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  Jinjiang News Network November 29th, November 26th to 28th, 2021 Fujian Youth Three Basketball Championship (Junior Middle School) was held in the Yunlinghan Resort Sports Park, Shaowu City, Shawu City. After fierce competition, the Jinjiang Municipality is headed by the Yangtze River, and the Quanzhou Team, which is the main force of the Jinjiang players to win the men’s group champion.

  It is reported that this competition is jointly hosted by the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau and the Fujian Provincial Department of Education, with a total of 16 male teams and 11 women’s teams, and the age of the player is born in 2006 to 2007. Xu Jianji told reporters that in the men’s group competition, Quanzhou has built two teams to participate, of which four team members came from Jinjiang, which is the main Lin Zi, Li Wei Rong, and the main Yao Junhao, Yin Haoyi.

  In the competition, Quanzhou 1 team easily defeated Putian 2 teams, three Ming 2 teams, Ningde 1 team, led to the team’s first results. 8 into the 4 knockout, Quanzhou 1 team encountered strong snacks in Fuzhou 1 team. Because it is very difficult to defend the fierce defense of the Fuzhou team, Quanzhou 1 team is very difficult, and both parties will enter the overtime game in regular time. In the overtime, Fuzhou 1 team missed three karties. At the critical moment, Quanzhou 1 team mainly defended Lin Ziqi grabbed the rebound three-point line, and helped the team to end the game.

  Subsequent semi-finals, Quanzhou 1 team meets the old opponent Xiamen team, Quanzhou teenager no longer gives the opponent opportunity, playing smoothly, smoothly moved into the finals at 22:14. In the championship battle, the opponent of Quanzhou 1 team is the wind of the wind. “In another semi-final, Putian team gathered this competition 14:13. The champion of this competition. The Longyan team has two provincial team members who have two meters high, and the strength is ranked out in the competition, so the Putian team The strength is not to be underestimated. “Xu Jianji told reporters that in the face of the enemy, the frontal coach team held a targeted preparation meeting to place attack tactics and defensive focus for the players.

  At the beginning of the game, the Xinzhou 1 team in confidence and experience took the lead in opening the situation. Lin Chenyang in Lin Chenyang, the powerful breakthrough and the power of Lin Zi and the opponent, Quanzhou 1 team 10
:1 Fantasy opening. Subsequently, the Putian team began to counterattack, but the defensive “Gate” of Quanzhou 1 team Li Yurong made Putian team’s main scoring on the 5th team crashed, covering the cap, stealing. With Quanzhou basketball athletes, I thought it was a fierce competition that would be a spray of splash. The Quanzhou 1 team took 19:4 to Putian and successfully defended the champion. According to Xu Jianji, this is the tenth Fujian Three Basketball Fame of Fujian Province for four years. In addition, Quanzhou 2 team won the seventh place in the men’s group. In the women’s group, the Fuzhou team won the championship, and the Quanzhou team won the quarter.

  Reporter? Li Shiyi

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