Summary of MLB27: Bates single three-bombing socks and winning

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On July 27, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Alliance conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: Luoki 12-2 red, Dodge 4-2 National, Warriors 9-2 Philadelphians, Ray 3-1 Blue Bird, Yangji 5-10 socks, pirate 3-6 Metropolis, Rattlesnake 2-3 Marin fish, double city 6-2 white socks, small bear 2-3 winemaker, Indians 8-3 royal, space people 3-5 rickets, tiger 2-3 sailors, Jinxi 9-3 Angel, visitors 5 -2 Sports Home, Giants 2-1 Pricars (11 bureaus).

Colorado, 12-2 Cincinnati

First, Murphy knocked out the three-point gun and took the lead in the leading competition of Luoji; then Wo To’s wild roll-up earth sent a team friend to help the red person, Fan Mitt ignored Yangchun cannon help Man is inhalation of the score. In the upper half of the four games, Blackmond knocked out a far-reaching place to return to Rocky, Darn bombarded two different guns to continue to expand the leading advantage, the top half of the nine bureaus, Rocky line maintained offensive, restless, continuous recovery score, The single joint attacked six points to take the final victory.

Los Angeles Daoqi 4-2 Washington National

At the beginning of the game, Berlin Jie’s Changan played the first to lay a fraction in the Quech; then the two sides opened a long defensive battle until the second half of the seventh place, Dora and Robrez have been able to make the base, Palase The crowded mistakes are filled with the full space package; Eaton will knock out of the landing place to send back to the teammates, and pursue the national. In the middle of the eighth game, Turner slammed a three-point gun to help the Dao. Subsequently, the national line seized the lattice and the pitcher unstable, and continuously selected to keep back and squeezed; final Taoism The last one of the games, take away the victory.

Atlanta Warriors 9-2 Philadelphia Philadelres

Warriors showed great offensive desires at first, Freman took the lead in resembling the fractal, McAn, the leading advantage, Akuna and Albes were safe; five games In the second half, Harper knocked out Changan to help Phi people returned to a point, temporarily “stop bleeding”. Subsequently after the warriors’ offensive desire is not lowered, it is hitting the base, continuously selects the push-back score, the sixth bureau is 4 points; the second half of the seven games, the semi-bureau, Seu Lila, bombard the Yangchun cannon help Philadelphians Poor, it is difficult to charge the fate of the city people. Final Warrior 9-2 Dasheng Feicheng.

Tampa Bay 3-1 Toronto Bluebird

At the beginning, the two sides launched a pitcher battle to lay a tone of this game. Meados took the lead in the third game to knock out the longan playing the rays and retraction; the second half, Garves played the second base Send it back to the blue bird. In the upper half of the five games, the blue bird pitcher encountered chaos, and the rays walked continuously, De Arnold knocked out two points, helping the light to reopeize. Since then, the two sides are stripped by the opponent, there is no good series; the final ray 3-1 defeated the blue bird.

New York Yangji 5-10 Boston Red Socks

The red socks have continued yesterday, the game is hot. At the beginning of the game, Bates and Martinnes have been kicked, and they will take the first three points for the red socks. The second half of the three games, Bates, the second bomb, once again Expanded score, Martinez also knocked out Changan to send back score; the second half of the four games, the hot Bates once again, single three bangs! Red Socks have a seven-point leading advantage.

In the upper half of the six games, Water knocked out with a point of place to returning a point; the second half of the six games, Bates and Dresses continue to resemble the score for red stockings; then Catch a score. Nine bureau battles, Yangji 5-10 is not enemy red socks; red socks’ right outer wilder Muqi – Bates this game 5 counts 4 安 打 (including 3 sports hits) mad 5 points.

Pittsburgh Pirate 3-6 New York Most

The competition was conducted in the second bureau, Morgan played an actions to be a pirate first; the second half of the three bureaus Baoyang Spring Cannon helps metropolize the difference. Adam Fraser immediately slammed the two-point gun as a pirate approach to the score; then Alonso and Ramos have opened the victory of the game, and finally, they will fight against the four homes.

