Rogers 36th birthday beginning of the heart do not change the rate to hit 40 hope to get higher rankings packaging

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In the case Dec. 6 hearing (text / ESPN Rob Demovsky compile / white) missed the playoffs two consecutive seasons, and Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) there are a lot of interesting games to play in December.

Just two days before his 36th birthday, but also the end of his first 15 NFL seasons, who had won the two-time MVP quarterback of the Green Bay Packers are very excited.

“Yes, now I can feel my first 18 holes (18 seasons) is getting closer (golf), I would not have been crushed, opportunity can not always find me.” Rogers on December 5 Say.

Rogers will turn 36 years old on December 9, he had repeatedly said it plans to hit the 40s. But in the process continue to play in, Rogers said his style of play is being gradually transformed.

Before the game Sunday against the Washington Redskins, Packers record of 9 wins and 3 losses, playoff prospects are very bright. Rogers looks good mood: “I can just feel the energy reserves of the team in April and May.

It is a feeling not the same as before, so this summer I also made a change, give up personal time travel vacation, sure I will be able to start training a team and collections. So I think this year we can do something special. “

Offseason, the Packers replaced head coach, young Matt – at La Fule (Matt LaFleur) led the Packers are now second-leading Minnesota Vikings a wins in the National League North.

Packers next race is relatively simple, uphill battle that is the only week 16 Monday night game went to Minneapolis challenge the Vikings. The game can be seen as a deciding game, if the Packers win almost certain partition first throne.

At the current ranking point of view, the identity of third-seeded Packers will be the National League playoffs, so although there is no first-round bye right, but at least give them a chance to home. 10-2 Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints are a second seed.

There are four weeks of the regular season ended, so for top players such as Rogers, who began to ponder the qualifying playoffs.

Over the past six seasons, number one or number two seed, first round bye right to the annual Super Bowl Champions League is still very important, in addition to the walks round but also get valuable opportunity to trim.

“I think that since the League of Nations for a long time is a very competitive district, where crowded with more than eight wins team”

Rogers said: “So the home-court advantage for us in strong dialogue is too important to some of this year’s top seed team, we can see the importance of home-court advantage.

So we want to become one of the top two seeds of the team, we want to sits at home waiting for the other team’s challenge after finishing week, but we still have a long way to go. Now we have to get at least 10 wins, then talk about them. “

In fact, in fact, in recent years, the Packers are the only team other than the identity card team only won four playoff teams won the Super Bowl (2010), it is also the first team to win the Super League of Nations to No. 6 seed in bowl team.

He played off 卡赛罗杰斯 peak of the war, led the Packers in the Georgia Dome stadium defeated the Atlanta Falcons.

“Obviously, the macro point of view, we hope to have more games to play in January,” wide receiver De Venter – Adams (Davante Adams) said: “We have to make their position more favorable to ensure that our chance of winning bigger. “

Sunday’s game against the New York Giants, Rodgers threw four touchdowns in the snow-capped, to prove he can still cope with the cold and inclement weather.

“I’ve always liked the indoor environment with no wind, I think the data could well illustrate this point.” Rogers said: “But with age, and now I’m getting like playing in the snow battle the cold weather, I I think I have an advantage in this game.

Like I said after the game on Sunday as the beginning I was a little worried snow makes it difficult to pass, but those beautiful snowflakes let me pass more enjoyable. “

“Cold is also a factor, although we are not a native of Wisconsin who, every year, but when you live here eight months, the cold is not the thing. When I returned to California, or even ridicule those in more than a dozen degree and also wear long-sleeved jacket of people.

I was thinking ‘this is a short-sleeve weather, reach out to your beach pants’. “