Secret MLB Small Alliance Player Status: Wages are not as good as the minimum standard team spare tires are abandoned

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Written / station reporter Xue Lei

“I know that the baseball is my dream. Now, I will make me look like a coward.” This is a paragraph in the Baseball Book “Cowhed”, reflecting the true psychological status of the MLB Small Alliance player.

Not long ago, the MLB amendment has a total of 40 rounds of MLB draft elevens, plus compensation sign, which is a large number of educational conferences in North American professional sports, and the lengthy draft de show the process marks another new group of newcomers. It is about to sign the contract to become a professional baseball.

And the other two major alliances in North America, NFL and NBA are very different. When a rookie is picked by the big alliance team in the MLB draft conference, it does not mean that it will be able to stand on the Great League. Even The round show or a high-time potential, the scout is written by the sky, and it is not necessarily a tomorrow superstar that will become a thousand thousands of pets.



Before the event on the dream stage, every new show has a long way to go. In the “Farm System”, I use a game to prove myself to experience the screening of the layer, but the result may be The anesthesia.

Here, we need to introduce, our daily familiar Yangji, red stockings, Dodge, etc. are the big profit team, which is the top, under this, there are several MLB small alliance teams, according to strength and level. Divided, from high to low, the following, 3A, 2A, 1A, 1A team is divided into high order 1A, 1A, and short-term 1A, and there is a newcomer alliance.

Little Union Player Warm? The salary level is lower than the legal minimum standard

A few months ago, when the MLB new season was about to ignite the fire, the free player market was connected to the heavy news, “squid” Turute, Bryce-Harper, Manni Madoxo, The big fish in these free markets successively signed a new contract, this one of the contracts is large, the period is long, and there is no sense of tongue. The 12-year 41.6.5 million high-priced contracts for Turt and the parent team was signed, but also a record of the total amount of players contract in the history of world professional sports.

Tuur is renewed by breaking record

Tuur is renewed by breaking record

Looking at the list of the largest contract list of the entire professional body, it is almost the name of a rockhouse, MLB is undoubtedly the existence of the rebellion. In addition to DAZN’s boxer, the top ten, in addition to DAZN, all of the rod sighs. The billionaires of the entire ranking of the top 50 professional sportsmen, occupative baseball stars, accounting for 39 seats.

However, the world of professional sports is a king defeated, weak meat, competition cruel, and the American professional baseball in which there is no wages and basic salary, it is more ruthless. The big union stars at the top of the pyramid sun, Jinyi jade food, and the top of the entire pyramid, what is their treatment?

According to the information published by the MLB official website, the 2017 small alliance 3A level average wage can reach $ 10,000, it seems quite good, but then, the salary level of the player can not help but frown.

Nowadays, Alon, Jiaqi, is from the small alliance.

Nowadays, Alon, Jiaqi, is from the small alliance.

Short-term 1A and Newcomers’ players, they only got 1100 US dollars (about 7617 RMB) during the season, while in the spring training period, there was no salary to take. Calculate, more $ 7.25 per hour than the federal regulations (40 hours a week, the annual salary is about 10,000 yuan) is much lower.

The small alliance players did not jointly launch a lawsuit for their lives, but their attempts were rejected in the Legislatives of the Congress.

Last year, the US Congress discussed a bill called “Save the American Leisibility Law”, which identified that the small alliance contracts did not belong to a regular https://www.b2bshopp.comwork contract, but an apprenticeship’s trail work contract, so it was not subject to the federal labor law and Legal minimum wage standard protection. From the salary, the living conditions of these players can be imagined. In addition to salary, there are more difficulties from beginning to end around these baseball, and each step they move is extra harder.

Support yourself is not difficult to persist in dream or accept reality?

The small union is unable to support himself. The rest is required to make a living fee. At the same time, we must find the gym and training facilities to insist on training maintenance. Most players need home subsidies and support.

Looking at the teammates around you have changed again, the age of teammates is getting smaller and smaller, their age is getting bigger and bigger, married and born, and the life of these ordinary people can enjoy is so far uncomfortable. When the professional baseball career goes to the crossroads, it is insisted, or gives up, for the players who struggle in the small alliance, this is the most difficult choice.

“On this node, I think about my future life should be more quality. Is this wrong? I am not a person who gave up, if I am enough, I should leave here now, the reality is not a child Fairy tale. “San Diego priest team’s small alliance player Tekhe Hurt, when the spring training is near the end, everyone has witnessed the team with a variety of reasons to be ruthless by the team, and they are notified. Flights to the San Antonio Double-A team, and have to squeeze on the bus to the 1A team, dialed the phone call.

“Opportunity! Opportunity! Opportunity! I am tired of this vocabulary, if you have always stressed the word, can I change my present situation?”

Tekhe Herzt’s fierce complaints in his “cowshed true words” and said the voice of countless small alliance players. The book in the book can only borrow the basement of the grandmother’s doped underground room, relying on the Women’s Club to protect the teaching facilities.

“Cow shed”

After the game, the players drag the tired body climb to the bus to the next game, the commuting bus is going to open a whole night, in order to compete for the car more comfortable, teammates caught across each other Never revenge; in the position of the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination is cruel, decided to fate in the list of life competition lists, in the big life of the layoffs, in the middle of the day, I will wait for my own destiny, send different bags of the big bag. Even if I finally won, I got the opportunity to stay, but I can’t get up.

Chinese pitcher has become an unable to pass over the income.

