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On August 3, Beijing time, the US duty wart has ended a focus war, Boston Red Sox is a guest New York challenged the team. The first game of the two teams hit a home run, and it seems that this game will become a fight against a fight, but the two sides of the game have not scored again. Yangji finally at home 4-2 Like the red socks, Pullhead in this series.

The reddock team after the transfer of the ball has encountered five losses, and the playoffs gradually gradually.

Data highlight

Yangji first pitcher Parxon Sixth game was only knocked two security, including a two-point gun, lost such two points, and also sent 6 three vibrations. In terms of hitting, Yangji’s game only hits 5 security, and Le Mei took a person to hit two, Torres 3 played 1 to play a full of fullness.

Red socks first pitched Rodriguez 6.2, was knocked on 5 security, lost 4 points, although it sent 8 three-vibration, but there were 6 guarantees. In terms of strike, their game was only hit by Martinens, Benneuti and Wawzkz, where Martin Nense was hit.

Game process

Parxon came up to San Zhen Bates and Drens, but there was an accident after the two games. He first passed Bugagz, then he was hit by JD-Martinens, Yangji Just 0-2 backward.

However, the Yangji didn’t have behind. After Le Mei Hou’an hit the base, Jia Qi and Enkaisi were also selected in succession, and the Yangji did not take place and took accountant. The first time the first time as a designated blow. Hicks appeared, but he could only hit the inner flipball, but the next to Torres did not leave the feelings. He hit the home run, this full of guns were the 21st bombings of his season. Yangji also 4-2 in one fell swoop.

The two first pitcher immediately stabilized the situation, and the two games sent 5 vibrations in the two games. Rodriggs was two branches to catch 4 out of the number.

In the third bureau, Jiaqi and Enkaisi were in place through an play and boosted, and there was no one out, but Rodriggs could clean and neatly solve the next three players. Two three vibrations were sent.

The two first games on the first game, the next game is still good, Parxon is returned to the sixth game, and Rodrigue is voting the seventh game and also caught two out.

Entering the deadlift of cowshed pitcher, Yangji will not fear red socks, three cow shed pitcher three games are only knocked on a place, the Terminator Chapman Nine, the next half, the reception of the season 28 Rescue. Yangji finally gods 4-2 Lower Silver Socks, first draws in this series, and the reddock team after the transfer is five losses, and the playoffs gradually gradually.

Both sides

New York Yangji

First stick two based hand DJ-Le Mei

The second stick right wilder Alon – Jiaqi

Third stick, Edwen-Enkani

Fourth rod designated blow Alon Hicks

Fifth rod guercher Grayber Torres

Sixth sticks, three bases, Gio Urra

Seventh stick left outer wilder card Melon – Mei Ping

Eighth stick arrested Ostdom – Romant

Ninth Bar Sinowen Wilder Brett Gardner

First pitcher James – Parxton

Boston Red Socks

First stick right wilder Muqi-Bates

Second Bar Tablet Raphael Dels

Third stick guerrillas praise – Bogotz

Fourth rod designated blow JD-Martinens

The fifth rod left outer wilder Andrew –
Bene Tau

Sixth stick, Sam-Tel Avis

The seventh stick Barn Michael Chavez

Eighth Bar Catcher Cristian – Watzkz

Ninth stick Chinese and foreign wilder small Jieky – Bradley

First, Pitcher Edward – Rodrigs

Next look

The two teams will continue to be in the Yangji Stadium tomorrow, and the red socks will send their ace Zuo Kris Sel. The last time in Serbs is the game on the battleform last weekend. At the time, he 5.1 bureau’s pointer lost 6 points. This time it was changed to New York, but this season Sel is in Yangji. The ball’s pitching achievements are more unsatisfactory, and the record is 0 wins and 2 lost, and the self-sharing rate is as high as 6.55.

Yangji will send them the best pitcher Domango – Herman to play this season, and his last year is also a red sock team. At that time, his 5.1 bureau lost https://www.fanbutikk.com3 points, and sent a season season. Up to 9 tristers.

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