The highest 10 players in NBA! Yao Ming 2 meters 26 only row 5, one person does not jump, you can touch baskets.

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NBA is a high-person country, the height of more than 2 meters is not uncommon, and it can only be called “dwarf” in 1 meter 95, but do you know who is the highest player in NBA history? Let’s take some 10 players in NBA history: Yao Ming 2 meters 26 only row 5, one person can touch the basket.

10th place: Rick-Schmite, 2 meters 24!

If you can board this list, at least 2 meters of 20 or more height, and Schmidz 2 meters 24, only in the 10th! Schmidz is working in NBA for 12 seasays. The career has spent the pedestrian team, and the average can take 14.8 points 6, .1 rebound, is a very good performance in 2 meters 20 or above, the performance is very good, career Too much injuries are troubled.

9th place: Mark Eaton, 2 meters 24!

Eaton’s player, I want to have a lot of fans who have heard it, NBA history is famous in Herch. Eaton career won the cap king 4 times, and the only season of NBA has more than 5 players in the history of the season, which is benefited from the height of his 2 meters 24 and a good bounce, in front of him, very few players dare Challenge the dunk.

8th place: Poopolk, 2 meters 26!

Bozolkin is a Russian, heights, but only playing a few games left the NBA stage, freshly recorded.

7th place: Chuck Nevit, 2 meters 26!

Nevet is also a very low player in NBA, except for height, he has little bright performance. The career has played 5 seasons, but only 55 games is an inconspicuous role player.

6th place: Xim Buler, 2 meters 26!

Brahr is the first player in Hindu, unfortunately he did not eventually won the favor of the Kings, and was given up in a few games, and then left the NBA.

5th place: Yao Ming, 2 meters 26!

The height of 2 meters has brought natural advantages, but it is also easy to be injured, plus action, slow foot, makes a lot of more than 20 meters of players career is not brilliant, and Yao Ming is 20 meters 20 or more players One of the most successful players.

Yao Ming 2 meters 26, his footsteps are good, especially the basketball technology is the existence of the inner player, which makes Yao Ming a core of the Rockets of the Rockets, but unfortunately, Yao Ming’s career is troubled, did not get Too many achievements is also a little sorry for fans.

4th place: Bradley, 2 meters 29!

Bradley is also an inconspicuous role player in NBA. Many fans can remember that he is also derived from McGrady’s surprise, and his opposition to Yao Ming when he was in Maverick, more height of 2 meters 29 Acting on a board.

3rd place: Slavko Vincen, height 2 meters 3!

Watnis is Serbian players, in 2003, was selected by Knicks, but he was half a 3-meter height, and the technology is flat. Line.

2nd place: Boer, height 2 meters 3!

There is one person in the history of NBA, and it is true that this person is Port. The Boer is 2 meters 30, which is not the most horrible. His arm has reached an amazing 2 meter 59, which allowed him to stand up and easily touch the basket.

Boer took 10 years in NBA, and the career took 2 cap kings, entered the best defensive, and the career was satisfactory.

1st: George Murlason, height 2 meters 31!

George is the first high person in NBA history. He has reached the horror of 2 meters 31, but George has no other important honor in addition to the fastest progress of the player in NBA. Because of the injury hidden dangers brought by height, George has been hurt by injury, and then left the NBA stage, leaving the NBA historical record.

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