Texas Tour Cavalry is a good night 11-4 stick to play Los Angeles angel

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On April 5th, Beijing time, the 2019 season MLB American Professional Baseball Union Competition continued. Los Angeles Angel ushered in his home opening ceremony, in order to fight the opponent’s Dezhou tourist. However, the angel is playing is not excellent enough, leaving 25 restrictions on the attack, and there are various invisible mistakes, and the finals will lose the game with 4-11.

Rouverse, right foreign country hand, autumn and credit today performance

Rouverse, right foreign country hand, autumn and credit today performance

The angel team opened the 7th game of the opening season, which was the worst team of the entire big alliance.

[Data Highlight]

The swordsman first sent a pitcher Enson-Walquaz mainly 3.2 bureau was hitting 4 security to throw 2 points and sent 3 three-vibration, the self-sharing rate is 7.04. WORKARE Erpton hits 15 security, and the autumn trip will play the 1500th promotion of the big profit, and there are 3 points. Gallo continued to have a long fire output, a 3-point gun earned 3 points, Guzman also had a 2-point gun. Andrews 3 Anchick 2 points; Angel first pitcher Matt-Harvey main investment 4.0 The bureau was hit 10 security to throw away 8 points, sent 5 three vibrations, and the self-blame rate rose to 9.00. In terms of work, the whole team only has 8 kinds of security, and Truite is still very good. 2 Anti-play includes a spring gun, helpless teammates do not give only sporadic, and wasts a lot of opportunities.

[Competition process]

Dark Knight Matt - Harvey Performance

Dark Knight Matt – Harvey Performance

In the middle of https://www.mlbtrojerse.com the 1st game, the tournament was mainly anti-guest, giving the leader angel’s head. The angel first pitched Matt – Harvey’s ball is unstable, and the first player will shoot the tentarelet ball. After arrogant, Andrew was replenished with one base. The round to the center of the ride, the strongest Gallo hit, the only family of the Big Alliance is not polite than a man who is playing more than one barrier, facing the first ball in Harvey. As far as the rod, this elevation angle has 33 degrees of balls still flying 411 feet, flying directly through the homes. This three-sided cannon makes the team’s leading 3-0. After Kabrera was held, Gazman also played a home run. 1 The first half of the cavalry hit 9 people, 5-0 leaders.

1 second half, the angel first stick be played in 1 good 3 bad time, will change the ratio of 1-5. https://www.maillotspascherfr.com Subsequently, a few players leaned against 2 times, he was able to attack 2 times. Unfortunately, Rastera hit the inner field to roll the earth, and the angel was only chased by 1 point.

In the upper half of the 2 game, the autumn and tripy guarded the 1500th promotion of the big profit.

In the middle of the 3 game, Gutzman played the second base of the first base, and the Fuzimon took a homework, Gutzman was under the command of the main guidance coach, but the angel Chinese and foreign wilder Rutt The pass is quite accurate, blocking the Gutzman before the home base, and the Fuzi specially spread to the second base. Fortunately, I will make up a second base to beat, and easily send back to Fu Spencer. It is 6-1. After De Hillz was smashed in the palm of his hand, the high flying ball of the autumn is killed in the warning https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com area.

Turkite hits a Yangchun home base in the second half of the 3rd game

Turkite hits a Yangchun home base in the second half of the 3rd game

The second half of the 3rd game, Turuite arrested a favorite low-angle ball with the ball stabbed the homes, this Yangchun cannon help the angel chasing the score to 2-6.

In the middle of the 5 games, the tournament continued three times of players to capture the base. Angel must not have to change the first hair. Although Brad, Brad continued to make a flying ball for the game, the flying ball was not far away. However, the 2nd-year-old Dika-guided Dezhou is open in the left, and the angel left foreign country hand is improper. After the ball rolls into the body, the ride will take the 3 runners to go back to the home score, visit the cavalry 9- 2 Expand the leading advantage.

The second half of the 6th game, Lastera is selected, and Lukroje https://www.fanstore2.com
has been scored by the three vibrations. The next Gudu is far-reaching, Rastera rushed back to the home base score, Gude Temperature Go to the third base. However, Kazak’s high-speed ball is not enough to retrieve the three bases. Although the angels have been selected from 2 guarantees, Ball does not grasp the opportunity, and the earth is not threatened, leaving again. The residue of the base. The angel of this game is only recovering and continues to fall behind by 3-9.

In the middle of the 8 games, the angel team sent a post-aid Pitted Pitio Xi’an. As a result, he got two players to go to the ride, and set up a train. Subsequently, Andrews’ base is playing back to 2 teammates, and the rider score came to the double digits, 11-3.

Although it is tapped back, the tourist is still successfully defeated the leading advantage.

Although it is tapped back, the tourist is still successfully defeated the leading advantage.

The second half of the 9 bureaus, the angel relied on the opponent to attack the two or three bases. Puhles returned to a point, but it didn’t make up, and the final angel took 4-11 and opened to the iron board at home.

[Two sides starting]

Texas Ranger: The first stick right outside the autumn, the second rod, Lu Geneth, Odor, the third rod designated to fight Elvis – Andrews, the fourth stick left outer wilder Joji – Gallo, the fifth base 3rd base, Athdruba-Kabrera, the sixth stick, Ronald-Gusman, the seventh stick, Luogen-Fost, eighth battles Aisia – Kanna – Farefa, the ninth stick Chinese and foreign wild hand Delino-De Hillz

Los Angeles Angel: First Bar Right Outfielder Corr – Carlorn, Second Bar Sinofield Mike – Truite – Simmons, the fifth rod designated Combined Albert – Puhols, the sixth base two bases, Tommy-Lastera, the seventh stick, Jonanon-Lukroj, eighth stick left field Ryan Gudwin, the ninth stick, Tzak, Kazak

[Next prospect]

The two teams will launch the second battle of the series tomorrow, and the cavalry is expected to pay upstairs. Lin En first.