student meeting.” Learning is so rich and colorful, how can Gao Lingqi always put abundant energy, is there any secret? “It is to find your own interest.” Gao Lingzhao explained that his dreams became a journalist in the future, then seized the opportunity to try the experience.

This award-winning report, Gao Lingxi has been revised and not ten times. “Evening News Cup Student Camp” let him find a new perspective to observe the same age people like football. Gao Ling said that he was touched by Li Junjie. Engaged in work related to sports and continues your love.

The picture says: Gao Lingxiao shares his own feelings

Gao Ling also wants to continue his love for text. Speaking of this interview with the biggest challenge of the evening cup, Gao Ling is thinking is looking for theme. “Li Junjie performance is very prominent, the spirit is very good, I want to express, football is worth chasing a lifetime.” (Xinmin Evening News Chief reporter Jinlei)

Reporter | Give your child more choice

In the evening of the evening, I remember the first remembering remembering, the first day of the first year, the hottest time is the happiest when the children are the happiness, and some children in the five or six grades also want to mix the play game. Li Shenglong, the Harbor Club, said that it can reproduce the scenes of the attendant at the time: “Our team went to the last penalty, I also fined a ‘spoon’, and the result was on the door frame.”

Although because of the epidemic, this year’s Evening News Cup final is delayed in September, but the festival of this football never slow. Some parents are sighing with reporters, and there is no conflict between exercise and learning, and can have a happy life of learning. It is the happiness of children.

The figure said: the football teenager in the game, the new People’s Eve reporter Zhang Long photo

At the time of the Evening News Cup, the National Games came to the news, Shanghai Yang Lihao won two all-round championships under the 16-year-old group of climbing projects, and he or a junior high school in the peace bilingual school. Many people think that Yang Lihao is the future star of the rock climbing project. For Xiao Yang’s future, the Director of the National Sports General Administration, Director, Director, Director, is worth thinking: “He is still small, give your child more choices.”

This sentence of Li Guo Wei, how to cover the grassroots like a night newspaper, why is the reason why the adolescent spare sports events can always adhere to the reasons why they have continuously expanded – just to give children more choices on the growth road. Interested, once again, and finally determine how the life path will go. If more families understand that life coordinates are not scored as shafts, our children can walk into a broader world, live a real happiness life. (Jinlei)

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