Pitcher battles in batches to set the winning and negative grace of the kings

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On August 26th, Beijing time, Los Angeles Daoqi ushered in and the last game of New York Yangji, this series is https://www.fanstore2.com
considered to be the preview of this year’s World Competition, and the two battles won. The head of the opening Le Mei Yu will make Yangji leader, the first game, the first bureau, the spring, the spring gun, the third game, the third game, Alon Jia Qi once again opened the foundation, the sixth On the bureau, Mike Ford added a year of rong, the eighth game of the eighth game, the second base, the branch of the Sakura, and the victory.

In the end, Yangji Hotel took 5 to 1 to win this series of victories, and 85 wins and 47 losses also returned to the United States.

Yangji first pitcher Herman 6 games 5 times three vibrators only lost 1 point to win the whole league, Alon Jiaqi continued three consecutive games, Le Mei hosted out the 22nd ranking Playing, Ford replaces the field knocking out 2 points contributing 2 points.

Dodge first pitched the pitcher Kok 4th game 12 times, the three oscillation were thrown 3 points, Peter Senk knocked out of the season 26th, the whole, the whole process, the total number of people hit 7 play 0.

[Competition process]

On the first game, the DJ-Le Mei took a leader from Koke, the Yangchun cannon makes the foundation leader, the first game, the first game, the chief of Peterson, the spring gun, makes the road to equalize the score.

On the third game, Alon Jiaqi arrested the curling of Kexin’s loss of the season, the 1https://www.mlbdrakterno.com 6th round of the season, the third bureau’s guarantee and Turner’s anattors let the Dodge capture 1, 2 bases, Unfortunately, Berlin Jie and Signs have no way to make the team equalize the score.

The fourth bureau’s Barnes’s second base will make the Dodge again to capture a point-to-circle, but Kokocra is also unable to slap the squatting. The sixth game on the replacement of Mike Ford bombarded the Yangchun cannon to expand the Yangji.

The sixth game, the second game of Chris Taylor, the Dodge will make the divergence, but unfortunately Mat-Chadi is still unable to form a series of series.

After the eighth game, the Mei Xiu took the hit, Mike Ford’s second base is playing the Yangji to attack the insurance. On the ninth bureau, the other person’s pitcher, the other person’s pitcher, challenged him, let him capture https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com the second base. After that, Yutura’s peaceful series will be rewritten into 5 to 1. The ninth game, Although the ninth, Although the Atridis Chapman Send a guarantee, but three consecutive three-vibration still guarded the team’s victory.

[Two sides starting]

Yangji first

The first stick is a base, DJ-Le Mei

The second stick right wilder Alon – Jiaqi

Third stick guerrillas Didi-Gregus

Fourth stick Barley Greper Torres

Fifth stick catcher Gary – Sanchez

Sixth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Brett Canada

Seventh sticks, three bases, Gio-Yutura

Eighth rod left outer wild hand Takkeman

The ninth stick first pitcher Domingo – Herman

Dodge first

First stick left outer wilder Job – Peterson

Second Bar Two Radi Martcos – Mangxi

Third stick, 3rd base, Justine-Ten

Fourth stick right https://www.b2bshopp.com wilder hand Cody-Beilinjie

Fifth Bar Guardi – Sig

Sixth Bar Sinofield Chris Taylor

Seventh stick, a hit, Matt-Chaud

Eighth rod catcher Austin – Barnes

Ninth Bat First Pudder Coreon – Kk 4

[Next prospect]

New York Yangji will go to Seattle and the sailor to start three-game war, Los Angeles Dodge will be a guest San Diego and the priest. Yangji has not yet announced the first first first first firing in the sailor series, and the first game of Dodge and Sailor Team Series will use the rookie to Sastten – Mei Xian, 21-year-old Mei this season 1 win 2 wins and 2 points The 3 games of the game were self-exclusive. 4.26, the priest sent Eric Roal to send, 6 wins and 8 loss this season 4.47.