Roberts pays a heavy cost for bad peopleAuthor / Moneyball people from the bottom of Los AngelesWhen the Dodgers starting pitcher Hill after the end of the first six innings back to the mound from the seating area in preparation for the 7th inning, the Dodgers home fans brought the cheering section, they want to see this six innings to stay in front 5 strikeouts did not even let the Red Sox players had stood on second base pitchers continue to keep it clean sheet. Dodgers a 4-0 lead at that time, to tie the World Series from the total score of 9 out worse.The face of the last 10 played without leaving any number of hits Bo Jiaci, Hill threw a walks. But then Hill against Nu Niezi responded with a strikeout. It is also time left to play the Red Sox second baseman up the fight against Holt, Dodge coach Roberts took the mound schematic change vote. And he sent the bullpen pitcher Previously does not appear in the list of the National League Championship Series, and almost left when the vote was defeated pitcher Scott in the third war last night’s – Alexander. The Hill belonging to his Red Sox runners left on Lei Bao, 6.1 innings with 91 strikeouts ball seven times the performance of exit. This time the bullpen tonight Dodgers fans think should be guarding the 4 points difference.However, Roberts coach of scheduling a series of Hollywood theater began.First take over Alexander did not get rid of Holt left to play earned him a base on walks. As a left-hander Alexander also understand that no matter how the fight seats and he will be traded because the back of the Red Sox players are right-hitters. At a time when Roberts took over once again send appearances in relief pitcher’s ERA was zero two games before the World Series Madsen – but the problem is out in the place of the ERA was 0.00: Madsen is really a his ERA as a reliever out of reaction no shake it? He played in two games before the World Series when Madsen inherited five runners left in front of the pitcher, and he let the five runners all run back to score. Reaction of the fans is the best show problems when Roberts took the mound in the hands of the ball to Alexander Madsen out of time, the scene of the Dodgers fans booed refused to appear with this one substitutions.Red Sox come in a very timely at this critical time postseason play has a very high light up Doug Bradley, Madsen did not let this one get away again Bradley, 2 outs, Dodge crisis appears to have passed more than half . The Red Sox then sent a no-hitter in World Series has played Doug Moreland:Madsen first ball he threw a changeup success did not fall to the high speed of the ball, Molander ambush Fengyun lost the vote, a stick swept into right field, the ball landed very close to Dodger Stadium right field bleachers of the top, out pinch-hit solo homer to help the Red Sox 3 to catching the score to 3-4. When the ball is hit, the right fielder’s head Puig did not even look back, directly ran his hands to his head. Because he knows he homered three points before the inning with back instantly erase the advantage of being in this moment, while Dodge has returned to the same situation like last night, leading 1 minute.https://www.mlbboutique2.comAfter this hair homer, inherited Madsen played in the World Series relays all seven runners all came back to score success. Again and again can not help the team after playing in the first few races to stop the bleeding once again that Madsen petrol sprinkled on top of the flames, and tonight the fire is likely to burn their title dream .”When you are faced with this wire, you have to come up with the best state. And I’m obviously not in my best form. I usually will be a good shot when the first shots changeup then obviously I think Fengyun ball did not fall down. when the time in the World Series is played in the first home run ball, which is not fun. “Madsen said in an interview after the game locker room. “I made this home run is not shocked looks like Moreland is in ambush me Fengyun changeup, and I throw this ball is really very bad.” Madsen added.And after experiencing the first “fire,” Roberts Madsen at the crucial moment of the fourth war once again enabled the courage to fight a second appearance indeed can be added. The Dodgers this season, the veteran did have in transferring from national trade deadline was traded to the past career in a lot of playoff experience, appearances count tonight, this was his 57th playoff appearances, and more playoff appearances in league history second pitcher, second only to former Yankee Terminator Mariano –96 times Rivera. But Madsen was once again proved by the poor performance is that he now really very “nervous relief pitcher,” will be like the current US President Trump Substitution evaluation is scheduled games Dodge on a personal Twitter time He said.In the 7th game, Hill first saved Bugatz but used a Senui to solve Nunaz but changed at least when he appeared at the left of Holt. Let everyone recall again in the first battle of the World Competition in Hill 4, and then changed the last Dodge of cowshed fire.”Hill looked at