Sweeping football SMG recommendation, data analysis, list reference "forecast score, total goal"

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001: Bai Sun God VS Osaka Cherry Blossom

Bai Sun God’s current accumulation of 37 pizchi, 7 points Cheap Soccer Jersey higher than the downgrade area, the team off-attack is not good, the defensive end is not stable, the recent state is not ideal. Osaka Cherry Blossom This season is in the upper reaches of the league. At present, the league has been fully advanced, the attack is still, and there is a big loophole, and it is not good at operations.

Let the negative; 1-1 / 1-2; 2/3 ball

002: Ryukyu FC VS Jinzesevan

The Ryukyu FC was defeated to the Yamaguchi Rresso. This season began to win the five consecutive achievements, once in the League standings second position, but because the team staff can’t play the ball The team has a sluggish. Jinze Sewei Round League home 2-1 won the Eyuan FC, stopped the 4 rounds of the league, the offensive ability enhanced a lot, the advancement of the foreground is relatively optimistic, the team’s offense capacity is still But defensive performance is general.

Double flat; 1-1 / 2-1; 2/3 ball

003: Jiangyuan FC VS Incheon

Jiangyuan FC is a Korean K-mid-tour team. This season is more difficult for players. The situation is difficult to survey. The situation is temporarily in the relegation group. The current leader is the light of the light of the bottom of the light. The recent league is 4 rounds. There are 6 consecutive games. . Incheonli has not been leaded in 10 consecutive games, the team is quite slow in half. Incheon is Han K weak brigade, the team has been presumed all year round, and the season is stable this season. The game is 1-1 to play the city, the team is in the near future.

Let the negative; 1-1 / 1-2; 2/3 ball

006: Everton VS thermal thorn

Everton This season is not smooth and high, the team offensive is active, but the efficiency is not smooth, but there is no evolution of the Euwar and other events, and the physical strength is still clearly dominant. The pnery is the same instability.

Let’s win; 1-1 / 2-1; 2/3 ball

007: Leeds Union vs Lecest

Leeds is not very good, main reason is that there are too many times, and there are 9 games in 10 games, but the forward fails to enter more balls, causing failed. Leicester City is also relatively general, last weekend 0-2 home is not enemy Arsenal, Zhou Zhongtu Union Cup 1-1 Dample Moscows Bada, can be said that the housing leaks live in the night rain, the current needs to stop, forward Waldi is currently in the Premier League to enter seven goals, the temporary shooter list, and it is very good.

Let the negative; 1-1 / 0-2; 2/3 ball

008: Udinese VS Sa Solo

Udinese is highly opened in this season, and the league starts even in the game, it is even more than Juventus, but the team will go all the way, and it is also a state in which the team is difficult to see, the team offensive is not good, the defensive end It is not solid. Udinese is highly opened in this season, and the league starts even in the game, it is even more than Juventus, but the team will go all the way, and it is also a state in which the team is difficult to see, the team offensive is not good, the defensive end It is not solid.

Let the negative; 1-1 / 1-2; 2/3 ball

009: Saint Etian VS Clamon

Santian is very bad, the team offensive is weak, and nearly a few outputs will also be taled, and the anti-terminal performance is not stable. Although the two rounds of the league are unbearable, it is still difficult to seek status. Kleben as a lifting horse to the armic, although it was surprising to win two consecutive winning, but then the status was low, the team offline output was equally good, and the defense end was also very vulnerability.

Let the negative; 1-1 / 1-2; 2/3 ball

010: Loron VS Brest

The Loron is also happy in this season, although it is good to keep a good failure, but there are too many scores, the team offensive is not good, one is one of the least players in the league; but the team or It is good at fighting at home. The Brestel season is even worse. The team league has only wins so far. It is only 2 points from the downgrade area. The team off-attack is equally weak, and the defense terminal is also a hole.

Wins; 2-1 / 1-0; 3/4 ball

011: Nante VS Strus

Nanzi seasons have improved, but the overall performance is also happy, the team’s recent state is also improved, and the situation in winning multiple losses, the team off-attack end output is stable, the defense line performance is still possible. Stras also improved this season, the team front line performance is still more active, but the defensive aspect is still preserved.

Let the negative; 1-1 / 1-2; 2/3 ball

015: Mosbad VS Mo Tire

The two sides have recreated 12 times, Mosbad 5 wins and 4 flat 3 lose a little more, the last league is not enemy, the train head is four years ago. It should be pointed out that Mo Train Head This season has not lost the ball in 2 wins and 5-winning this season. During this period, only 6 goals.

Let the negative; 2-2 / 1-2; 3/4 ball

018: Karma VS North Snow Pacific

Karma played in the season, currently ranked Sweden Super 7th, from the recent performance, the main scene is still quite good. Bei Xueping is a Swedish super old brand strong team, which is currently ranked first. From the recent performance, the customer warfare, the team has achieved 5 wins and 1 flat 7-negative record this season, there must be a unrelent ability. However, the team has two consequences of the team to suffer from two consecutive failures and the ball is not in, so the guest war war, the team must be stable!

Let the negative; 2-2 / 1-2; 3/4 ball

020: Osasuna VS Royal Society

Osasuna is still in this season. The recent state is stabilized, but the hard intention is still not very good, the offensive end is equal, and the efficiency of the strikes is not good. The Royal Society appeared in this season, although the first battle of the league was expected in Barcelona, ??but the overall performance was very good, it was so unbeatened, and the offensive end was still stable.

Let the negative; 1-2 / 0-2; 2/3 ball

025: AC Milan VS International Milan

The AC Milan game performance is excellent. Although the league starts to show the performance of the Champions League, the league is not unbeaten, the team offensive is fierce, and the performance of the defense is also relatively stable. Liverpool Jersey The international Milan’s recent schedule is integrated. The team’s double line operation is more stable, but the performance of the promotion is not tough enough.

Let’s win, 2-2 / 2-1; 3/4 ball

026: Betis VS Seville

Royal Betis’s recent winning battle is also a lot of scores, the team is very active this season’s offensive end, but the defense end still needs to be improved. Seville’s performance is also very stable, and the league has only only 1 loss. The team offensive is excellent. The defense end is also very solid, and the minimum team in the league.

Double flat; 1-1 / 1-2; 2/3 ball

030: Benfica VS Bradga

Benfica This season is very stable. Recently, three consecutive races go into the ball, a total of 6 goals, the offensive Mbappé Jersey status is still, the Zhou Zhong European Division is two days earlier than Braga, the competition is dominant, this round is home Waiting for labor. Braga This season, 3 wins this season, 3 wins, 2 consecutive points, two teams have traveled in this Five Four games, only 1 game, Zhou Zhongsi Union 4-2 won the Ludogorez, the last 10 The game has been 7 wins and 3 flat, and the team maintains a continuous score.

Win; 2-1 / 1-0; 2/3 ball