Rocky is the most popular team in the MLB partition, and it supports it.

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What is the commonality
of New York Yangji, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodge? In addition to a lot of investment in each season, they are still in the ranks of the playoffs. There is also a thing that is more accidental, they are not the most widely supported teams in the session. At least in the case of the statistical map of the website, this statistical shows the team supported by each state, the data is based on the geographical tag Twitter data.

The statistics show the team supported by the United States.

The statistics show the team supported by the United States.

Luochi Feng Wang Tai accident

There are 50 states in the United States. Who is the team that is supported by the most state? The answer is, Colorado.

In the chart, the Rociki team got the most marking, up to 17 states, which did not accidentally cover the Rocky Mountains, and extended to many areas in the Midwest. Yang Bayi is followed, accounting for 15 states.

Why conclusion is involved in the Midwestern region and is not surprising? Because most of it is the site of St. Louis. The sagny fans have supported Rocky Chicago Bear since the National Owner’s card battle, and now they continue to support Rocky’s elimination of winemaking, because the winemaker and the bear are the biggest competitor in the Central District of China.

Rocky’s support is also from the northwest, which shows that Seattle sailor fans have accepted Rocky, or they have been annoyed, and their leaders have been missing in the rancher in 17 consecutive seasons.

As for the most unexpected one in the state that supports Rocky, that is the number of Arizona. It is true that Rocky and Arizona Rattles have shared a training ground during the spring training, but they are in a healthy competitive relationship. Maybe they respect each other more healthy.

“The United States” team “is very legendary

What about other teams? As shown in the figure, Yangji followed it, occupying 15 states. It also includes Nevada, where Las Vegas is located, and Las Vegas is the old man of the National Team Star Bryer – Harper. The rumored team is the preferred home of Harper to become free players. This reason is some of this reason.

Most people will point out that the total population of states that support Yangji will exceed the state that supports Rocky. That may be true, but the state that supports Rocky across the United States. Look at the picture, I know that rocky team is lying on the map.

The Atlanta Warriors who were honored as “the team” of the United States have 6 states in the southern state. The Warriors have a wide range of fans, to a large extent because of the American media giant Ted Terner, who was once their boss (1976-1996), TBS TV station of Turner has been in 30 years. Warriors In the national live game. Turner’s travelers (he challenged another media giant Murdoch in a full-American live boxing; he also said that his rest of his life will be committed to saving the world), and Tener has claimed in the 1970s. The Warriors are “the team of the United States”. This approach is ultimately verified to be an outstanding marketing.

Former War Shore Board Turner has the characteristics of triviest

Former War Shore Board Turner has the characteristics of triviest

The Performance of the Warriors in the 1980s has been questioned, but eventually compensated for this nickname in 1991. Because the Warriors were in the 1990 abundance pad, they killed the World Competition in the coming year, and the Shuangcheng Double City, which was also the same as the fish turned over. As a result, the World Competition in that year is considered the greatest world contest.

In 1991, the Warriors were the first year of the championship for 14 consecutive years, and it was the opening of the most ruling team in the history of baseball. They gave people to the national association in the 1990s, let people call them “all the United States’s team”, this story is spreading from the spiritual level is: first pretend to be called, you will always do it. .

The wineman team occupies 5 states in the north. Next, please note that there is no misplaced here. There is only 3 states in red socks, and the Dodge only accounts for two states. The remaining Houston spaceman occupies Texas, Cleveland Indians occupy Ohio.

Of course, this statistically does not explain which team is the most popular team. Just examine the layout of the Alliance from another angle, and that baseball fans are not all the most popular teams.