As a member of the cruel baseball world, like countless small alliance players, in the 2012 MLB draft conference, the ninth round of the Cleveland’s Indian candidates were selected by the Cleveland, Li, 5 years of small alliance careers. The pressure is like a shadow, and he is once in close proximity, but it is finally lost to the injury.

With 1/2 Chinese descent, Li, is my front teammate in the NCAA first level team, Arkansas State University baseball team, his grandparents from Guangdong, China, because of this layer of relationship, from I just entered the ball On the first day of the team, he became a friend, cordially called him for the little. Almost every year of Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, I will invite my family to get dinner together. It is also because of the reason of the little plum, I have learned more about the life of the player who was originally only in the imagination.

Mixed blood pitcher Jacob - Li

Mixed blood pitcher Jacob – Li

Little plums from the small training baseball are famous in the local area, starting from the age of 12, he is received by the San Francisco giant team, in high school, it is selected for the entire Arkansas high school star lineup. And his ninth round of draft, and also created a history of such a silent universities in the Arkansas State University. After being selected, the little plums jumped through the Rookie Alliance immediately assigned to the short-term 1A Ma Honging Mountain Valley, where he has paid 9.8 odds of 9.8 times every nine games.

After Thanksgiving, the plummented plums in a year have a lot of strong, and the arm is thick, the muscles are like a rock, and the whole people have a change in ribs. On the side, the little plums told me to become a professional player, and the interesting things in training and competition. I asked him where he was in the course. He said that he would work in the local sporting store Dixi, which made it could guarantee that the duty player signed a contract to ensure that the food and clothing worry-free, I am surprised.

In the next few years, although he has never been listed as a top potential to the Cleveland, he successfully upgraded to the A + Alliance team of Carolina, and knocked on the winner of the next year. Double-A’s door, returned to Aklen, Ohio, the baseball team in NBA Judu Brown James hometown, waiting for the summon from Cleveland.

Although it ended up the big alliance, he got the opportunity to fight the Arizona Autumn League after the end of the season, which means that he has finally touched the edge of the big alliance through his own efforts and excellent performance.



However, at this time, fate has opened a joke with him, Tommy John elbow ligament replacement surgery, this is a nightmare that hids hiding, but also in the body of Xiao Li, he accepted surgery, as a pitcher The career has been studied for a whole year, and he also indicates that he faces a career’s turning point.

In 2017, I got rid of the small plums of TJ surgery haze, returned to the venue. It was 27 years old. At this time, he returned to the Double-A team of Aklen directly, but it was 2.7 years older than teammates. . Subsequently, he was put into 1A’s Lex County, and at this level, he was more than 5 years old than the average age of teammates. He is cold, and after the event is finally only boarded 7.1 bureau, he chose to retire.

The five-year small union career, Jacob – Li is fully chasing his own baseball dream, but in the key moments, I have suffered a injury, and finally the loss.

Xiao Li has a girlfriend in love in the college, and the blonde girl in Dallas middle class family is also a physical parenting. The girl’s father is against his daughter and small alliance player, the reason is very simple, and the small parliament players who wanderers around can not be their daughter. At the end of the year, I cuddled a girl in the arms. At the end of the family, the family got in the third year of the small League disappeared, but the little plum was calm, it seems that his ending of this feeling is also prepared.

It is difficult to stand in the big alliance? The days that are abandoned at any time is not good.

The stage of the big league is the dream of all small alliance players, but the next step, you want to stand in the big union stage, and it is also very difficult, especially for some non-potential rookie players who lack talents. The world of professional baseball is full of class division, but often determines class attributes, but talent, is alive, which makes the baseball world look more cruel.

Each large alliance team has a list of potential a lot of rookie, and this list is in order, and will not decide on which small alliance level is currently in the player, is the potential to show the player. . Not in this list, perhaps because of the injury of the big distributor, even if it is temporarily called the big alliance, it is only a short transition.

Daniel Wright is Bacon, Li Kung, through the draft into the league, although as a ten-wheeled show, his talents and abilities are less than small plums, but his luck is much better than Li. On May 22, on May 22, he received a call from the Cincinnati Red Squad, directly boarded the ticket to Los Angeles. After two days, he as a red team in the Dodge Stadium.

Daniel-Wright on the big league

Daniel-Wright on the big league

In the 5.1 bureau of Letr’s main investment, he sent 4 3 vibrations, 7 security, swallowed 3 points, including the brother of Klei Thompson, the NBA defending champion Golden State Warrior, Tre West – Thompson knocked out two points of playing bits, and eventually swallowed. Subsequently, the two games played in the red man, Wright did not win the victory and was traded to the Los Angeles angel team. In the angel team, he won the only major alliance victory in his career, and it was decentralized.

Whether it is in the red man or in angel, Wright has never been treated with a strong cultivation, his role is just that when the Great Pieza team is not limited, it is called the big alliance to eat some of the number, just like a meteor. After you have your own heat, then it is resembled back to the cold palace. Sparring, give the potential rookie and farm monograms as a sparring, this is a fate of most small alliance players have to accept.

Daniel Wright is not long in the big league

Daniel Wright is not long in the big league


The United States is a big league, although the star is shining, but the hardships of the competition, the cruelty of competition, those who are like moths, and the young people who have a dream, who is their story knows? For those who pursue dreams, the results may not be the most important, and the most important thing is to enjoy the full efforts in the process of chasing, and no regrets.

Although perhaps, I have not to stand on the big alliance stage, and in the process of chasing the dream, I strived, and the valuable spiritual wealth that I got, but I will let them and see them all the way. Benefited.