The chime will be submitted to the material to deny the child abuse.

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A recording last week, seems to take over the Kansas City chief, TARK Hill’s child has been equipped with a mountain. This week, Hill’s lawyer submitted an email that seated up to four sheets of paper to NFL, one of which has been obtained by ESPN. Hill with the cliff denied all the allegations of his face, the so-called eyes is true, and the so-called “catching thieves”, a recording does not explain what, those accuses are unmarried bits.

Although the police in March began to investigate Hill’s child abuse case, Hill has been silent, just after the recording exposure, Hill was bought indefinitely in the chief, and the lawyer Tre Petuli can’t help it. Nfl wrote a letter. Petelon not only claims that Hill has never abused his son and pushed all the guilty to the fiancee Christol – Espina. Petron pointed out that the police investigated that after nearly six weeks, did not find any evidence that Hill hurt his son.

In the recording, the son of the fiancee Espina didn’t stop talking to their son. “It’s my father, the more you cried, the more you hit you” “He took the belt to put his son’s arm, and fist hammer your child’s chest. “Petrun responded to this” unreal “accusation, he said Hill just want to tell the child” checkered, don’t cry “or” We are both men, be strong. “Petrun denied Hill The arm with a leather tape: “Hill never played the child’s chest or any part, and did not use any despicable means or way to punish the child.” Petren wrote.

Petrun denied Hill’s transitional emotion caused the child’s fracture, he pointed out that the boy has been diagnosed in the hospital. His injury is unexpected, not Hillston, or even there is no sign to show this incident, Hill There are relationships. Hill also denied that Espinar’s “scared” said his son. Petron added, this is his first time I heard Espina. Recording. Hill threatens not married wife: “You are also afraid of me.” Petelone said that Hill is because of the “frustration and helplessness” of unmarried bits.


After the end of the survey of Hill, the Johnson Local Prosecutor Stephen is unfair to prosecute Hill because of insufficient evidence. However, everyone believes that everyone believes that Hill’s home is absolutely abused, and the procuratorate does not prosecute Hill, because the existing evidence cannot indicate that the crime is Hill or Espina, It seems that both people are bitten in each other and cannot be judged.

Although the Johnson County Local Prosecutor cannot decide who, Hill’s camp insisted that Espinal abused their son. This is a dialogue between Petren’s original, Hill and Espinar in the NFL letter:

“Christol, you know that I didn’t cause any bruise or harm (our son). But for some reason, I may still be sued.” Hill

“I know you didn’t. I did it, I hurt our son. It is what I did, that is, I feel sad and desperate to you, so I blame everything in the child.” Espina.

The above text is a larger number of speech that has been exploded before, which is also the biggest cause of the inspection bureau. At the same time, Hill is still banned by the axiate, and NFL completed the investigation of the case, Hill was likely to be unable to return to the team.

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