Super Bowl Best Time: Patriot a Cascade Blocking Hawk Super Bowl Dream

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Two gears score, backward quadruple Haiying team only one yard from Detan, 26 seconds left. After the ball opened, Raise Wilson was quickly shot quickly, and the ball was taken to the appearance of the opportunity to play the card. – Lockte. This is a designed tactic – the outer hand Jiemein Kus is attracting defensive attention in the right road, and the end of the Rockte cut back to the middle road is ready to catch the ball. However, the corner Markham-Butler saw the truth between the electro-optic flakes, grabbed the ball in the bag before Rockte! ! !

Yes, the above picture is from the diversion of the 49th super bowl, that is, it is still “a code copy” of people in Jinjin. In fact, before this shocking, the process of the game was ups and downs. The Patriot team got a seven-point lead in the second quarter, but both were flattened twice. Especially when the end of the half-foot, Robs-Gronoski completed 22 yards to catch the ball, the Haiying team actually spent 29 seconds, by Chris Matthew, a record of 11 yards. ! After the first half, the Haiying team continued his offensive momentum, with a free kick and once again overchair. But the patriots are not willing to show weakness. They cut the two remembers in the fourth quarter to be more than one, at this time, only 2 points and 02 seconds left! The Haiying offensive group of re-opening only hit a first gesture, the audience’s appetite – Wilson passed the left of Ma Shaun, Lin Qi, the latter directly advanced to the vicinity of half, the game entered the last two minutes official pause. Next, the performance of several protagonists, first, Lockete 11 yards, completed the key three-speed conversion, and then the Kus’s fairy gathers – Wilson’s long passenger passed after the defender, Sliding between the two legs of the Flip ground slide out, and finally dial in the hand! And defensive this ball is Badler, and the eyes of a beautiful pass defense becomes the number of large numbers of the other party. He is also angry and unharitable. Run 4 yards in front of a code line. Since the distance is just a code, then just let the alliance rushed again to rush again? No, the Haiying team did not choose this, followed by the scene at the beginning of this article! The Hawks and 12 people can’t believe their eyes, and the big fell in life is just the so!

After Badler completed this critical ball transformation, the patriot team had embarked on the championship, but it was not a nail-nail-their offensive group will start at the first line, in case The opposite defensive group hugs in the end area will be sent to two points and safely and kicked the ball, left to the final anti-chance of the Haiying team. However, the old patriot team will not let the victory of the hand, they succeeded in deceiving the other fouls in the five yards when they kick, so that Tom Bradi only needs to be! The final score is 28-24, the Patriot team won the fourth super bowl of the team!

Protagonal storyline

For most of the fall of the show, it is already a great success for the play of the team. But for Malcolm-Badler, his struggle has been so far. In the 2014 Election Conference, Badler was invited to participate in the rural team of the Patriot team, he brought out of the team with excerpting performance, he obtained a team of paper contracts. In the training camp and the preseason, he has successfully competed in the big list as the six corner guard. After the regular season, Badler continued to learn to grow, and there were 11 regular seasons and started 1 game, contributed 15 hugs and 4 times for the team. But truly let everyone remember the name of this fall, nature is the winning winning copy of the super bowl. Before the two gears, he was still annoyed for the magical ball of the Rus, and after the copy, he became famous, became the super bowl hero in the mouth! Badler after the red red did not stop his own steps, he continued to enhance his competitive level, sitting on the position of the team main corner. The defensive manifestation of the thriving day made Badler more recognized, he was selected in the 2015 season, and the best lineup was selected in the 2016 season, and it was ranked among the stars. Although the 2017 season is unpleasant because of the contract, he is not happy in the Patriot team, but in 2018, he transferred the Titan team signed a $ 61 million, guaranteed a total of 30 million US dollars, and finally did the fame and fortune.

Hidden Character Story Line

If there is no “one code copy”, it is possible to be the protagonist of this article is Jiemein. The Haiying team was unstable, but there was a pen of God. The previous national contest, he was 6 times in the audience, but the only one was 35 yards in the overtime. In this super bowl, most of his codes are from the 33 yards of the gods. It can not be said that if the last thing to win is the sea eagle, the status of this ball is probably not lost to the famous “helmet ball”. However, Cheng Wang defeated, the Haiying is a loss, and Kus has not become a super bowl hero. Once, Ks was played for the Haiying team for two seasons, and then traded to the jet team, which was played so far. It is impossible to do a star. I can’t do a star in this life. The top of the top 810 yards in the top 5 is 5 reachable, maintaining the main external identity.

Alliance pattern thus change

“One code copy” not only determines the ownership of the 49th super bowl, but even changed the league pattern? This is not a dramatic. If the Hawk will become a team that succeeds after the first successful defending of the 2003,2004 season, there is a taste of a small dynasty. Despite the “Boom Procedure” wage affecting the problem of team salary space, it is still not possible to underestimate a two-game necrosal team’s kinderious capabilities. After losing the super bowl, although the Hawks kept the competitiveness, three times in the past four years, but they could not return to the super bowl stage, and even the national contest did not touch. In addition, the Patriot team in the past four years in the past four years, but in the next ten years, it will be in the super bowl twice. If they lose this, I am afraid that only more confirmed that the argument-Bill-Bellikik and Tom-Brady’s patriot encountered a bottleneck, they can’t take a super bowl. But the final fact is that the patriot has held victory, and the cup is once again held in the past ten years. After the Federation of Federation of Federation of Federation of Federation of Federation of Federation of Federations, the Patriot is now in a consecutive bowl for three consecutive years. The 51-year super bowl is big, and the 52-year super bowls are losing the old eagle. What kind of plot will be made this year is also expected. All in all, a ball changed the competition to determine the results of the competition, and even have a profound impact on the fate of individuals and teams, which is probably one of the biggest charm of competitive sports.