Arizona Snake 2-3 Miami Madlin

In the first bureau, Walker knocked out the sacrifice of high flying playback teammates, Marin fish took the lead in achieving a leading advantage; then the snake line is connected in series, Granki and Amid have kept back the score for the team, the snake 2 -1 Anti-Maruli. In the second half of the nine bureaus, the Marin fish walked to be able to fill the package, Alpharo and Ramirez have knocked out the sacrifice of high flying play for the marlin fish back to the forefront; finally, the mare The snake.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 6-2 Chicago White Socks

In the second bureau, Baxton took the lead in tapping the score for the double city, Kaipus opened, a three-unit gun helped the double city to expand the leading advantage, Cruz continued yesterday hot feel, and knocked out with some point Anwang; Double City Walk Union attacks five points. In the third bureau, Engel slammed a two-point gun for white socks to shrink; seven games, Cruz added a spring gun, helping Double City to lock the victory.

Chicago Bear 2-3 Milwaukee

At the beginning of the game, the two sides launched a fierce defensive war. Until the sixth games, Potter stabbed a two-point gun to break the deadlock on the field, Chicago cobs took the lead in achieving lead; the second half of the seven games At the bureau, Gamel hit a Changan to fight two points, helping the winemaker’s anti-ratios. Since then, the two sides have not completed the completion, and the winemaker has a distinction with a distinction.

Cleveland Indians 8-3 Kansas Royal

The competition conducted a half of the three games, Lin Duo knocked out a three-game base to send back to the brigade to retrieve a point for the Indians, then Freman also hits the Indians; five seconds half, Dozer knock Putting up the first point for Royal. Ramirez’s six-game bombard, a three-way gun re-writes a score; then the Indians walked to play with three points; the second half of the nine bureaus, Attea and Merfield have been sent back to the Royal Retrieving fraction Score, but the ultimate is still difficult to escape the fate of the team.

Houston Space Man 3-5 St. Louis Pull

The competition was stalemate to the fourth game, Bradley opened, a two-point gun broke the deadlock to win the leading advantage for the space people; the second half of the fourth game, Kerton – Wang stepped out to fight Tits the first point; Subsequent Witz hooked out the Yangchun cannon to help the Red bird chasing the score. In the upper half of the eight games, the red scitch follower pitcher is unstable, and Bradley is selected to keep back and swear. The red scitch is superpoted. In the end, with this three-way gun, the red scitch reverse wins the space man.

Detroit Tiger 2-3 Seattle Sailor

Dickson branched a spring gun in the second game for the tiger first; Hicks followed, and then added a spring gun, and the tiger took the lead in obtaining two points. In the second half of the seven games, Murphy is bombarded, and a two-unit gun directly helped the sailor to chase the score; the level of the two parties entered the finals. In the upper half of the nine games, the tiger strike is suppressed by the sailor; the sailor finally attack, the line is safe, and Smith will knock out a teammates who have returned to the three bases in the same time in the case of the two games. Anhing helps the sailor to take the victory.

Baltimo Gold Owand 9-3 Los Angeles Angel

In the middle of the one game, Santander knocked out the sacrifice of high-speed ball for Jinyi, took the lead in the lead, entered the second bureau, Jinyu warten continued to hit the base, Nounes, a three-point gun, gold The monk attacked six points. In the second half of the fifth game, SESHER has bounced a two-point gun, helping the angel to mark the fraction reduction points. In the top half of the nine bureau, Mansini is open, and it is two points for Jinji; the second half of the nine bureaus, the angels finally attack, Opton opened, a yang spring gun is an angel retraction score. Unfortunately, the end angel is still in a 3-9 injustice of the fire.

Texas Tour Cavalry 5-2 Auckland Sports Home

Lloyro’s lower half knocks out the sacrifice of high-speed ball to send back to your teammates to help the sportswate take the lead in getting the lead, the third bureau’s lower half Kana knocked out a point of place to add a point. On the four games, the tour will strive to work, constantly hit the base, Carlhn Changan fetched back to the flat, Kabrera knocked out to send back overtest, visitors and rebellion; six games, Kabrera Knocking with a point of view with a point; then Carlornon slammed the Spring Festival. The final rider 5-2 reversed the victory home.

San Francisco Giant 2-1 San Diego Priest (11 bureaus)

In the third bureau, Sorano knocked out the longevity of Changan, who had a point of hits; five branches, Herchis, a Yangchun cannon help the priests of priests; Since then It is suppressed and has not been possible. The nine bureau battles, between 1-1 of the two sides. Entering the Extension Bureau; Sandoxal is on the eleventh Bureau, a Yangchun cannon is re-leading the leading advantage, the first half of the 11th Bureau, the giant defense line does not give the priest a chance, with a beautiful double kill over the competition; In the end, the giant 2-1 defeated the priest.