The face does not have a mentality and collapse! Antonio Brown’s wrath sprayed senior trial is a monkey

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Antonio-Brown’s super superstar is a big play in the 2019 NFL alliance. From the Auckland raid to the new England Patriots, Antonio-Brown’s body is interpreted to people. But the same, Antonio-Brown also has been punished because of the past faults.

Due to suspected sex and many improper field behavior, Antonio-Brown is currently under investigation of the NFL Alliance on violations of players’ personal code of conduct. When this outer join can return to the game, this is unmanned. But in fact, after September 9, 2019, after the new England patriot, Antonio Brown actually has been favored by the new team. As early as in the last week, Antonio-Brown went to New Orleans to accept the Saint John, but unfortunately, Brown seems to have a chance again.

US local time Monday night, Antonio Brown released a video in a personal social media. In the video, the old super superstar points his spear to the team. Brown believes that the Saint New Orleans invited to come to the trial to “propaganda’s heads”, the saints only want to use him to create a moment, in fact, there is no respected and want to sign the contract.

“My heart is calm, I hate not to be respectful. Everyone has the final deadline, but I think NFL will not let me go. So I am very grateful to New Orleans Saints and their head coach Sean – Pedon invites me to trial, but I think I am just a kind of propaganda, helping them pay attention, Pedon coach understands these feelings. “

“I think the truth, I will not find an excuse. I will continue to fight, becomes different people, because I understand, I am a distinctive person.” In Antonio – Brown on the fitness equipment Exercise, say these words.

Antonio – Brown This idea did not have much deviation. Because As early as September 2019, NFL has released a statement that as a free player, Antonio-Brown will not be included in the NFL president’s exemption list, but will be suspended in the unlimited stop, but If Brown has joined a new team, and the relevant investigation of NFL confirmed Brown’s crimes, then the external takeover will be related to relevant punishments.

So in this point, New Orleans will never take such risks to sign an inferior Antonio-Brown. However, Brown still recorded this video in the absence of a favorite, which is unsincen, which undoubtedly destroyed all the contacts and Saints.

This season, Antonio-Brown’s social media can be wonderful than NFL’s game, which has published countless bad words attack NFL alliances, various teams and multiple players. Recently, Brown has already attacked the name of the front steel person Zhu Zhu – Schuster – Smith and the former raid teammate Delhi Carl.

On the other hand, the Saints, New Orleans, said that the trial Brown did not know, the team hopes to supplement an external connections suitable for the team as a person’s reserve, so they need enough inspections from many people. Saint-week, a total of six cameras, Antonio – Brown is only one of them, and the final saints signed the external hand of the former Baltimore Crows. For this matter, the head of the Saint Team Sean Pelton is explained in this way.

“We are preparing, this is the first time and Brown training, obviously Brown’s career makes us have a lot of attention, but now, we only want to understand the trial players, and look at their current How is the competitive state. In the past few years, we will choose some players from the draft, and some free players will be signed. Some people adapt to our system, some people are lost on the road. We value these processes, this for the team It is critical. “Pedon coach said.

It is worth mentioning that when Antonio-Brown went to the Saint Trial, he also took his team, and even someone recorded the Brown training process and uploaded the video to social media. It seems that Brown very much hopes to create a “net red brand”, but maybe it is because of this, the saints will be free to come to Brown.

At present, Brown is accepting NFL’s personal behavioral guidelines. He is prosecuted by his female fitness coaches, and another female artist also accused Brown has passed the same time in 2017. In 2019, Brown was equally effective in Pittsburgh steel man, Auckland raid, and the three teams of the new England Patriot, but a total of the patriots played a game. Since then, due to the tragic patriot, it is laid offers. I have not found a job.