September 9 (Text / ESPN Compile / Aibao) San Diego priest can be said to be one of the most surprising teams this season. At present, they have achieved 26 wins and 17 losses, and only the country is only the second second. Bit. However, in their high songs, the ambitious preparation of the future playoffs, the injury is not until. An important member of the team string, the star, the first base, Eric Hosmer, in the game on Tuesday, the first pretended to the family, the first pretended to find the left hand finger fracture.Eric Hosmer suffers from left handicate finger fracturesThe latest news said that the priest has put Hosmer in the 10th injury list, the owner of the owner, Abbracham – Almont dismmon his players. The head coach Jess-Tipplere said that the Josmer may absent the 2-6 weeks of competition.”We understand Horsom, he is a hard man, we know that his

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endurance is exceeded; if you are good, he will heal quickly, and he will affect his return progress.” Tipcha said, “If we can do enough good enough, I am very confident to put the propulsion in his body.”

However, Hosmer’s lack does not mean that the priest is insufficient. In several games in Jijssimer, the team’s new Show Jack – Croenworth is very good to complete the hard work. . And before the last week’s transaction, the priest also passed a series of operations, and the transaction arrived in the predecessor of red socks. Based on the red socks. After the first two good balls in the Hosmer, it was Moranide instead. He completed the game. In the subsequent game, Horsom was in the seating area, and the injured finger had set a fixed splint.

“Hosmer can’t play it for us.” Timplere said, “But with this, there will be some people in our team to come forward, we must stick to the battlefield, we have to keep him this season. Opportunity again. And when he is back, we will be in a favorable competition. “

As the priest is the same in the same way as the season, Hosmer’s performance this year is quite good. Up to now, his hit rate is 0.291, and there are 8 strikes and 32 points contributions. He is also part of the priest “San Die Ge Jinghu Duxi” in mid-August, when they became the first team of four consecutive countries in history, and one of them came from Hos. silent.

The final priest relied on the left outer wilder Jerexon – Properator’s goodbye 1-0 victory, which also got the sixth victory in the last 8 games. The team that has never entered the playoffs since 2006 is now getting closer and closer from his own playoffs. Maybe as the coach Ting Greo said, even if Hosmer lost 6 weeks, the team Also have the opportunity to wait for him on the stage of the playoffs.