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“His 4 0 nor does not matter”, Houston Space Man’s guerrillas Carlos Coreya said teammates Jose – Otti, “He knows this game in the playoffs, sometimes it is a victory. The home is playing. “

Otti's home base

Otti’s home base

Otti seems to be practicing Correa, although the first battle in his World Competition only paid 5 0 performances, it was also three times, but yesterday, he played the first one of his single game 5 2, The second half of the seven games also knocked out a spring gun. It is worth noting that this is the 22nd bombard that he carefully lasts, on the playoffs, the homes played on the list, Putting Bernie Williams, only behind 29 Manni Ramires.

“At the career season, the 22 bombards for me. In this data, I have been mentioned, first in relation to Delhi-Git, then Williams”, Otti said, “For the victory of the team, I knocked out another home run, which is also the driving force for my advancement.”

Before hitting this home base, Otti has just experienced a game that may be the worst career. In the 73 game before his deadline, he only had 5 single fields, once It was the second game of the last round of red socks, and then diverted back to the first season in 2015. Although he was only. 178, but he knocked out a second base for playing yesterday, he was also played back by two sacrifices by his teammates, helping the space people to open. It has been leading.

Otti is present

Otti is present

“For me, the data is not important, the winning is king,” Otti said in an interview, “You can 20 pieces 0, but it is important to knock out a key, more important than these are important I won’t be like 5 0 days before, I just want to make the ball well, I am very happy to lead the team to win. “

In the second half of the seven games, Drew Smeli, which is relayed, and Otti will send him the first ball of him, which is the third time in the playoffs in the playoffs. Forging, only George – Springer, Duke – Snide, Beibi Russ, Lu-Grick, Mickey – Mantel and Regji – Jackson is more than him, except for the active service Springer is a famous Hall of Fame.

The spaceman who owns Otti is a more happier, and Otti’s current season (88), the score (66 points) and the home run (22) are the history of the team. And Red Sox of the United United Kingdom Championship, he knocked out the 20th bombard for your personal career playoffs, and he became the fastest playoffs in MLB.

Otti celebrates the home base

Otti celebrates the home base

If the spaceman wants to raise the champion, then Otivi will definitely take the lead model role. Just as Yesterday’s first pitcher Jose – Uldi Di said that Otti has set a good example to teammates, he has a strong leadership, and a lot of energy is delivered to your teammates.

When Otui enjoys the prostitute of the fans outside the mate, the team’s coach, the team’s coach Dins Baker reached two fingers, reminding him to rank in history.

Otti and Baker

Otti and Baker

“He is reminding you”, Otti said, “Baker gave me a lot of confidence, as a coach of the team, he always stood in me, giving me”. “