all completely impeccable.” The truncation of red socks said. “At that time, I changed Hill, we are really happy.”After the game, Roberts responded to this from the results to see very bad dispatch, he explained: “I have exchanged with Hill after 6 games. He told me that I paid attention to him, he said that he would pay all everything, let him One of the beats to cast. At that time, I wanted to stay in the left of the red socks in the replacement seat. There is also a good Alexander, which is very good for a whole year. At that time Hill I have done everything. I know I have to turn him away. “After Moland played three points, I sent a snoring again for the Taguchi fans who have seen the terrible performance of Madenson again. Even after I resolved Babat, Dodge fans also understood that this 1 point may be far less than a 18-game cow shed last night, and this 6 outlines are like a torment for Dodge fans.When the 8th game started, the Dodge Stadium rang the famous songs in California. Terminator Jensen came to the team at first-minute walk in the first two consecutive times. I hope that he won the 6 out of the game. After the third battle was dragged into the extended competition in the third battle, Jensen was also eager to complete the salvation through this game. At this time, Dodge has 4-3 leading advantages. Before this, Dodge this season is a total of 54-0 in the playoffs in the 4-point leading competition. To make a reason, this experience-rich terminator should not make the same mistake in two consecutive nights, but the incident is violated, Jensen once again hit the home base to lead to rescue failure, and this time The player playing the home is turned into Pierce. And this homopete, and ended the four sticks in red socks in the past 41 counts of embarrassment records.Before this game, Jensen this season did not even have too much two consecutive days. However, after the 6-year-old rescue failure last night, Roberts still decided to continue to send Zhanzhan after 24 hours. Sen. This is the third time of the Jensen this season. Before this season, Jensen’s career has only one such embarrassment. Before Jensen’s appearance, the Twitter of the Los Angeles Times made a fan investigation. Asking if Jensen will still rescue the failure tonight. As a result, 82% of the fans feel that Jensen will repeat the strand of the 3rd battle. Sure enough, Dodge fans worried about what the investigation was shown again.The cowshed 4 points, the 4-point leading, the cattle shed finally welcomed the collapse in the 9th game. Under the main investment of Flor, Wood and Qiangtai Jianli three, the red socks hit 9 people in the 9th game. It will be more than 9-4. At this time, I hope that I can see my team in two consecutive nights, I will see a good time to see the killing of winning the winner, and replaced the red sock fans in the court. “Cummocalypse” and “Crease Boston” Help.In the case of such a key, it was not very good at this season, and the Roberts said: “them” with Uilias to deal with the left socks of red socks in this season. After a lot of pitching in the case, I won’t play tonight. No matter what happens, I will not send them to the scene. “After experiencing this tragic reversal, it can take a total ratio of 2-2 to the 2-2, after the end of the 4th battle, the total score will become 1-3. In the interview link after the game, there is not too many players to stand out to accept interviews. And Pedson is not accepted until the media has not been allowed to enter the locker room. After playing the three-unit gun, I forgot to celebrate after a few outsourced three-year-old three-year-old three-year-old three-year-old, when I was a stool sitting in the locker room, I was playing my mobile phone. I was rejected. The media interview, even the prior to the prior to Milwaukee celebrates the prank to make a bucket of ice bucket in the reporter’s head. Zhou Jialai, who had been interviewed in the dressing room, was even more early, and the clothes came out of the dressing room to accept the interview of the Japanese media. However, Madenson, one of the protagonists of the game, did not escape the lens to express their ideas in front of the media. When only 8 bureaus left in Dodge, it was found after 8 out of the bureau, they were in the edge of the world contest.The Dodge coach Roberts long-term trustwear and relying on data analysis came to make outsperson. The outside world of the World Competition last season questioned that Roberts did not have more superstitious data analysis while ignoring the performance and psychological status of players in front of the game. Come to the World Competition this season, Roberts looks still not to learn from the lesson. We are hard to imagine that the coach that the team leads the team to enter the National Union Championship in the past three seasons will be dismissed because of the worse conversion scheduling in the World Competition, but after experiencing a lot of mistakes, Roberts also It should feel the pressure given by the outside comment.

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