The fiery August followed the commencement with the arrival of September, and the situation in the playoffs this month will gradually be clear. Several joyful, some teams rely on several players’ ultrasound, and they only turn down their destiny, and some teams will fall down because of the main injury or can’t find the state. In the end, there have been players in the hot summer day, what is the best performance as the weather?- Best bearerUS Alliance: Alex Bregman, Tablet / Guardian, Houston Space ManAfter the injury of Carlos Correa, Bregman, who was born in the University Times guerrilla, decided to pick up the task of the guerrilla area. Under the case of defensive burden, Breggman did not affect his hit output, and the 0.404 hit rate, 0.484 oscillatration rate, 0.747 long.At present, Bregman continues to maintain its own reasons, helping Houston Space people continue to lead records in the US Union West, and can compete with other high-rise competitions in the entire fame.National Union: Aristides Aquino, Outfield, CincinnatiThe topic of the United States, the US duty wandering, can be said to be around the man. He is only

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25 years old. Just on the big alliance, it will be ruminated, and the two-year-old broke the record. For example, the top ten bombards before the birth of a career, and the first 15 strokes and so on.

The owner’s weird owner was only played in the big profore last year, but he got the second opportunity to prove himself. This time, he didn’t let go again. Whole August, Aquino has played a 0.320 hit rate, 0.391 oscillation rate and 0.767 long winning rate, and the 33 points of the single monthly accounting alliance, and the stronger of the strongest homestands of the squad.

– Best pitcher

US League: Mike Clevinger, Right Pitcher, Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians can catch up with the record in the second half, and the springs of the pitcher can’t. Clevanjie, which was returned, was excellent this month. The 28-year-old hair pitcher won the 5 wins and 0 losses in six first hair, and only 1.96 self-blame rate and 36.2 bureau pool The ratio of the three-zizabaidity of 51 to 11 is the prove that Klevin is excellent in this month.

After two months of the top of the top, Klevinjie from Florida has become one of the most press-of-the-counter pitches in the US League in this season. The total record is ten wins and two negatives. Since July 3, I have already taken the nine consecutive victories. During the period, 92 times of Zhenzhen have only been 16 times.

National Union: Jack Flaherty, right pitcher, holy road

The honor of the best pitcher in his career, Fleiei, the 23-year-old young pitcher proves why he can become a heavy transaction in the seasons – 红 红 付 年 年 投 年Change the Arizona Rattlesnake Catch Star Paul Goldschmidt– a pillar in an empty wheel value.

In August, all the first-year-old pitcher, Fleti maintained 0.71 self-blade is the lowest in two alliances, 4 wins and 1 negative records plus only let the other side to hand over the terrible 0.145 hit rate, 0.215 The rating rate is 0.229 long, the honor of this single month, the honor of the single month can be said to be well deserved.

It is worth mentioning that in the star game, Fletri’s self-blade is only 0.98, and it is said that it is two people in the last half of the 4.64.

– Best New Show

US Alliance: Yordan Alvarez, Women’s Hand / Designated Battles, Houston Space

Um? This name seems a little familiar? Yes, he, Alvarez, come again! After the best rookie of the US League in July, Alvarez in August still did not slow down, and once again took this honor with the ball in his hand.

The field / designated blows in the third month of his career continued to hand over the terrible 0.309 hits, 0.425 oscillators and 0.670 long winning rate, single month hit 9 strokes, also sweeping into 22 points, continue Popularly in the Whendon Spaceman Walp.

Basically, these three months of super-horizontal output have made Alvarez to make an appointment in advance of the United States alliance’s best rookie in one of the final candidates.

National Union: Aristides Aquino, Outfield, Cincinnati

Wait, is this name before? Take it up, you can see the same name – Aquino’s capacity of this month is too exaggerated, but he not only won the best new show in one month, but also pressed the Alliance Other players to win the single month. Good player.

Aquino’s violent gunfire makes people sometimes even forget that this is also the first large-League season of Aquino. One month 14 has been rewritten has rewritten the country’s alliance any rookie in a single month. There is a strong three-way attack on the striking performance of the home hit (on August 10, when the Chicago Bear, the tenth game in his career).

How long can this fire feel? Can Aquino turn other rookie in the national alliance year’s best rookie competitive status? Let us wait and see in the last month of the season!