The author Master Martin is desperate to the giant selection: "We are more rotten than last year."

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The eighth season of “power game” is hot. In the third episode that has just been broadcast, the battle of Lin Dongcheng is very fierce. Several protagonists can say that they are dead. However, in the NFL draft meeting, it was carried out after the war of the original “Ice and Fire”, otherwise it may die more people. If you have been paying attention to the draft conference recently, then you will have the same point of view with the original George – Martin’s father – the giant hurry to “death”!

Martin’s father is born in New Jersey, and has always supported the local NFL team – jet and giants, often sharing their own views on the main team on their blog, this week is no exception. Although the right to travel is broadcast, the most focused episode, Martin still has a time to write his views on each team. When he saw the giants, he selected four-point guards in the sixth shot, and the old man felt his blood pressure rapidly.

“We need a young quadrant as an Elays Manning’s successor, but why do you want to use this six sign to choose Duke University’s Dauzel – Jones, Tirun Haskins is also Ah, why not choose him? I don’t know what NCAA, but from any point of view, Haskins is more than Jones, Jones throws 52 years in Duke University, Haskins in Ohio State. I threw 50 in one year, and there were few copies. I believe that Dave-Gateman must see the side of Jones, but even so, you will take a 6th sign, he is crazy, why Don’t use the 6th sign to supplement the Jones, then take the Jones in the 17th step, then take the Jones, in addition to the giant, who will choose Jones, red skin? Red leather prefer Hasjin Si, the fool knows. As far as I know, in addition to Gatman, anyone in the world is more optimistic about Haskins. “

The father of the father is quite visible, but Martin is not going to stop: “Then come and see the 17th sign got through the trading Beckham. What do they choose? Clemenson University 342 pound defensive cut off. He is very strong, although there will not be a lot of murder, but the anti-run is not bad. Is it a giant team last season’s mid-season transaction Damon Harrison very like? Harrison left, the team’s anti-run is thousands of feet, so In order to block a hole, we chose a young player. But the key to the problem is that we have sent Beckhera, it is just to make this a hole. “

Very great analysis, giant exchanged the Harrison transaction to the Detroum brother, a conditional five-round signs, and got 30 in the new show Andrew – Baker, and finally choosed the cave. Martin is right, Dickst – Lawrence is actually turning the version of Harrison. Martin is not the only person who thinks that the giant should not choose Jones in the sixth time, this is one of the most challenged choices this year. When I was traded earlier, Martin’s old man was big. However, when he talked about the current giant, the old man was almost desperate: “Others are drafts to strengthen combat power, but now in my opinion, this team is more than 2018 The giant of the year is still rotten, we won 5 games last year. “

General Manager Gateman has just said that Jones may have a three seasons for Manning, and we can only pray that Jones’s apprentices can be as a “no one” as a “no one” like Elia-Stark. Then the king returned to the night king, otherwise, “Lin Dongcheng” is afraid to push down to rebuild.