Seven years of 70 million will be appointed in New York Yangji Binding Field

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When Hick Hicks signed a seven-year extended contract in Yesterday, I thought that many Yangji fans did not feel unexpected. After all, this Chinese and foreign wilder has a team’s second high oscillation rate in the team last year, with a team of 27 strokes.

In the past two years, he has been evaluated by the Baseball Data Website Fangraphs for the top 12 high owner of the full League Victory Contribution (WAR). Don’t forget that Hicks also has a total of two strong arms in the whole league, and many times will be able to block the excessive radical runners in front of the package. Basically, any of the qualities you want to get off, Hicks is among the best in the alliance.

This paper seven years old, that is, he was originally selected by the first round of the Singapore Supreme Shuangcheng team, and many of the bright future of the league’s top rookie was set. However, he has gone better than others. Although Hicks has all the best, the scouts are also very optimistic about what he has, but he spent a lot of time to implement it. The owner of this owner in the past four years in his big league, only like a bench player. He only handed a 0.233 hit rate, 0.299 oscillation rate and a 0.346 long-winning ratio of 0.346.

It was already 26 years old, and usually in this age, the performance of the player is usually constituting – it is a big mistake or a large mistake, basically it is determined. After all, this is a Bryce Harper and Manny Machado has prepared a big year in the free market. At this point of time, most people have a forecast of Hicks career, they will be an old will be in the big, small alliance, rather than a place in the starry Yangji stripping line. The foundation of the city and got a seven-year-old star player.

Hicks is the left expert, facing the right shot rate can achieve a considerable more than 20 more than 8

Hicks is the left expert, facing the right shot rate can achieve a considerable more than 20 more than 8

When he will show his very high talent, let the team continue to keep his future confidence, just like him in spring 2013. At that time, he had a high hit rate of 0.370 in the spring training. At the same time, there were 4 winds, let the fans think “Hicks is not finally broken,” However, that season, His overall hit rate is a terrible 0.192. This makes the Startribune’s columnist Suanda’s disappointment to tell the fans “Don’t believe in the data seen in the spring training, because that is just a spring training.”

Hicks will also be punished by the Shuangcheng Hall, who is not working hard, Jauden Haier (Ron Gardenhire). “He is like playing in the big mist.” He said. One month later, Hicks gave up the bow and was offset to the small alliance to let him focus on his unilateral attack. Juden Haier told’s reporter that Hex was “no confidence” on his own waves – this is not a word you want to use when you want to describe a good job.

But this is the baseball: a thing that is very magical and unpredictable.

Hicks' defensive talence seems to be more direct than attack

Hicks’ defensive talence seems to be more direct than attack

Take a look at those players, such as the Arizona Snake Team of David Peralta. He didn’t find a position in the entire Alliance’s 30 teams, so he was refrigerated in a small alliance. After the independent alliance has been a year of water, now he is even the best player on the snake team, no one. It is better than the designated to fight Cruz than the Shuangnesota Shuangcheng team, before he is 28 years old, there has never been a single season of more than 500 suit, but this does not affect his homer in the past five years. Everyone is much more power.

Hicks’ growth has spent some time and effort. Under the suggestion of Rod Carew, he regained the blow of the left and right batches. Under the short right outer field of Yangji Stadium, Hicks is not asked to play the ball to those who should not hit, but focus on sending small white balls to the top of the top of the right country. Obviously, This strategy is successful.

Although the 7-year long is signed, it is the biggest challenge in the future of the Yangji in the master.

Although the 7-year long is signed, it is the biggest challenge in the future of the Yangji in the master.

Perhaps this 27 strokes, this is almost twice as high as the highest home run in the past, just the beginning. If you say, Yang Bi team only knows one thing, then this thing is to play the homework. Last year, the whole team refreshed the number of homes in the alliance, and this great record certainly can’t only “monster men” Stanton and “Judge” Jiaqi (Aaron Judge). Contribution, but also the people of other Yang Biece’s team members.

This is, we, fans, writers, thinkers, forecasting these people in the future, predicts, I feel that we understand the baseball. However, in addition to the prediction system, computer operation simulation and a network full of different predictions, we can’t. Life is like a baseball, can’t be argued in you only in 20 years old – the road is still very long, there will be a lot of surprises.