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December 28 News (text / ESPN Kevin Seifert compile / white) in the long river of life that ten years is not temporary, for NFL players, it means that decade career is about to come to an end, like Tom – Brady, etc. veteran 10-year career also means that more than half.

For the NFL, it took another 10 years, Union ushered in the centenary year. NFL in 2010 – during the 19 years has been America’s most popular sports league, the 10-year NFL has undergone enormous changes. ESPN recently to change the league 10 years, we made a summary, with a look!

More radical tactical options

According to the data analysis showed that the former NFL team’s race strategy too conservative. Now the game is still the same play, but some coaches and teams began to choose a more aggressive tactical choice.

Most former NFL team will select fourth gear storm in the fourth quarter and converted two points, but the number is now in the first three quarters of the game, the team played strong fourth gear than a decade ago, an increase of 55%, two-point conversion attempt up 569%.

NFL coaches do not usually present in the fourth quarter behind the 8 time-only select two-point conversion takes the plunge, they are eight points behind first section 3, 11 points, 14 even sharing the same will make that choice. More storm and two points of fourth gear conversion, make the game more exciting, exciting level rise.

Relocation end of life

This decade, the league has five teams moved to a new stadium, while in 2020, there will be three teams will spend the new stadium. Much of this will make more stable NFL teams in their respective cities, moving to reduce the risk of vagrant.

More and more of the new stadium, whose construction costs are mostly public funds from the city. The billions of public increase their own, but also help the Alliance’s annual revenue more than doubled, rising from $ 8.5 billion to $ 17 billion.

Under this new trend, Chargers and Rams were given up in San Diego and St. Louis, moved to Los Angeles more profitable. Oakland Raiders also leave next year, go to Las Vegas.

Next year, the Rams and lightning can use the new stadium in Los Angeles SoFi Stadium, the Raiders will also spend Allegiant Stadium in Auckland. Now there came in addition to NFL teams want to move to London, there is no apparent threat to move again.

But there is always the team will take precautions, as former NFL executive Eric – Kelu Man in 2017 said: but now relocated “Even if you have a new house, and that the next 30 years should be prepared.” heat is over, at least stable for some time.

SWAT team big changes

Two rules changed the way of life of the SWAT team:

In 2011, the league will kick-off line from 30 yards to move 25 yards in just five yards to change the number of return man back to attack. NFL touchback ratio soared from 16.4% in 2010 to 60.9% in 2019, while he lowered back to attack wonderful degree, also the maximum to avoid the risk of attack brought back.

2018 adjusted back to attack the rules may make tee safer, but to encourage the players to give up in the league back to the attack have not done enough to select touchback, the injured players during the kick-off probability remains high.

At the same time, the Union in 2015 shooting position 1 minute additional points are set at a fixed 15-yard line, which makes it more difficult additional points, and spawned more two-point conversion attempt. Additional points of NFL 1 point shot hit rate has dropped from 99.3% in 2014 to 93.6% in 2019.

Quarterback replacement

In 2010, NFL quarterback, Tom ‘according to former quarterback rating ranked 15 – Brady, Peyton – Manning, Matt – Ryan, Drew – Brisbane, Aaron – Rogers, this – Rodrigo Bloomsbury grid, Philip – Rivers and Eli – Manning et al.

Manning retired in the 2015 season, although others we have mentioned also play, but no longer the majority of the courage. According to statistics, this year only Brisbane and Ryan able to enter the top 15 quarterback rating.

Instead MVP 2019 hot Lamar – Jackson, as well as the 2018 MVP Patrick – Macho Holmes and other hot young quarterback.

In addition the players before this year’s quarterback rating of 7, including Jackson, Macho James, Dakota – Prescott, DeShawn – and Russell Watson – Wilson is a black quarterback. And only in 2010 – Michael Vick and Josh – Freeman, suggesting that NFL more diversified.

Less working hours

2011 collective bargaining agreement for offseason training and training intensity and number of restrictions in the season were the team in the offseason requires only organization nine weeks of training, and requires the player can only participate in a three-day mini summer Training Camp.

