Saints are hitting the MVP against the sky data or let Thomas fill the NFL history vacancy

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December 7 (text / ESPN MIKE Triplett Compilation / White) NFL has an abnormal phenomenon, that is, there have been never had external works in history to win the regular game MVP.

It is true that Jerry Rice, Jerry Rice, 1987 and 1995, is only one step away from MVP, but what? Since 1998, there have been no external reception of MVP events since 1998.

But in this season, the New Orleans Saint Michael Thomas looks a battle.

Although Thomas is expected to break Marvin Harrison’s number of digital records, there are still many jobs on the road to impact MVP.

“If Jerry Ren is not winning MVP, then Thomas looks more impossible.” The first quarter of Sijv Yang (Steve Young). Yang Zhi Yan’s answer triggered the whisper of the scene of the scene, and he said: “I am not joking.”

“I think Michael Thomas is really qualified, but I don’t know how he wins.” Yang said that he is an analyst of ESPN: “As everyone knows, the location of external hands is very difficult, they must be very Amazing performance is only.

People are more inclined to consider quadruption in the most valuable players, rather than taken. Maybe this is the problem of external connections, although they really play very well, but it is a little disappointing. “

But unfortunately, this year Baltimore Crow 4 points Wei Mal Jackson earned the eye, and his existence will make MVP to compete for suspense.

But what we have to say is that Thomas may be the most convincing external connections after Jieli Les. Since this season, Thomas has completed 110 battles, promoted 1290 yards, 6 times.

If the efficiency is developed, he will get 146 battles at the end of the season, advance 1720 yards and 8 reachaes.

In addition, it is necessary to point out that Thomas did not mad data in Brisse, and the four-point guards of Six games were Teddy Bridgewater.

Although the defensive group knows that it is necessary to take care of Thomas, he is the only ball point of the saints, but Thomas can get horrible data every week, and the number of other outer junctions of each game will not exceed 24 times.

In the next two weeks, Thomas has the opportunity to publish a strong “statement” to the alliance. First, he will limit the number of counterparts in San Francisco in the 134.3 yard in the face of Sunday, and then the Indianapolis .

But Thomas looked did not have a cold against the competition MVP: “I am surprised to hear that I have never taken this award, but I value the champion more. Of course, I can get MVP is a blessing, but personal Awards will not have a long-lasting, and personal awards cannot be celebrated with the team. “

Steve Yang Heiri, some data in Thomas is really convincing. The first is that he completed 49 batches from Bridgewater, advanced 598 yards and 3 to more. He also completed two connectors with the three quarter guard Tham Hill (TAYSOM HILL) and promoted 35 yards.

“If there is no celebrities, you can shock MVP, you can really hit MVP,” Yang said. In 1987, when Yang’s external handle, Rilan, with 6 vouches, at the time of MVP John Alvi (36 votes to 30 votes), while Montana ranked third in 18 tickets.

Yang also maintains efficient surprises if there is no other reason to take over the Saint team. According to ESPN data statistics, Thomas’s number of balls of the season accounts for 35% of the Saint team, and the number of ball code accounts for 40% of the total number of candidates. These two percentages are the highest alliance.

This year, the Saint team once again achieved a good record of 10-2, Thomas ran alliances with 82.7% of the ball success rate. Thomas’ s ball last week was the first time since he last season, he had no more than 198 times before this.

When I was asked how to run an empty block, Thomas did not make a detailed answer, but he will continue to do this. “I feel that I am in the empty body, so I think the future is also.”

Thomas said: “I play for the Saints, I am Dru-Bris’s external hand. So when we call tactics, I should let him find me, I do what I should do, and then prepare the next one Set of offensive. “

“I really don’t worry about the name behind the defensive player’s jersey, who is in the back of me, if I look up, I find that you are in front of me, then no matter who, you will be defeated by me, it is so simple “