Rams offensive performance in the doldrums, the partition Civil War in 49 home wins 24-16

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2020 Beijing October 19 morning 8:20, the National League West-time civil war broke out. San Francisco 49ers vs. the same district rivals the Los Angeles Rams. Super Bowl runner-up in last season’s poor start to the season, five games has made only two wins. The Rams are quickly out of the downturn from last season, after starting the season 4-1 unstoppable. The 49 people playing the game is to let the dolphins in their own home mad to take 43 minutes, quarterback Jimmy – 加洛加伯罗 even at halftime after the press at the bench. The game 49 bottomed out, in addition to offensive play to fill the gap, the defense also scored the Rams limited to 16 points. 49 people with 21-16 victory over the Rams, winning back to 50%.

Wonderful review:

After the first start of the race, 49 people learned the lessons of the last game defeat to dolphins, there is no slow start. The first stage is complete touchdowns, four minutes after the start of the race, took over the depot – Samuel received a quarterback Jimmy – 16 yards long pass 加洛加伯罗 complete touchdowns, 7-0. Also last game was a dolphin beating and hanging 43 points in the game’s defensive group also repentant anti-lived Rams repeated attacks. Section II has just started, 49 people strong play in the midfield four-speed two yards. Union’s top tight end George – Kittel, after receiving the ball throw off defensive players, the Rams went straight to the end zone to complete a touchdown catch of 44 yards, 14-0.

Second period began after 6 minutes, Rams offensive group finally made a point of progress, quarterback Jared – external connections take over Robert Gough 10 yards – Woods, scored the game’s first touchdown, but then additional points lost play, get six points, 14-6. 49 people back the ball moving steadily, repeatedly pavement red ball consume a lot of time, after spending seven minutes, they once again came to the Rams’ red zone. Brandon proximal points – A Yueke 加洛加伯罗 to the short pass, touchdown, 21-6.

The second half began, the Rams the lead in attacking the ball. The first attack at the end of a free kick, scored three points, 21-9.

Before the end of the third quarter, the Rams finally hit the market before the end of the line 49. A big deficit Rams efforts to try to chase points, 4-speed strong play score. However, this risk your life pass Gough was 49 steals, fall short. When garbage time, the Rams scored a touchdown, but the results of the competition has no influence to keep the score 24-16 to end the game.

Team outlook:

Two teams are rivals the same area, each other has long been know too much. National League West the last two years are highly competitive, he has scored two consecutive years Super Bowl. Last season the Rams and 49ers last season, but both teams are playing with toys, did not last won the trophy. This year the National League West continued intense competition, the introduction of the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Hopkins strongest league, champion Lang Keller – Murray also demonstrate impressive strength. While the other division rivals Seattle Seahawks also played five games unbeaten. Although the Rams game defeat to 49 people, but their 4-2 record is still ranked second Western country, adjust status as soon as possible, this season is still promising. The 49 people also play quickly from defeat to the belly of the team bounced back this season, whether it is to win the western end of the country or the name of a wild card but also have a great opportunity.

Player data

Rams quarterback Jared – Gough 38 pass 19, 198 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 steals. Running back Deli – Henderson ran the ball 14 times, 88 yards. Everett Taylor – Sieber 3 times the ball 56 yards.

49 quarterback 吉米加洛加 Burrow 33 pass 23, 268 yards, three touchdowns. Running back Ryan – Tate Moss ran the ball 17 times, 65 yards. Everett George – Kittel 7 catches, 109 yards, 1 touchdowns.