Tang Si wears slippers to play football, Vilins smiles without the mouth! Warriors will be integrated into it

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Recently, the Wolf Team organized an in-team training, and its content was mainly trained around rugby and moving tires. But Dows played a funny role on the field, and he wore slippers to win the ball for teammates.

The Warriors abandoned Jordan-Bell, which was obviously incorporated into it, laughing very happy, looking forward to the new season he can play a role in the forest wolf.

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Take a look at the training tools of NBA players, this is called tires! I have to sigh, the power gap between the Chinese and foreign players is really large. However, these ordinary NBA players are very gap in front of James.

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From the caliber, James moved the tires than the forest wolves. In this picture, James runs with a tire, it can be seen that there is more horrible!

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Throughout the forest wolf, although there is no achievement, people send the outer number “杞 brothers”, because the two people do not sell, only when they go to work. But I want to say that everyone pursues, Vilins and Tangs are like a pair of pistaches, and they are always happy laughter, they are holding the league. “Happy Basketball”.

Guidance: I heard that the forest wolf is doing what rugby training? How can I be less? Brothers plus a group, not how to fight!

Leading: I heard that the rockets do these goods doing boxing training? I also come to learn, it seems that Lillad is really good, live to learn old.

There is only one month left in the NBA new season, and all teams, players also started training. This year’s break is too big, people can’t wait to see their idols put on the new team’s jersey What will it be? Speaking here, the more you are hunger, and we can do only the arrival of the new season.

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