In the offseason, the largest amount of training a player is limited to 10 times, two traditional practice one day is not allowed. In season, the team only full training 14 times. The players more freedom, and are willing to pay for their freedom.

But coaches say they do not have enough time to carry out basic training, tactics to convey, especially the greatest impact on the offensive line and quarterback. In addition the introduction of this rule did not change the trend of veteran players missed the preseason, so the next collective bargaining agreement, NFL preseason may be reduced.

University tactical inflow NFL

Blamed for the current NFL coaches are baptized in high school and college football tactics, contributing to this phenomenon is the young quarterback limited training time, so the coach had to reduce change, young people are more familiar with playing football tactics university.

Currently, the proportion of shotgun stations NFL 10 years has increased from 79% to 56%, which led directly rushing yard quarterback 36% increase, running rushing yard Size reduction of 13%, average every pass forward yardage decreased by 6%.

Passing success rate rose from 60.5% to 64%, because of running back to get the ball more opportunities (17%). Team offensive passing attack to be more than the red ball, which is the trend of the future NFL.

Everywhere player tracker

And, like other top sports leagues, NFL 10 years ago began to use GPS tracking technology to count the players in the training of health data, prevention of injury. Now, NFL players have been tailored for the exclusive football biological trace monitor.

2014, NFL games during radio frequency identification (RFID) chip implanted in each player A shoulder. 2016, and the chip is implanted into the game ball, the ball speed for monitoring, distance and other data.

The NFL teams and Next Gen Stats professional website statistics cooperation, research efforts with high-tech monitoring further data. The Herald wrote analyst for the NFL, making programs and tactical analysis provides a new direction.

A primary victory in the fight against concussions

Over the past decade, the news about NFL players and concussions ignited.

“Shock effect” movie in 2015 after a major theaters, elaborated NFL players were plagued by brain concussion, and the NFL in the last century is how hard decade of this century, 90’s and head to calm fears of brain damaged football player .

Since then, NFL players will attach great importance to the health of the brain, and starting in 2012 and published a concussion monitoring data. 2017, the Union suffered a concussion player has reached 291 cases.

Union chief medical expert hired Alan Officer – Dr. Sears begin to overcome this problem, in recent years, the Union by changing the rules of the game, force the use of safer helmets, the teams set up an independent consultant nerve trauma, as well as to strengthen the players game and training in the detection of concussions, among other measures, to reduce the risk of brain injury. NFL concussion and struggle Road resistance and long, no one knows what the future achievement, but the league has indeed act.

Wage distribution

2011 collective bargaining agreement for the NFL Players wage structure produces the following two effects

First, NFL’s youngest and most healthy work most players become tired of cheap labor, especially in the running back position. Overall, according to the Associated Press investigation earlier this year, NFL player’s career ordinary life declined.

The rookie did not let the money saved in the conventional level players get, money is mainly spent on the star player’s contract.

Second, the rookie quarterback’s becoming a contract to build a team of this team, for example, last year the Los Angeles Rams use Jared – Gough’s rookie contract to build the “Cosmos.”

The most recent example is Dakota – Prescott, he was a cowboy in the 2016 four-wheel show, played four years starting wage but was never more than $ 21 million. And this time, the position of the other starters with an average annual salary of nearly $ 20 million seniority.

Streaming open era

Dominant NFL games on TV is no need to go into details, but TV ratings over the past decade downward trend, at the same time, the rise of streaming media on the Internet more and more to make NFL spread amount.

Thus, the alliance gradually be simultaneously broadcast live with Yahoo, Twitter cooperation, even in the Amazon set up an independent commentator serve its members. Last year, television ratings rebounded sharply, while streaming upward trend was not much, but the growth is stable.

The question now is whether the NFL will find a partner confer exclusive rights on the Internet, because the NFL and television broadcast agreement will expire 2022 season, which may make produce look for exclusive NFL streaming media partner of the idea.