People walk cold! Brown is complained in neighbor in the Hermit of Pittsburgh.

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Although Antonio – Although I left the steel team for more than two months, he still could not cut off all the cities of Pittsburgh. After you personally return to Pittsburgh to handle speed fines before, he will now face a new round of “legacy issues” about Pittsburgh. He lived in Pittsburgh because the lawn weed unmanned complaints, neighbors even ran to social media, personally point to Brown, let him take the opportunity to handle the messy “grass”.

Since I was traded to the raid team in March, I didn’t be trimmed once. This means that these grass have not been arrested “brutal growth” for 75 days! According to the “Pittsburgh Legal Review”, this turf is located around the house, has grown to 2 feet (about 60 cm)! What concept? If you have a 1-year-old child, he has tied into this “grass” unless he can stand straight, otherwise you can’t find him at all!

Obviously such an “original ecological lawn” seems to be unwaited by Brown neighbors, one neighbor Donald – Bino Tour, who personally ran to the tweet shouting Brown. “Hey, Brown, we are very happy that you left Pittsburgh, but you don’t think you need to take a part of your signature to cut your home?” Brown and the raid team reached a copy in March The new contract, which includes 30 million guarantees; so his neighbors want him to use this money to deal with the lawn is also a reasonable requirement.

By the way, this tweet neighbor is also in general, and can live next to Brown Mansion, and his strength can I know. Donald – Bino Toro, “King of Tuna”, he served as the CEO of famous tuna brand Starkist before 2015; now he is another tuna brand and processer CEO . It can be said that in the industries of the tuna, he can play the wind.

Bino Tour also shows the quality of his mall and flexible in this issue. In the case where the first Twit did not get Brown reply, he released the second tweet. In this twiner, I Aite raid team quad quartz Drik Carl, “Can you let Dreick and his team come to help you remove grass in Pittsburgh? Brown?” Obviously this Twitter It caused Brown’s attention, perhaps he felt that this problem had brought some troubles to his neighbors, but he didn’t intend to return to Pittsburgh to repair the lawn in person.

“My family now has a lot of places to be trimmed. Can you be a good person to help me? Help me handle the lawn of my house! Wow, there is really such a good people in the world, tell me your transfer method Let’s post this content! “Brown released this content, I believe that there is no need for too long, the Brown family’s” grass “problem will be solved. But this is not a relationship between Brown’s lasting and Pittsburgh.